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A spy-thriller. A sci-fi mystery. Gaming opposites collide in THE ATTACK PACK by Attack Mountain.

HEY! Need more? HERE'S A LINK TO OUR DEV DIARY, which has a ton of SOS and THE GREY MAN content (Last update 9/19). There's also lots of coverage below from various sites, including hands on reviews!

9/18 - JAMES BARTHOLOMEOU OF INDIE-LOVE.COM wins the BOSS FIGHT TIME ATTACK with a best time of 43 seconds! Way to go, bro. Click here to learn how YOU can secure your very own copy of the SOS Boss Fight demo right after this Kickstarter ends.

You know when you get a video game? Well, this is like that, only you’re getting more than one video game. The Attack Pack is our way of providing you with only the most radical of video game products that give you that variety you need in this crazy-fast digital world.

Instead of working on one giant game, we split up our efforts across a few smaller projects. The size, scope, and direction are entirely flexible, allowing us to create a wide range of very different, but very satisfying games.

This Kickstarter is to help with funding ATTACK PACK 1, which contains two wildly different 2D computermachine games: SOS, a sharply written spy thriller with tight gameplay and crazy bursts of action, as well as THE GREY MAN, which tells the tale of an cosmic entity’s incredible journey through the vibrant landscape of a nature preserve on Earth. 

Here's what the cool guys are saying:

SOS and The Grey Man are being developed entirely in-house by a team of two that is no stranger to the world of video games (you can see our credentials below!). We’re doing it all, from coding to art, to design & writing. We need your help securing funding so that we can push these games we've been workin' so hard on over the finish line!

These games have been in active development for a little over nine months. GOTTA TRY THE ATTACK PACK NOW? You can secure a copy of our Let's Play Boss Fight Time Attack demo from SOS by pledging to our $40 tier! You'll get it right after the Kickstarter campaign ends - now THAT'S instant gratification!

Through a narrative surrounding a boy visiting his reclusive grandfather, you'll revisit the Agent's most dangerous missions over the course of his storied 40 year career in SOS. This 2D spy thriller launches with two episodes, both of which feature a tightly knit story with linear, hand-designed levels. You can use stealth or action tactics to complete your mission - how you get the job done is up to you, just make sure it gets done! Need to access a locked door halfway across a compound? You can either sneak to and hack the computer that controls it, hiding in the shadows and knocking out guards to avoid detection - or, you can go action hero, blow the kiosk up and take down anyone that stands in your way.

"Overall, [SOS] is f*cking brilliant" - The Decent Duo

"SOS is fantastic" - James Bartholomeu,


The gameplay is fast-paced and precise; everything you do counts. Enemies respond to sound and unusual sights; if you walk through a puddle of water (or blood), you'll track footprints that soldiers may follow to the source (you). If you leave an unconscious body out in the open, they may discover it and radio for help, causing guards to flood the scene. The world responds to various stimuli - stray bullets can kill innocents or detonate explosive chemicals that kill everyone in the room (including you). You can blow yourself up with an ill-placed grenade or rocket. You may want to be more Snake Plissken than Rambo when it comes to the way you think about the game - running and gunning is tough, and can get you killed easily. One wrong move could mean curtains. Thankfully, Agent is the master of rolling.

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The game launches with these exciting episodes:

Episode One: Might of the Steel Hand - This one is a straight up spy adventure. The Mighty General ‘Steel Hand’ is preparing to launch missiles at key countries in the global landscape, and it’s up to you to get in there and take the whole thing down before that happens. The player will have to get the missile codes and disrupt the launch to make time to neutralize their armory, and sneak their way deep into enemy territory, all the while avoiding the wary eye of Lt. Fanibhusan, the Steel Hand’s watchdog and right hand man. Our Let's Play Boss Fight Demo tier contains a boss fight from this episode of the game!

A short sneak-peek at a sliver of Sierra Never's intro sequence (note: you're not supposed to die here)

Episode Two: Sierra Never - When a cutting-edge, independently owned science facility goes rogue and kidnaps one of the Agency’s top scientists, they send the Agent in on a critical mission to rescue her and find out who’s pocket the CEO of the company is in. Is it the work of an enemy? Or a misunderstanding between allies? The Agent will have to solve this as a figure in the shadows stalks his every move. It’s all capped off with a reunion between two bitter rivals and a memorable ending.

You can find out more about the bad dudes you'll be facing in these episodes right here.

One otherwise quiet evening in the middle of a field, an entity from another place and time appears in some bright, crazy-strange cube. What does it want? Why is it here? That's for you to discover in THE GREY MAN.

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THE GREY MAN is an experience composed of two parts - exploration and human capture - set in the vast expanses of Tinder-Boone National Park (and Campgrounds), a protected nature preserve. GM will encounter humans camping throughout the National Park shortly after his landing on Earth, and would like to take them all back to his ship.

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Though the main objective throughout the majority of your experience is to use GM’s trans-dimensional powers to collect humans, you may also need to use those powers to defend yourself from some of the particularly threatening ones. You’ll have to avoid being tranquilized and netted for research by the troops of Forest Rangers lurking throughout the wilds of the park. Humans are always on the lookout for a new species to categorize, so why not you? You’re a great candidate!

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The world of The Grey Man has a lot up its digital sleeves, and a lot to see with your eyeballs. Let's just say it's an experience you're going to want to check out.

Attack Mountain is a two man game-dev duo from Queens. It's just us and our computers, man. We've been making games together since we were like, nine or something. Everything we do is a representation of the best of both of us.

Joe Laurino – A radical man who has worked with everyone from EA to Microsoft and has developed games that have been played by millions all over the globe. He's formerly of Gameloft and Arkadium and went all-in on Attack Mountain after leaving the latter. (Linkedin) (email)

Bryan Rodriguez  – Another radical man formerly of Rockstar Games. His previous credits include titles like GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3. (Linkedin) (email)

Now THAT'S some useful information!

While we’re doing all the game development work, it’s good to have a little help from our friends. Most of the money from this Kickstarter, in fact, goes to support those fine people that are helping us make these games possible.

Audio for SOS and The Grey Man will be provided by the immensely talented team at HyperDuck Soundworks. HyperDuck has provided audio for some of this generation’s hottest games, from Dust : An Elysian Tale to Mojang’s upcoming Scrolls. We really love working with these guys and couldn’t be happier to have them on board. Below you’ll find a piece from both games, to whet your appetite:


The Grey Man

If you like these hot sample tracks, perhaps the tiers containing the dual OST ($45) or the limited edition cassette ($125) will interest you?

That's not all - joining them is our good friend Dudu Torres, the amazing artist who has helped us bring these games to life. That name sound familiar? It should, as he's the incredibly talented guy that was working with us on Legend of the Time Star. (See? The gang's still all here.) You've also seen his work multiple times on Kotaku and elsewhere before. Dudu will continue to help us fully realize these two unique projects as production continues.

Why do you need my hard-earned money?

Good question! Please consult the handy list below to find out! Want to see a budget breakdown? One is available on request; we're being completely transparent here.

What this Kickstarter ISN’T for:

Core Development Budget - All programming, art, and design is being done by the same people designing the games. Since everything’s in-house we don’t need additional funds to pay programmers, artists, or designers.

What this Kickstarter IS for:

Audio Budget: Funds destined for the hands of the great people helping us make this game sing. They’re already on board - we just need to pay them! HyperDuck Soundworks is signed on for audio and they are chomping at the bit to get started.

Software Licenses: We need to upgrade the licenses for a few pieces of software we are using to develop the games. Thankfully this only makes up a fairly small part of the total we need. 

Product Submission Costs: We intend to use a small part of the funds to satisfy submission fees for digital distribution networks such as Steam

Advertising Costs: This covers Advertising costs that we’ve already accrued developing the content you’ve seen here.

Kickstarter Reward Fulfilment: Covering costs of the manufacturing and shipping costs for exclusive Kickstarter Rewards, namely the very limited edition ATTACK PACK 1 CASSETTE containing a selection of hot jams from both games ($125)!

Which leads us to…

Want more stuff? Of course you do. With these stretch goals, you have the power to make The Attack Pack even better!

Extra Game Content: More episodes for SOS! More game-altering expansion patches for THE GREY MAN!

Upgrades!: Some of our equipment is old - like, Seinfeld-was-still-airing-old. There are a few choice upgrades we can think of that would help us work more efficiently. These include a new workstation and memory upgrades for our current dev machines.

As you can see from our fancy chart, some of our stretch goals include:

  • Additional post-launch content for both games - more episodes for SOS! More game-altering expansions for The Grey Man!
  • Full voice acting for SOS, headed by Somatone Interactive 
  • An entirely third game for Attack Pack 1 – that’s right, we’ll reveal a third game during this Kickstarter campaign! It rules, but we don’t currently have the resources to give it the attention it needs in order to be released.
  • The ability to research and pursue other release platforms

Think it over!

Want the short answer? Our developer diary. We’re updating frequently - four or more times a week! - revealing unique bits of information about the games all of the time. It’s the best way to keep your finger on the pulse of Attack Mountain.


Here's a bunch of Concept Art we'll be using for the exclusive campaign wallpapers - this is art we've been doing during development! (Click on the banners below to reveal the full images.)



These games, despite being robust, are relatively small in scope, and are deliberately so to allow us to maintain short dev timelines. There is no feature creep; these games are locked in, and won't balloon out of control if we are overfunded. Our current release date is May 2014 if we hit our goal.

As always we want to thank you, the humble and wonderful gamer, for checkin’ us out. We hope you like what you see and feel like we’re at least worth a few bucks, but if not - you’re welcome to hang out anyway. 

Ask us questions if you need clarification (we'll answer 'em all), and keep checking back with us for updates as our campaign continues! 

If you do like what you see here, won’t you spread the word and help us out? We’ll be completely and utterly grateful. Together, we can uppercut THE ATTACK PACK into the Sun of Victory.

Many thanks,


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Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

With the exception of getting struck by lightning or obliterated by a stray meteorite, we'd count on these games coming out. We have a clear path to the end of this project; we just need your help paving the way.


  • ATTACK PACK ONE is being released for The Windows. Some also call this the PC.

    We do intend to explore other platforms down the line, though! So while there's no Linux or Mac port planned for now, we'll definitely look into it as soon as we're able. Our apologies if the answer disappoints - we don't want to bite off more than we can chew but at the same time totally want to get these games in the hands of as many people as possible!

    Last updated:
  • Hard to say at this juncture, friend, but we will say that we'd likely need to hit somewhere around the 40-50k range before we can even begin to look into other formal platform releases. Ports are a huge undertaking and need to be done right, otherwise what's the point?

    Our code's moderately portable but we're not entirely sure to what extent as far as major OS reach goes - we'll begin researching this on the side as production continues and as soon as we can provide more concrete information we will, promise.

    Last updated:
  • Absolutely! As of this writing that goal's a long way off, but if it happens, you can rest assured you'll be in the special thanks section of all three games at $15.

    Last updated:
  • Right now we're only planning on an English release to start. We will stay open to localizing the games in the future, though - it all depends on how much support we get, to be up front about it. There's only the two of us working on this project, so we'd likely have to get a third party involved, and that costs development money we just don't have right now. We WILL say that if you plan on playing the games that you shouldn't have too much trouble figuring out what's going on, at least for The Grey Man! SOS might be a bit trickier.

    Last updated:
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    'I WANT TO BE A PAST SPY' TIER: This tier is super crazy, especially for the asking price - The Agency in SOS has a long line of now-deceased or retired agents, who have all been commemorrated in a very special, albeit subtle, way in-game. Perhaps…you were one of them? Included for free are your agent number as well as your current status. Did you get blown up in the line of duty? Did you retire fat and happy? Only one way to find out! (PS - the earlier you get in on this tier the cooler and older your dossier is!)

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