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An inflatable pillow that plumps up generously in one puff, yet compacts small. Bring along the everyday comfort you deserve.
An inflatable pillow that plumps up generously in one puff, yet compacts small. Bring along the everyday comfort you deserve.
An inflatable pillow that plumps up generously in one puff, yet compacts small. Bring along the everyday comfort you deserve.
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    1. Missing avatar


      Did anyone get an answer from the Creators about the air leaking issue?

    2. Missing avatar

      polarbear93 on

      Really loving the pillow! Love the material and it feels so good when I hug it! (:

    3. Missing avatar

      Orna Elammy on

      I have a leaking too
      What to do?

    4. Missing avatar

      Lois Wang on

      I have to echo what Berwin Chean said on November 8.
      I also been using this pillow on travel since I've gotten this. for me it is really easy to use, and I even got strangers ask about this pillow on the plain while I'm using it. I got two of this by this compaign, but as the first time I used this, I found out two of my pillow will leak the air out! one is slow, takes 4-5 hour to leak out all the air, the other is a little bit more quick than that, only can stand for 1-2 hours... I do really think this pillow's idea are brilliant, and also really comfert, but this leak out situation are really annoying and also makes the experience not that good... Is there any chance I could get change of the product or get two new one? Which will not leak the air out so that quick...??? I really do like this product... and again to the creator, good job on this product!

    5. Aubergine Studio Creator on

      @Ali Thank you for the lovely comments! We really appreciate it! If you're interested to buy more, you can head to our website, to order more of the pillows. There are definitely thoughts of a Christmas Sale in the pipeline however we're still in the midst of settling the last few orders. We will update you first so stay tune for it!

    6. Aubergine Studio Creator on

      @Miek We have dropped you a private message! Do check your inbox

    7. Missing avatar

      Miek on


      Just wondering when I should receive my pillow. I'm in Europe (Belgium).


    8. Ali

      Quick FYI to people who seemed to have difficulty: you gently push all the clear plastic into the pillow before inflation, and before deflation you reach in and pull the clear plastic out (that's what's smartly holding the air) -- only then can you fold and gently press out all the air. When that clear plastic is laying correctly, I find I can easily fill the whole pillow in 2-3 breaths.

    9. Ali

      Just received mine. Love it so far; feels good, works well, really like the details like the "dimple". Looking forward to using it at length. Where can we order more for Christmas gifts? Any special offers for Kickstarter backers? :)

    10. Aubergine Studio Creator on

      @Edward Chung: Hi Edward, thanks for reaching out to us! Could you drop us your mailing address in a private message as it is not reflected in our Kickstarter records? Hope to hear from you soon!

    11. Missing avatar

      EdC on

      Still waiting for my pillows here in Singapore...

    12. Missing avatar

      Chong Kek Leong on

      Pillow received with great conditions, thanks and love from Malaysia. Quality is good, but mine also having air leaks issue as other mentioning.

    13. Berwin Chean on

      Been using the pillow frequently ever since I’ve gotten it.. bit of a conversation starter too! However one think irks me is that everytime I use it as a pillow, the air leaks out ever so slowly and deflates after a few hours, which then I have to wake up from my slumber to reinflate it again (around 2 to 3 times in a span of one night).. another thing is, if it’s possible I future iterations of the pillow, that small rubber strips be added to one side of the pillow so it doesn’t slip around on certain materials like polyester etc..

    14. Aubergine Studio Creator on

      @Christian Lechner Hey Christian, we are really sorry about your experience. We have sent you a private message to discuss this matter further.

    15. Aubergine Studio Creator on

      @MissYourMark @Theodore Chiu The pillows are now awaiting custom clearances in the USA. We estimate that the pillows will reach our partner's office by early next week before they ship it directly to you. We will continue to update you on the progress!

    16. Missing avatar


      Still waiting for mine in Los Angeles

    17. Christian Lechner on

      I was so happy to find the Aubergine Pillow in my Postbox after coming home from holidays.
      But the hapiness don't last for long!
      After Inflating and testing the Pillow in any position, I want to deflate the pillow to learn to fold it as seen in the video. It ended up with a ripped out press button, because it was so damn hard to open. (and I swear I handled with care, because I were could see that it wouldn't be easy to open!!!)
      I'm sad this just came out as a poor quality product for one-time use only :(

    18. Theodore Chiu

      @Creator, I see that others have received their pillows as early was two weeks ago, still patiently waiting for mine. Canada. Thanks.

    19. Aubergine Studio Creator on

      @JEstin Ng: Hi JEstin, you're supposed to push the plastic sleeve in, before inflating the pillow. Additionally, you can refer to our latest update for a video tutorial!

    20. JEstin Ng on

      Are we supposed to be blowing into the plastic or ?

    21. Aubergine Studio Creator on

      @Kenneth Kwok: Thanks for the lovely comments, we are glad that you liked the pillow! And yes, you are supposed to receive a small pouch with your pillow. There were some mistakes during packing and we will be mailing out the missing pouches very soon. Really sorry for the inconvenience

    22. Kenneth Kwok

      Got my pillow while I was Away. Wished I got it before my holiday. It works as advertised. Another great Singaporean project that was successful and kept to their word and advertisement. Singapore projects are doing well.

      I read someone got a small pouch with their pillow? I didn’t seem to get one. Does it come in a pouch ?

    23. Aubergine Studio Creator on

      @Orna Elammy We will be sending you a private message for further discussions regarding your purchase (:

    24. Missing avatar

      Orna Elammy on

      I don’t use face book
      Is there another way?
      To buy?

    25. Aubergine Studio Creator on

      @Orna Elammy: Hi Orna, we are very happy to hear that you love the pillow! As the Kickstarter campaign is over, you won't be able to order it through Kickstarter anymore. However, you can still place your orders through the pre-order link provided on our page.

    26. Missing avatar

      Orna Elammy on

      I love the Aubergine Pillow so much
      I want to buy another one
      But not through Facebook
      When I push the pledge button
      In the Kickstarter page
      It won’t open
      Is there a way to buy another one?

    27. Missing avatar


      I just received mine, and I love it!
      Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

    28. Aubergine Studio Creator on

      @Jean Leong: Hi Jean, we are truly sorry to hear about this. We have sent you a private message for further clarifications. Thanks

    29. Jean Leong on

      Received my pillows today but there is a good sized tear in the inner plastic bag near the spout that makes inflation difficult.. please advise how this can be fixed or exchanged..

    30. Aubergine Studio Creator on

      @deathbyblueberry @Amy Yonekawa We are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused. There are instructions on the tags of the packaging but on hindsight, a video tutorial would have been much better. We will be dropping you both a personal message to troubleshoot your various problems.

      Till the video tutorial is up, if you do require any assistance; please feel free to drop us a private message so we can help you (:

    31. Missing avatar

      Orna Elammy on

      Got it today to Israel
      In No Time
      You are Amazingily honest
      And brave
      I love it
      As I’m flying long flights every 2 months
      This is Awsome
      Very soft and pleasant touch
      Every thing you advertised
      Is TRUE
      I love it love it love it
      Thank YOU
      And a Beyond Great product

    32. Missing avatar

      Amy Yonekawa

      I have received my pillows and they look very nice and I have managed to figure out how to get air into the pillow but not enough air stays in it to make it firm and when I close it, air leaks out. There is a clear plastic spout on the inside - what do we do with this? Can you please put out a video soon explaining what we need to do? To be honest, either detailed instructions should have been delivered with the pillow or a video should have been made available before you started shipping so that people could view it once they received the pillow and not have to wait.

    33. Missing avatar


      I live in Singapore and just received my pillow! I've been huffing and puffing "5cm from opening" till I'm out of breath, but it's not inflating. What am i doing wrong? :(

    34. SK

      Received mine today in Malaysia, Thanks !

    35. Aubergine Studio Creator on

      @JEstin Ng: Hi JEstin, we are in the midst of putting together a short tutorial (which should be out sometime next week). If you do have any urgent questions please do drop us a private message and we will be happy to help!

    36. Justina Ruan on

      the pillow is so good! i love the material. best KS project delivered to me hands down!

    37. Missing avatar

      Clive Goh on

      I've received my pillow, loving it very much :)

    38. JEstin Ng on

      Is there Any video guide to how to use the pillow ?

    39. Missing avatar

      Lee Boon Khee on

      I received mine today in Singapore! It comes in a cool drawstring pouch and it's small enough to fit inside any travel bag for a little luxury nap.

    40. Aubergine Studio Creator on

      @JEstin Ng Hey JEstin! As of 11 October, we have started shipping! Do refer to the latest update for information (:

    41. JEstin Ng on

      Any updates on delivery dates.?

    42. Aubergine Studio Creator on

      @Michael Tsui Hey Michael. I will be honest with you that it might not arrive by then due to shipping and customs of the various countries. On our part, we will immediately send it out as soon as we have the pillows. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

    43. Missing avatar

      Michael Tsui

      Do you think there's any chance I could receive the pillows by October 19th for my trip?

    44. Aubergine Studio Creator on

      @Lee Boon Khee Hi Boon Khee! That is an interesting question. It would depend on the quantity you are thinking of getting. Do drop us a message if you're interested and perhaps we could arrange something. (:

    45. Missing avatar

      Lee Boon Khee on

      Will there be any discount for supporters if we decide to buy more Aubergine pillows for friends?

    46. Aubergine Studio Creator on

      @Michael Tsui Hi Michael! Yes, indeed we are shipping very soon! There was a slight problem on the manufacturing side, but that has been solved, and we are currently waiting for our first shipment to arrive in Singapore (which should arrive by the end of this week/early next week).

    47. Missing avatar

      Michael Tsui

      Hey, so since it's late september now, are you guys going to be shipping anytime soon?
      And if so, will you guys be using any sort of express shipping?
      I'm going on a trip on October 19th and would definitely love to have the pillows by then!

    48. Aubergine Studio Creator on

      @JEstin Ng Hey JEstin, we are expecting to ship in late September. You can check our latest update for more information! (:

    49. JEstin Ng on

      Any updates on delivery dates ?

    50. Aubergine Studio Creator on

      @Steven Lee Hey Steven! Yes, we are putting together an update which should be out sometime this week. Stay tune (:

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