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$16,777 pledged of $57,500 goal
$16,777 pledged of $57,500 goal

DAY 2: A Message from Attack Mountain

Hello, friends of Attack Mountain!

At the risk of us sounding like one giant broken record, thank you. $2,048 in 48 hours is nothing to sneeze at - but we've still got a LONG way to go to reach our goal. You're going to start seeing some stories about Attack Mountain and LoTS over the next few days - we'll be sure to collect them here!

The best thing you can do for us at this moment is to spread the word in any way you can! The more people we get this Kickstarter in front of, the better this game will be - it's that simple.

Here are some little updates that we'd like to make sure you're aware of:

  • Dudu is hard at work on the EXCLUSIVE Wallpaper provided with the $5 reward tier - we'll be sure to keep you posted on it and post a preview here on our Kickstarter.
  • We've added an additional tier above our popular $75 Value Package - for $25 more, you'll get a digital artbook packed full to the brim with gorgeous concept art by Dudu Torres. That means you get the soundtrack, the game, the artbook, and a Notable Contributor credit for 100 bucks!
  • We've updated the FAQ to answer two of your burning questions regarding Mac/Linux ports, and the overall timeline of the project. We'll be keeping a close eye on additional questions as they come in, and make sure that we answer all of them! Keep the messages coming!
  • If you follow Jake 'virt' Kaufman on Twitter, you'll see that he has a message for all of you. In case you don't: "If you help fund this I will write an insanely epic score for it using the FF8 soundfont. Check the 3 videos for proof." Just thought you should know.
  • Related to the above, Nubuwo ran a story on the announcement of Jake's involvement in LoTS. Thanks for the bump, you guys!

That's all for this update - we'll be sure to check in soon and keep you posted on events as they unfold. Looking forward to making history together with all of you.

-Attack Mountain and Team LoTS


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    1. Ernest Griffin Jr on April 25, 2012

      I hope you guys can reach your goal. This game looks like it'll be awsome.