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Longtime SF vocalist, Audio Angel, is hitting the studio to complete her FIRST album w/ new project Ex-Pyramids! Join us, won't you?

Greetings + Salutations! I'm Rashida Clendening aka Audio Angel. Super stoked to share this project with you - I'm creating/completing my studio Debut Release featuring my newest music project Ex-Pyramids.

Many of you know, I've been singing and performing in the SF/BAY AREA for 15 years and in that time, mannnnnnny of you have encouragingly asked, "When are you going to make your OWN album?" Whelp, THE TIME HAS COME!  Ex-Pyramids is me + my producer/drummer/best friend Mike Reed (Sol Americano, The Telephones, Daly City Records). We use live instrumentation, sampling and programming to span electronic music genres. We like booty bass, gospel, video game noises and kittens. Can you hear it?

HOW YOUR PLEDGE CAN HELP: At the end of May, I'll be hiring Miles DeIaco of the amazing Different Fur Studios to co-produce, record, engineer, mix and master our album. Producing a physical CD for sale to be completed by end of June. Additional funding will also go towards compensating additional musicians and the video for the album's first single. Further funding would be toward a mini-tour of the East Coast in Fall or Winter.

You might notice that this all appears to be happening rather quickly! I’ve always been one who works great with deadlines and I let this upcoming performance opportunity be my inspiration – From 6/30 to 7/4 I’ll be the artist-at-large (performing with any + everbody!) at The High Sierra Music Festival! It’s going to be an awesome way to share my music with many new friends! Please comment if you'll be there!

So as of today (4/20), we have our studio time all booked and are working in our home studios to be ready to for the end of May! So please contribute and spread the word if you like and be prepared to receive in return our ridiculous gratitude, infectious inspiration and of course our music w/ some delicious REWARDS!

Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, my blog and right here at Kickstarter.  This is about to be one of the busiest months of my life and I look forward to every minute of it!

Lots of love + harmony always - Rashida, your Audio Angel

P.S. INTERNATIONAL BACKERS: thank you!!! + please add:

* $3 extra for $15 - $100 pledges

* $5 extra for pledged of $100 and above


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    Any donation above $1 gets access to exclusive updates on this whole project and a you’ll receive a warm thank you e-mail and an even warmer, “I contributed” feeling!

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    Any donation above $15 gets you a copy of the album once it’s released and your name/link listed on my blog + everything above.

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    Any donation above $35 gets you an exclusive digital copy of the album before it’s available anywhere else! Including the digital album art and liner notes (I still read those, do you?!) + everything above.

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    Any donation above $50 gets you an limited edition signed poster created by the one and only Mike Reed, an exclusive signed copy of the album + everything above.

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    Any donation above $111 or more gets you on the guest list to one Ex-Pyramids show of your choice and we'll list your name in the liner notes of the album AND the first 10 to pledge will get a special birthday serenade (of a tune you choose together!) via phone call by Audio Angel + everything above.

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    Any donation above $300 or more gets a unique one-on-one online coaching session w/ Audio Angel. It's more than singing lesson, it's all about expression people! + everything above.

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    Any donation above $500 or more gets to come sit in for 2 hours at the studio (you make your way to faboo SF!) with us and contribute to a track! You will also get A whole Sweet Potato Pie or A dozen Lemon cupcakes (your choice!) baked by Audio Angel! And she'll record the outgoing voice mail message on your cell phone- her British accent is pretty convincing! + everything above

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    PRIVATE SHOW or WEDDING! Any donation above $1000 or more, and you can have Audio Angel sing you down the aisle! OR have Ex-Pyramids play any lovely event OR an exclusive private show for you and your crew! We’d work out the date details and it would need to be within the Bay Area. Offers for locations outside of the Bay and beyond are welcome for additional travel arrangements and fees. And you'd also receive an "Executive Producer" credit on the album + everything above.

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