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$16,777 pledged of $57,500 goal
$16,777 pledged of $57,500 goal

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We're back

Miss us? We know we missed you.

ATKMTN is finally back with THE ATTACK PACK - it's one video game, and then also another video game. Tell everyone you know and help us make these awesome games for your local computermachine! Find out more below and our freshly launched Kickstarter page:


You're the first to know, because you're the best. You're our first day supporters, and we know we can count on you to have our backs again.

We'll spare you a long e-mail - go check us out and be sure to let us know what you think!



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A New Beginning

Hello, friends of Attack Mountain - Joe here, I'll be handling our final campaign update.

As you're likely already aware if you're reading this, we were unable to hit our funding goal by our deadline, which as of this writing is just minutes away.

We went into this knowing full well that there was a possibility, coverage avalanche or not, that we might not get funded. Our confidence and passion for our game was tempered by this; we've been careful to be realistic while dreaming big.

It's hard to nail down, in a situation as complex as this one, what exactly prevented us from crossing the finish line with Time Star's campaign. Whatever the reason potential investors had, we apologize that we were unable to alleviate whatever issue it was holding them back - that's on us.

All that being said, we're not interested in backtracking too far - we want to keep pushing forward and moving ahead! At this juncture, we are going to step back and reassess the project in preparation for an important decision we need to make internally.

We don't want to give away too much until we've got more concrete details, but if there's one sentence you read out of this update, let it be this one: Attack Mountain lives on. We're not fading away into nothingness; we're not slinking back into some dark cavern whilst licking some imaginary wounds, never to be heard from again. We're going to keep moving, and we're incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have presented this project to you.

When it comes down to it, and you strip away everything else in play at the moment, it's the people here - all 570+ of you - that made this experience so amazing for the team here. Seeing your pledges come in, receiving all of your wonderful messages of support both on our comments page and in our inbox - that's what made this campaign worth it for us.

We also want to thank a few people individually:

  • The unbelievable team over at Stoic Studio (The Banner Saga), for backing the project and providing us with many words of encouragement and advice
  • Wade Tinney and Large Animal Games for being so supportive of the NYC game industry - they're a great group, and they're currently in the midst of their own campaign, which you should support.
  • Ryan Payton, who was kind enough to offer words of encouragement that really energized the team when we needed it.
  • Our dear allies - Jake ('virt'), Dudu, and Steve - all incredibly talented people whom we're lucky to be friends with. I (we!) love you guys and look forward to working on this game and others in the future together. This campaign wouldn't have happened without you.
  • The families and friends of Attack Mountain, who were very tolerant of us not being around for many months as we built up this campaign - and then were tolerant of us not being around even more when the campaign launched!

We encourage you to follow us on one or more of our various outlets:

  • Our main site, www.attackmountain.com, contains links to our tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter. We'll be using it to broadcast our most major of updates as well.
  • Our tumblr is the place to be for project updates, concept art, developer diaries, and more. It's our main hub for telling you about what's new and what's next.
  • Our Twitter's also a great place for bite-size updates! Follow us and retweet as you see fit.

And, as I finish writing this sentence, the clock runs out. We'll be in touch soon, and keep you all posted on what's next for Attack Mountain. For now, though - we're going to crack open a bottle of champagne, think back on this adventure with much fondness, and get some hard-earned rest.

From all of us here at Attack Mountain, thank you. We hope you'll continue to follow us as we venture forth.

- Attack Mountain

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24 Hours To Go / Retweet us!

Hello, dearest friends of Attack Mountain!

This is the final update we'll be posting before our campaign ends 24 hours from now. As the phrase 'we've got a lot of ground to cover' now has the potential to inspire a chuckle, we won't use it - even if it's true. :)

We're going to keep this short and sweet - you've all done an incredible job of spreading the word - just keep doing so! If everyone that is reading this email sends out one tweet or shares a link on their Facebook, it could do big things for us in our final hours.

We've made it easy for you. Here's a link to an already posted tweet from our Twitter account: https://twitter.com/AttackMountain/status/205442184781111296. All you've got to do now is hit the 'retweet' button.

We've got a lot to do on this end, so we'll leave you to it. Your support has been inspiring, and whether or not we're funded 24 hours from now, we're truly humbled and honored to have you all at our backs. Because of you, we consider the campaign a success regardless of its outcome. Thank you.

- AM + Team LoTS

If you want to see this game become a reality, keep spreading the word! Be sure to follow us on tumblrTwitter, and Facebook. Retweet, reblog, and share us. Tell your friends and co-workers. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated by all of us over here at AM.

New Reward for $5+ Backers! / 70 Hours Left

Hello, friends of Attack Mountain!

Here we are - less than three days away from the end of our campaign. It's been a long, exhausting, and exciting road. Our hope is unwavering, and it will be even as those final minutes count down this upcoming Thursday.

What are we up to? Well, we're working on our final outreach to try and get some last-minute coverage, and we've shifted gears at the studio to keep a close eye on our campaign in its final 70 hours.

So as you may have deduced from the update's title, there's a new reward for backers that have pledged at least $5 to the campaign! What might that reward be?

If our campaign succeeds and you've pledged $5 or more, you'll receive a special OST Sampler containing the three songs from this campaign along with your wallpaper on May 25th!

This includes the following songs, all of which were composed and performed by virt:

  • "Main Theme"
  • "The Boy from the Stars"
  • "Honor in Arms"

Hopefully rocking these on your iPod (or Zune) will make the wait for the game go by a bit faster.

That's all from us for today - we've got a TON of work to do here as we wrap up this campaign. Thank you all for sticking with and supporting us throughout - it's been an incredible experience, and whether we get funded or not, Time Star and Attack Mountain will live on!

That being said, there's still time. Spread the word to whoever you can - keep tipping off the media and bugging your friends! There's still plenty of time to pull this thing out. Far crazier things have happened in far less time - so let's all keep pushing.

Talk to you soon!

-Attack Mountain & Team LoTS

If you want to see this game become a reality, keep spreading the word! Be sure to follow us on tumblrTwitter, and Facebook. Retweet, reblog, and share us. Tell your friends and co-workers. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated by all of us over here at AM.