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A Truth Untold, LLCBy A Truth Untold, LLC
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A Truth Untold, LLCBy A Truth Untold, LLC
First created
pledged of $40,000pledged of $40,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, December 14 2013 12:00 AM UTC +00:00

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      Amber on

      If this doesn't get funded, are you planning on doing kickstarter again?

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      Pledger on

      Frank DiLeo quote: “I have a strong belief in what comes around goes around. It’s called Karma, and I hope Michael (Jackson) understands what that means. If he doesn’t now, one day he will.” (1989)

      What about Frank Dileo in this Where does that leave you at this point?

      There are a few things that have to get cleared up. I have to make sure the estate understands some of the things that I know. I’ve been appointed to the board of Sony/ATV Music Publishing. So I have a role to play there. Michael wrote the letter getting me appointed. (Frank DiLeo 2009)

    3. A Truth Untold, LLC Creator on

      Simonetta, to answer your question regarding the campaign end date of December 13th; no, we can't change the date. That means we have a LOT of work to do in the next couple of weeks to inject some momentum back into our campaign. Stay tuned for some updates in the next week or so.

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    5. Andy Healy on

      Sorry - Matthias (not Mattias - damn typos)

    6. Andy Healy on

      Mattias - I understand your point of view. I too had a few questions about this project but knowing that Damien and Co are heading it up I feel that the intent and purpose of the project is a valid and worthy one and will be handled with respect. As they are reaching out to everyone involved (and not just picking and choosing evidence that supports previously held theories) they are giving all parties a chance to say their piece. There is too much theory and hearsay around this issue and not enough facts from the people involved. This project looks to do this. And I don't believe they are hunting down a foregone conclusion, I think they are hunting down the facts (where ever they lead). And in this saga, facts have sadly been few and far between. It's all been opinion. As you say I believe they have earned the chance to do this, and do it fairly.
      P.S. Thank you for your kind words.

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      Pledger on

      Why dont play with goals on the campaign?. Like if we reach 20.000 you will give us something... If we reach 30.000 etc...

    8. A Truth Untold, LLC Creator on

      Thanks again to everyone for the feedback. Please note we are taking notice, and are working on breathing a fresh breath of air into the campaign. We hope to clear up some of the questions and improve in certain areas while giving potential backers even more incentive to get behind this. We want to deliver the best possible product and Kickstarter allows that direct, collaborative connection with our supporters BEFORE the final product is signed, sealed and delivered. We cannot thank you all enough for the generosity and support. Keep the comments coming!

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      Matthias Karrer on

      That being said, i backed this project, because i think "A Truth Untold" earned their chance!

    10. Missing avatar

      Matthias Karrer on

      Andy, i think you are right about that this Book/Saga must be closed!
      (By the way: Again & again i open up your books with great enjoyment.)
      I'm just not sure a book by a (somewhat biased) Group of Fans will do it! IMHO 40.000 $ would be better spent on a lawsuit.
      I also think this kickstarter thing needs more details & backround info rather quickley, beschaust the momentum seems to slow...

    11. Andy Healy on

      Think this is an important endeavour no matter which side of the debate you lie on. To date everything about the tracks in question has been conjecture and theories, accusations and recriminations. No matter where the truth lays it is important to find out ALL the facts and close the book (with the book) on the endless questions. If you have doubts or questions either way, this thorough investigation will help you draw an informed conclusion and hopefully close this chapter of division within the fan community. Let the truth ring free, where ever it is.

    12. A Truth Untold, LLC Creator on

      Some excellent feedback which will be addressed promptly. Thank you!

    13. Missing avatar

      Helma Spengler on

      The payment option (creditcard) can be an obstacle, an extra hurdle. Here in The Netherlands for instance, most people don't use creditcards. I sometimes order from Amazon and needed to open a special account to use a temporary creditcard, so it was easy for me this time. But the PayPal option would make things a lot easier for a lot of people!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Pledger on

      I don´t think you should have to uncover important things to catch new backers. Maybe it´s better you create new videos, teasers, etc.. because Youtube it´s a powerfull weapon. I want to know what you have or what have you been recollecting since day 1 but i can wait a little more. I hope MJ fans understand the meaning of lyrics like:

      "There comes a time when we hear a certain call
      When the world must come together as one"
      "Let us realize that a change can only come
      When we stand together as one"

    15. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      I completely agree with Peter.

    16. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      I think perhaps revealing a little more information on the types of things that have been uncovered and just how close we are to the truth may bring in more backers. I think a lot of people are perhaps a little skeptical and are holding off from donating for that reason.

    17. A Truth Untold, LLC Creator on

      How is everyone feeling about the campaign so far?

    18. A Truth Untold, LLC Creator on

      Great idea there StellarSoul! As you stated, we need to raise at least $1,000 per day for the remainder of the campaign. Thanks to an incredible first day we got a bit of a head start, but some quiet days since mean that we now have to work hard in order to succeed. We knew this wouldn't be easy but we are up for the challenge! There's nothing that can't be done if we raise our voice as one. So let's do that!

    19. StellarSoul on

      Campaign seems to be going well for the moment! Still trending to surpass goal amount. We gotta push that momentum back up though soon to be getting over $1000 of pledges per day. We can do this. We need to promote, promote and promote. Let's @, inbox or email as many people as we know to get them involved. One of the biggest reasons this campaign will succeed is because of MJ's amazing and passionate fans fighting for the truth. Let's spread the news as much as we can! Think of creative ways to get the word out, maybe start threads on forums you're a member of, ask people you know with large twitter fan bases to RT, heck, even ask your friends and family to back the campaign as your Christmas gift for the year! Let's do this!

    20. Missing avatar

      Pledger on

      Gooo, gooo, we can make it !!!!

    21. A Truth Untold, LLC Creator on

      67 backers so far! Thank you for everyone's support and generosity. Don't forget to share the link with as many people as you can, and encourage them to watch the video and support where possible.

    22. Missing avatar

      Helma Spengler on

      I know @geso101 (with help from other fans) did an extensive research on hiring a forensic musicologist a few years ago. Maybe it can be useful? :)

    23. $ony Sucks on

      Please Buy XBox One or Wii U instead of PS4. Thank You Guys!!! : )

    24. A Truth Untold, LLC Creator on

      @The Truth: Thanks for your pledge!

    25. Missing avatar

      Pledger on

      Can´t wait for the book and !!! bookmarks !!!, hahahaha.

    26. Missing avatar

      Pledger on

      Made a Pledge. Hope it helps to resolve the problem. Thanks for your amazing work.

    27. A Truth Untold, LLC Creator on

      Great suggestions indeed Marion. And thanks for your generosity!

    28. Marion Duchemin on

      Just made a pledge. Thanks to all the A Truth Untold team for the amazing work that is being done. StellarSoul had a great idea to organize our tweets and other way of promoting the project here. The tweeting celeb option is good I think!

    29. A Truth Untold, LLC Creator on

      Great work StellarSoul! We've noticed you're doing an excellent job promoting us on social media. Thank you!

    30. StellarSoul on

      I just made a post on Reddit about ATU. Please vote up and encourage other Reddit users to do the same if you're on there! http://redd.it/1q8fhm

    31. StellarSoul on

      I am just so excited by this whole thing. I can't wait to hear the inside stories of those who were involved with the Cascio tracks situation. It's such a fascinating and mysterious incident. I can't fathom how something of this magnitude was allowed to occur. Just can't wait to see the pieces of the puzzle all together in a book!

    32. A Truth Untold, LLC Creator on

      Beautiful quote, Kelley. Thank you for your generosity. Thanks to you, mksmurf, as well :-)

    33. Kelley Michaels on

      Thank you for working to get the truth out for Michael. Pledge was just made! Kelley Michaels @MJAllForLove via Twitter and in the words of MJ >> "It is my dream and goal to capture truth. We should dedicate ourselves to this." ~Michael Jackson

    34. $ony Sucks on

      Sounds really cool, wait to see what will happen... : )

    35. A Truth Untold, LLC Creator on

      Thanks for your generosity, Amber :-) Don't worry, we won't leave any stone unturned!

    36. Missing avatar

      Amber on

      I'm glad I saw Damien's tweet about this. I just pledged $100. For the love of MJ, please uncover any and all truths about these tracks.
      I'm looking forward to your updates!

    37. Missing avatar

      SJR on

      That sounds completely reasonable, thanks for the reply!

    38. A Truth Untold, LLC Creator on

      @Peter Your pledge is, and everyone's pledges are, greatly appreciated. We're humbled by the support! Truly. Thank you all!

    39. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      I've pledged $150. I may be able to pledge more in the coming weeks, but not positive yet. I've been completely outraged over this issue since the premier of Breaking News and was quite vocal about it over on MaxJax forum (I was the user 'Starwipe'). I'm thankful for the work being done here and am more than happy to help.

    40. A Truth Untold, LLC Creator on

      Let's see what we can do. It's a giant jigsaw at the moment. Have to choose carefully which pieces we share and which we hold on to. Stay tuned! You won't be kept completely in the dark.

    41. StellarSoul on

      LOL @SJR. Hilarious haha. I hope fans of MJ and project get really involved on this comment board. We can use it as a place to discuss how we can assist in promoting the campaign from a grass roots point of view! Tweeting etc. We should tweet celebs and anyone connected with MJ to try and get them to RT and spread the news. This is going to get huge!

    42. Missing avatar

      SJR on

      (LIFT** your head up high... Haha, worst typo I've ever made.)

    43. Missing avatar

      SJR on

      Are you guys planning on disclosing anything you've learned thus far, prior to book release? I'd love a taste! At any rate, keep your heads up high - and scream out to the world, guys ;).

    44. A Truth Untold, LLC Creator on

      You're welcome guys. Three years of hard work behind us and plenty more hard work to come. Michael deserves this. Let's do it for Michael!

      "There's nothing that can't be done, if we raise our voice as ONE! They gotta hear it from ME! They gotta hear if from YOU! They gotta hear it from US!" - The greatest of all time.

    45. Missing avatar

      SJR on

      Thank you guys for your amazing work. Pledged 50 bucks. Make this happen!

    46. StellarSoul on

      What an awesome project and awesome opportunity. Can't wait to see the impact it has for Michael and his legacy. Let's band together and make this happen! Thank-you to the entire ATU team for making this a possibility. What an amazing thing.