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We're almost ready to release our 3rd album, "We Are AudioBody"  and it's going to be awesome!   All we need is YOU!
We're almost ready to release our 3rd album, "We Are AudioBody" and it's going to be awesome! All we need is YOU!
55 backers pledged $1,905 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


Boxes of CDs have arrived at our door!   We are now scurrying around like Santa's little elves, packaging up all of your wonderous gifts!

We will start shipping tomorrow - so be on the look-out!


Phase 2 !

Just a quick update to let you know that we are on to phase 2!  The album is done and we just sent it out to get professionally mixed and mastered!   This will be the first AudioBody album to have this professional (and essential!) polish.

Thank you so much. These are your dollars at work!

AudioBody in YOUR town!

That's right! We want to come your town!  

Now that we have surpassed our goal of $1,000 (thank you!) and fast approaching $2,000 (woohoo!), we wanted to tell you what we'll be spending the extra money on.

We have been flooded with emails and comments from our fans asking if we could do a show in their town.  And we would love to, but... because the live show is so large and bulky we have to book a 10 show tour to justify driving across the country. And, since the show is too big to fly - our poor European fans are being completely neglected!

So what are we going to do about it!?

We're going to build a LEANER, MEANER Audiobody show.   This new show will still feature all the crazy awesomeness of the old show, but it will be smart, efficient and best of all, WE CAN FLY WITH IT!

No more trailers blowing tires at 75mph, no more tour vehicles almost catching on fire on the highway, no more driving 5,000 miles just to reach our fans in the Midwest.   With the new setup we'll be able to hop on a plane and come to your town, even if we only book 1 show!

We're very excited about this and we have tons of ideas to make it happen.  We'll keep you posted on our progress.  And thanks again for helping us make this happen!



Our most heart-felt thanks go out to all of you who made this project a success!  You accomplished in 2 days what we hoped to do in a month.  

We have the greatest fans in the world.  Thank you so much.

Now we can all sit-back, relax and watch the ticker climb...

with love,