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We plan to travel by kayak and bicycle from Alaska to Argentina in an effort to document the importance of community on a global scale.

Searching for communities connected to places.
Seeking a healthy and quality experience of the Americas.
Sharing virtues of localization to advance the global happiness.
Showing cultural perspectives in a film inspired by locations and adventures.

The Plan: We plan to kayak from Juneau, Alaska to Ladysmith, BC, where we will trade our kayaks for bicycles. We will ride the bikes along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean, all the way down to the southern tip of South America. In order to ensure high quality engagement with all the unique places we encounter, we will not set a timeline to this expedition. The trip could potentially take more than two years to complete.

The goal: To capture the experience of truly learning about new places, as opposed to merely seeing them from a traveling tourist’s perspective. This participatory exploration will be expressed in a way that inspires the common folk to do it themselves, in their own ways.

Where is the Money Going?:  All of the kickstarter funds will go directly toward  film expenses.  This includes memory cards and hard drives (that will be sent home periodically throughout the trip), extra batteries, solar charging, audio equipment, etc.  The only way for this project to become a reality is with your backing!!!

The vision: It is unrealistic to say exactly how this film will look in the end, as we only have ideas, and cannot possibly know what we will find in our journey. The film could become something completely different by the time we are ready to produce it. With that said, our current thoughts are as follows.

The film will not be about us. The focus will be on the people and places that we find, rather than our own personal struggles and self-discoveries. By downplaying our personal story, we hope to demonstrate that what we are doing is not complicated nor extreme. We want to show that it’s not about who we are or what we are doing, but why we are doing it and how you can and should do it too. The scale of the trip is admittedly a large feat to undertake, but the magnitude of the adventure is not intended to be the focus of the ideas that we are hoping to share. Although the self-propelled, low budget nature of the expedition will be physically and mentally demanding, we will be taking it relatively easy and will always prioritize our health and safety above all other factors. In the end, the real challenge lies in our ability to effectively turn the experience into artistic expression with a clear message.

To accomplish this, we envision a film with no narration. At least, not by us. The film will follow the sequential path of our trip, with segments dedicated to the particular locations or regions that we encounter. Beautiful shots of the landscapes and people in each place will accompany music that is representative of the region and voice-over clips of eloquent quotes from the people that we interview, as well as natural sound clips that we capture. We will seek out interesting individuals and try to record thoughtful conversations, however, our voices will not be included in the editing process. 

These place segments will be interspersed with audio and traveling footage of ourselves. We will not speak directly to the cameras, but will attempt to capture natural conversations and shots that show how we are traveling and some of the lessons we are learning along the way. Again, this is not the story of our impressive journey on this huge trip, but we will include ourselves as the background guides to the film in order to provide a consistently familiar reference frame and to show the temporal progression and flow of the experience. The final product will have the soul-stirring celebration of adventure found in Woodshed Films’ 180° South combined with the persuasive audio-visual poetry found in Godfrey Reggio’s KOYAANISQATSI. 


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