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ATOMS are a system of plug-n-play sensors, motors and logic blocks for kids and adults to make things that do amazing things.
1,362 backers pledged $183,232 to help bring this project to life.

Vote for the Next NEW ATOMS!

Posted by Seamless Toy Company, Inc. (Creator)

Dear Backers and Kickstarters,

We're closing in on the final 10 days of our campaign, and the final days of 2012!

An Amazing Week for ATOMS

It has been an amazing week for ATOMS on Kickstarter! With your help, we raised over $27,000 in the last 7 days! This puts us in an even stronger position to make waves with ATOMS in 2013!

This week, ATOMS received coverage from... Laughing SquidThe GadgeteerMAKE BlogDiscovery ChannelNBC NewsBrick FilmsThe Brick Blogger & more!

We also had our ATOMS Holiday Party this week. If you missed it, check out pictures of the party and the 24" Death Star Cake (with ATOMS making Tie-Fighters fly) on our Facebook Page.

Closing In On $150k Bonus Reward - New ATOMS!

We're also nearly at the point where we can start expanding the product line sooner than expected.

As we mentioned in the last update, if / when we hit $150K on Kickstarter, we would be creating and bringing to life two new ATOMS modules and offering them as upgrades to your sets.

Today, our team is revising that promise, and making it better! - We'll be unlocking the ability to add three NEW ATOMS (not just two), and you get to vote on which ones you want to create!

In anticipation, we are going to start the voting RIGHT NOW, and if / when we hit $150K, we'll announce the process for adding your chosen ATOMS to your sets. We're really excited about this amazing next step for Seamless Toy Co, and we hope you are too.

Thanks, and keep telling your friends and family about ATOMS!

-Michael & The ATOMS Team.



Here are the new ATOMS on the drawing board that you'll be voting on! (We'll make the top from each group.) The winners will be announced if / when we reach $150k!

Blue "Sensor" ATOMS

  • Motion Sensor ATOM ($15) - This ATOM uses a motion sensors like on a home alarm system to detect motions, and it sends a stronger signal out with the more motion it detects.
  • "Closeness" Sensor ATOM ($15) - This ATOM uses a distance sensor to measure how far things are in front of it. As things get closer, it sends out a stronger signal.
  • Magnetic Field Sensor ATOM ($10) - This ATOM senses the strength of a magnetic field. The closer you bring a magnet to it, the stronger signal it sends out.

Red "Connection" ATOMS

  • Three-Count Propagate ATOM ($10) - this ATOM takes 3 "hits" before propagating the signal. Each time the input signal strength crosses 50% intensity, it registers 1 "hit". 
  • Amp ATOM ($10) - This ATOM works as a signal amplifier. With nothing connected to the (+) or (-) it works as a simple pass-through, but if you connect another sensor to the (+) it amplifies the main signal.
  • NOT Gate ($10) - This ATOM takes an input signal and sends the opposite out, so the stronger the signal is coming in, the weaker it is coming out. This is great when used with the light sensor and the LED ATOMS because you can have your headlights automatically turn on in the dark.

Green "Do Things" ATOMS

  • Earthquake ATOMS (vibrating motor) ($16) - This ATOM has a vibrating motor in it - one slightly larger than the vibrating motor in a smartphone, so it should be strong enough to shake small toys. The Earthquake ATOM shakes faster when it receives a stronger input signal.
  • Motor Sound ATOM with varying frequency ($15) - This ATOM makes an engine sound, and the engine sound "revs up" as the input signal strength increases.
  • Tri-Color LED ATOM ($15) - This ATOM has three inputs: One for each of Red, Green, and Blue. By varying the input signal to each of the colors, you can make the output any color!

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