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A Digital Cartographer, Lore Book, and Battle Map for mobile platforms. A better way to Create, Play, & Edit Pen & Paper RPG campaigns.
A Digital Cartographer, Lore Book, and Battle Map for mobile platforms. A better way to Create, Play, & Edit Pen & Paper RPG campaigns.
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Reward Highlight: Adventurer's Kit

Posted by Atom Switch, Inc. (Creator)

Hello Everyone, today I wanted to go into a bit more detail on the Adventurer's Kit reward.

 Adventurer's Kit

As you've probably seen from the expanded rewards section on the main Kickstarter page, the Adventurer's Kit is an Infinitas DM campaign file of a complete open-word town map, as well as a hand full of interior and exterior maps to accompany it.

The kit serves as a great starting point for a new fantasy quest of your own, or even just a fun hub for your players to explore and enjoy.

The town will feature a Tavern (with separate interior map), Marketplace, two Level Jail/dungeon (with separate interior map), Mayor's house, and more. It will also feature an exterior forest area, sewer tunnels running beneath the city, and a few other small maps that can be used in your other campaigns as well. All maps will be provided as separate image files to make adding them to your own campaigns a breeze.

The town will be fully populated with NPCs, Quest Starters, Point of Interest markers, and other content to give your players plenty to interact with.

 Beyond The Town

Click For Full-Size Image
Click For Full-Size Image

Now for something I haven't talked about too much yet, some stretch goal expansion content. I don't want to get too ahead of myself here, but since these relate directly to the Adventurer's Kit, it seems like a good time to bring them up.

Should we start getting into stretch goal territory, one of the earlier goals will be to expand the Adventurer's Kit into the Masterwork Adventurer's Kit.

This will upgrade the kit from a single town into an entire continent, fully populated with more sub-locations of its own. This upgrade would be available to all backers already receiving the original Adventurer's Kit reward. With even more content, the kit becomes a huge area for players to explore with dungeons, quests, and more.

Looking even farther into the future, should the time come for additional stretch goals  (there are a few features both before the Masterwork Kit and between it and this next goal), the kit will grow even larger and become the Tome of The Adventurer. A complete world of content spanning multiple continents and even more sub-locations.

This massive campaign space would even keep players with the greatest wanderlust entertained for quite some time.

As we get nearer to our initial goal I will start breaking down each of the potential stretch goals and announce their funding points, but for now I hope you've enjoyed a look into the Adventurer's Kit and beyond!


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