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$16,777 pledged of $57,500 goal
$16,777 pledged of $57,500 goal

The Final Week / The Big 500

Hello, friends of Attack Mountain!

Here we are. The final week - the final push! 

...and we have quite a lot of ground to cover. As we've said, we're hopeful - other studios' Kickstarters have made a lot more in a lot less time - but that hope is certainly tempered with an excited, anxious energy. We're keeping a very close eye on things and are prepared for a wide range of scenarios. A lot of our coverage moved the needle, but together we need to make those people that covered us well aware that Attack Mountain needs their help for the final push!

Here's today's update:

  • Comments regarding the prototype: Remember, it's just a prototype. It's Alpha with six or so 'pre's in front of it. :) The pacing, combat, and current animations in no way reflect 100% of what the final product will look like. There are fast-paced combat events, and there are more technical ones that require strategy to overcome. Time Star runs the gamut when it comes to that. We just wanted to show you there's actually a game-in-progress behind this Kickstarter.
  • Special Upgrade for the 500th pledge: Congratulations to Stephan Szabo for becoming our 500th backer! As a special thanks, we're going to bump you up to the $30 soundtrack tier. We hope you enjoy the soundtrack AND getting your name in the credits, Stephan! Thanks for backing us.
  • Upper Tier Price Cuts: Those prices are still going down - check out the upper reward tiers!
  • Incoming Developer Diaries: We have two developer diaries in the works. This week, Echo Bridge will be discussing the animation process for Time Star, and this weekend we'll be discussing the 'Side-Story' system that provides players with the opportunity to delve deeper into the game's world and lore, all the while acquiring powerful rewards. Exciting stuff - be sure to come back and check them out! We're going to try and get one more diary out in addition to those two before we fully focus our efforts on outreach in our campaign's final days.

That's all for this update - more substantial updates are right around the bend. Thanks for sticking with us - this adventure's been amazing so far, and it's because we feel connected to all of you.

All our best,

-Attack Mountain and Team LoTS

If you want to see this game become a reality, keep spreading the word! Be sure to follow us on tumblrTwitter, and Facebook. Retweet, reblog, and share us. Tell your friends and co-workers. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated by all of us over here at AM.


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