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DUNGEON ATTACK! is a fast-paced, easy to learn cooperative dice game that fits in your pocket!
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    1. Attack Dice, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Andrew. To clarify defeating a Boss Monster, they can only be killed on a re-roll. This means that whatever the first roll is, sword, foot, or skull, and you get a re-roll due to a magic item or a special ability, if the second roll (the re-roll) is a skull, the Boss Monster is defeated. You do not have to roll two skulls in a row to defeat the Boss Monster.

    2. Attack Dice, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Andrew. You are correct that in order to defeat a Boss Monster you have to roll a skull then roll another skull on a re-roll. This is difficult but not that hard to do if the party works together. We have not had many TPKs in all the playtesting and games we have run, the only ones were due to bad luck or players playing cutthroat style.

      If you find that defeating the boss is too difficult there is always the option of moving it into the Dungeon Room and everyone passing which will end that level of the dungeon. You do not always have to defeat every monster on a level to complete the game.

      Thank you,

    3. Andrew Curl on

      When facing a Boss Monster die, can you only kill the boss monster when you roll a skull, then reroll the die using a magic item or special ability and get another skull? If so, that seems exceptionally deadly to me, with only a 1 in 36 chance of killing it, and requiring a magic item or special ability to even try. Coupled with a 1/3 chance of getting Hit when facing it alone even with a reroll, and 50% when you inevitably run out of rerolls, to me it seems that you will end up with more TPKs than is fun.

    4. Attack Dice, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Chuckdilio. It is awesome that your whole family enjoys Dungeon Attack! Thanks for sharing that story and glad to hear it is part of your Family Game Night!

      As for your rules questions regarding the Epic Monster, when using a re-roll you can only re-roll one of the Epic Monster dice, not both (unless you have two re-rolls and wish to use one for each die).

      For example, on your turn you roll both of the Epic Monster dice and get one skull (Defeated Monster) and one footprint (Moving Monster). At this point you decide to use a magic item or speical ability to re-roll. You can use this re-roll with the footprint die to see if you can get another skull in order to defeat the Epic Monster or you could re-roll the skull to see if you can get a footprint to force the Epic Monster to move.

      As for the Shadow Hunters special ability, if he uses it to take one of the Epic Monster dice the other dice will follow because they cannot be separated.

      Hope these answers help, let me know if there are others or if further clarification is needed.

      Thank you,

    5. Chuckdilio on

      I have a Rules Question about the Epic Monster. The 2 dice rolled to make an epic monster are kept as a separate roll, but are those 2 dice treated as if they are 1 monster die, in terms of re-rolling? If a player has the ability to re-roll any 1 monster die, do they roll both 'Epic' monster dice or choose just 1 of them? Also, the hunter has the ability to take 1 die from any player, can they break up the Epic monster dice or do they have to steal the both?

    6. Chuckdilio on

      My family has had a great time playing. We got it 2 weeks ago and I even got my old as dirt Parents to play and love it. Mom seems to win ALOT, we're not sure how she's cheating on dice rolls, but we watch carefully now :) Thanks for the cool and fun new game we've added to our Family Game Night.

    7. Kenny Nierwienski on

      Wow, that helped a lot to look at it that way and I'm no longer getting as frustrated on the last enemy. Now it makes it like a serious battle. I think that should be mentioned somewhere on the updated descriptions since at first glance it does seem counter-intuitive, as you mentioned.

    8. Attack Dice, LLC 3-time creator on

      You are correct Andrew. When you pass dice to other players, you are "weaking" the monsters they are facing- therefore you are helping them. This is often one of the things that new players fail to grasp because it seems counter intuitive that by giving someone more dice is helping them.

      Thank you for your insight!

    9. Andrew Curl on

      Due to probability, the monster dice work on the Law of Conservation of Ninjitsu. This is why it's a good thing to pass moving monsters to another player facing only a few dice.

    10. Attack Dice, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Kenny. Your observation is correct and intended in the game design. It may seem counter-intuitive at first but think of it this way. When you are rolling lots of Monster Dice it is like facing a horde of weaker monsters like goblins, but when you are down to just one Monster Die it is like facing an ogre. You have weeded out all the easy to defeat monsters are are left with the stronger foes.

      Hope this helps clarify.

    11. Kenny Nierwienski on

      The main thing I was confused about was how combat is resolved. It seems I can clear whole rooms but frequently die against the last one or two enemies as there is no margin for error.
      Is it intended to be more difficult fighting one guy instead of a room of enemies? Not a joke, it's a serious question because I am very confused if I am playing correctly.