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ATLAS SHRUGGED Movie "Who is John Galt?"'s video poster

Atlas Shrugged tells the compelling story of a country whose economic system is on the brink of collapse. Who is John Galt? Read more

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This project was successfully funded on October 23, 2013.

Atlas Shrugged tells the compelling story of a country whose economic system is on the brink of collapse. Who is John Galt?

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Robert Shelton on January 14

      The Kickstarter version of the AS-III Blu-ray arrived at my house today (January 14). It had been mailed out on January 8.

    2. Creator John E Patton on January 9

      Thank you, Scott! Will do.

    3. Creator Scott DeSapio on January 9

      @John Glad to hear it. Please send an email about the Blu-ray to Thanks.

    4. Creator John E Patton on January 9

      I received my DVD today, which is awesome! When will the Blu-Rays be sent out?

    5. Creator Brandon Garrett on December 28

      @Scott DeSapio Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

    6. Creator Scott DeSapio on December 20

      @Brandon Link to the soundtrack:

      @Josh: Personalized Blu-rays and DVDs ship January 4th.

    7. Creator John E Patton on December 20

      @Brandon - Mine was sent as a link in an email. Just an idea. And @Josh, it looks like the original shipping date for the DVDs and Blu-Rays has been pushed back from December to early January. I was told around January 4th.

    8. Creator Brandon Garrett on December 19

      I can't find the link for the downloadable soundtrack. Would someone help me out, please?

    9. Creator Josh on November 16

      Is the time frame the for being sent out the same?

    10. Creator Scott DeSapio on November 14

      Hi Josh,

      The Kickstarter DVD and Blu-rays are not the same as those offered at the Atlas Shrugged s=online store. The content is the same but the packaging artwork is a bit different.

    11. Creator Josh on November 14

      Are the backers that get movies getting them as if they pre-ordered them on the site? Are the ones on the site the same ones that are being sent to backers?

    12. Creator No More KS BS on September 18

      I wore my shirt to the showing tonight in Mt. View, California. I was the only backer in the audience. They applauded when the movie ended and several ask about my shirt. They thanked me for being a backer. They asked questions about some of the things that confused them but the ones asking questions hadn't read the book. I think they will now.

    13. Creator For Good Measure on September 16

      IMDB reports that Atlas Shrugged III had a budget of $5 million and the Hollywood Reporter notes that the film was minimally promoted. DeSapio assured backers in 2013 that the film had secured a $10 million budget and that the Kickstarter campaign was mostly (not entirely) a marketing exercise. The Kickstarter campaign raised over $430,000 after fees.

      Can I ask what happened to the missing $5,430,000? Part II incurred an $18 million debt and Kickstarter proceeds of this project were deposited into that account. Did the backers of this project simply pay down the old debt of Atlas Shrugged II?

      All manner of surprises can occur during the production of a feature film and the producers deserve proper respect for completing the trilogy. Similarly Kickstarter backers deserve an accounting of any gaps between promise and delivery. I look forward to a detailed report.

    14. Creator Scott McClellan on September 13

      Wish some theaters in Alabama would get it. Holding out hope I'll get to wear my shirt to a screening.

    15. Creator Scott DeSapio on September 13

      @Danielle @Brian Glad to hear it. Thanks so much.

    16. Creator Scott DeSapio on September 13

      @Josh We did the social thank-you several months back. Here's the link to yours:

    17. Creator Brian A. Blakley on September 12

      @Danielle - same here. We just got home from seeing the movie. I went with my wife and a couple friends. I was the only one in the theater wearing the special Kickstarter t-shirt but that's not a surprise since there are only 2,297 such shirts and there were only about 40 people in our theater. It was kinda fun actually because some people came up and talked to me because they saw the shirt.

      Thanks to all that made the movie happen.

    18. Creator Danielle Pattee on September 12

      I just saw the movie. I'm very proud to have contributed to its production. Thank you.

    19. Creator Josh on September 12

      Did you already do the "A VERY SOCIAL THANK YOU"? I don't remember that, I remember the "wall" link being posted to Facebook. Maybe I missed/forgot about it.

    20. Creator Scott DeSapio on September 12

      Hi @Brian. The description for the screenplay PDF was made in error. The PDF won't be available until after the film exists theaters.

    21. Creator Brian A. Blakley on September 12

      I got my shirt and will be wearing it to the theater tonight when I and a few friends go see ASIII.

      I haven't seen the PDF of the "final shooting script" yet. It said it would be emailed on the day of theatrical release.

    22. Creator Scott DeSapio on September 10

      @Chris Write a message to You should have received the shirt already.

    23. Creator Chris Oggerino on September 10

      Haven't got shirt yet - hoping it comes in next 48 hours so I can wear to movie!! They All ship?

    24. Creator No More KS BS on September 2, 2014

      Got my shirt!!!! Can't wait to wear it to the theater!

    25. Creator Scott DeSapio on August 22, 2014

      @Scott T-shirts ship next week.

    26. Creator Scott Thisse on August 22, 2014

      When will the t-shirt rewards be delivered? It would be nice to be able to wear mine to the theater.

    27. Creator Scott DeSapio on August 14, 2014

      @Doug the soundtrack and screenplay will not go out until after the film exits theaters later this year.

    28. Creator Doug Ross on August 14, 2014

      Specifically: the soundtrack, screenplay pdf,

    29. Creator Doug Ross on August 14, 2014

      When are the rewards expected to be delivered?

    30. Creator Scott DeSapio on December 16, 2013

      @Gerhard Thanks. Shipping was included in your pledge. We'll be posting updates soon but please also make sure to sign up for the Atlas Shrugged Movie newsletter to keep up on all the latest:

    31. Creator Gerhard Schonstein on December 16, 2013

      Dear Scott
      Thanks for your reply first.
      I could arrange to put all the information in - it was a problem with one of the browsers. I arranged now all my information for sending the DVD and t-shirt.
      One question is still open - I tried to contact you a few days back - I am not from US - how to pay later for the shipping costs of the DVD and T-shirt as I would like to get both very much BUT I do NOT want you to have additional costs for shipping them.
      Anyhow - pl. keep all backers informed about the progress of the film.

      Greetings from Hong Kong

    32. Creator Scott DeSapio on December 16, 2013

      @Gerhard What information are you referring to Gerhard? Are you referring to the reward survey? What is the URL of the page you're looking for?

    33. Creator Gerhard Schoenstein on December 10, 2013

      The 100 $ page for filling out the information does not work - get only an error message (404)

    34. Creator Rob Brown on October 23, 2013

      Best money spent on Kickstarter yet ;-)

    35. Creator Rick Poach on October 23, 2013

      Never a doubt in my mind.
      Congrats to Scott, theASp3 Production team, and all of us micro-producers.

    36. Creator Galit on October 23, 2013

      3.554 backers and $446,907 ... Congratulations!! =)

    37. Creator Alan&Pam Peitsch on October 22, 2013

      This is a GREAT idea! Love being a part of it.

    38. Creator Judy Keefe on October 22, 2013

      Wooo wooo! Great to be a backer! I can't wait for the movie to come out! I sure hope they don't run into any problems. I would think there would be some news on casting by now. I have hope though!

    39. Creator Josh on October 22, 2013

      $400K Woot Woot!

    40. Creator Scott DeSapio on October 20, 2013

      @Kevin Thanks Kevin.

      RE: "Any word on the cast yet?"
      No casting decisions yet.

      RE: "Any idea on how wide of a release we might see?"
      No definitives yet.

      RE: " there any chance the film may be offered by way of a stream?"
      We're looking into it.

      Thanks again Kevin. Glad to have you on board.

    41. Creator Scott DeSapio on October 20, 2013

      @MattFranke Welcome to the team Matt. Glad you made it.

    42. Creator Kevin McNamee on October 19, 2013

      Any word on the cast yet? Any idea on how wide of a release we might see? If it's not going to be a wide release is there any chance the film may be offered by way of a stream? Lastly congrats on making the goal, I'm excited to see the final chapter.

    43. Creator Matt Franke on October 18, 2013

      Thanks first to Scott for putting this together and all the hard work and dedication. Thanks, next to anyone else who donated, way to put yourself into something you believe in. And finally, thank you everyone, the world over, who has ever read Atlas Shrugged, and then decided to improve yourself, in whatever way you felt you needed to. We are the ones who are bettering the world, one sovereign, sentient, flesh-and-blood human being at a time.
      "I swear by my life and my love of it, that I shall never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine."

    44. Creator Scott DeSapio on October 14, 2013

      @Peter Hi Peter. We'll be sending out a questionnaire at the end of the campaign asking for sizes, shipping addresses, contact info, etc. Thanks.

    45. Creator Peter Gates on October 14, 2013

      How do you know what t-shirt size we need? Do you contact us?

    46. Creator For Good Measure on October 13, 2013

      Josh -
      The basic problem is that the internet lists 2 companies but only 1 film in pre-production. The Atlas Society says that Atlas Shrugged 3 will be made by Atlas Productions LLC (APLLC). Kickstarter proceeds flow to Atlas Shrugged Part 2 Productions LLC (ASP2LLC), who issued debt of $16 million in February 2012. Atlas Shrugged Part 2 was released the following fall and had box office take of $3.3 million.

      Kickstarter scams: I'll note that a couple of them have been averted by patient questioning of the creator and last minute cancellation.

      I agree that Scott has been a good guy, but as I noted upthread this isn't his film. He doesn't even live in the same state as the Executive Producers: AFAIK he handles their website. I don't even know how many face to face meetings they have had.

      Don't get me wrong. Atlas Shrugged Part 2 Productions LLC might provide a routine mechanism to conduit returns between the major investors and stakeholders. Or it could have functions that I am unaware of. The internet may contain inaccuracies. I simply don't know.

    47. Creator Josh on October 12, 2013

      For good measure, I can see that you are trying to clarify what we know from what we don't know. Thank you for that. However, wondering how a business called ASP2 can make a movie called ASP3 is laughable. I see that as the same as 20th Century Fox making a movie called Star Wars. There is absolutely no reason they should HAVE to change their name. All they would need to do is to file for a DBA, if they chose to go by a different name.

      As Kickstarer will tell you, if they choose not to make the movie or distribute there is liitle you can do. This is no store and there are no guarentee or refunds. Just search online for "kickstarter scams" and you will see that there is almost nothing that you could do except a class action claiming fraud. The only value (for sure) you are getting is that they will have the money for distribution/advertising. Some of us have noticed that advertising and distribrution could have used more attention. The "value" is that they will have the money they need to complete that task better as we all want to see this movie in media and "at a theater near you." Any other "value," that you might think you will get, should be taken as a promise by a friend named Scott. My friend, Scott, has always been forthcoming and honest (including about things he doesn't have the answer). I trust Scott to make his best effort to fulfill his promises.

    48. Creator For Good Measure on October 12, 2013

      This could be the most memorable Atlas Shrugged so far. The producers have dreamed of putting Galt's speech on the screen for over 20 years. In a comparatively brief amount of time, their plans will reach fruition: expect grandeur.

      Back to the previous post. Kickstarter backer funds flow to Atlas Shrugged Part 2 Productions LLC. It currently has no liquid assets. Who will have access to this account? Who has executive control? Who has ownership of it? Is the idea to keep these funds segregated from the capital provided by the major Atlas Shrugged Part 3 investors and stakeholders? Since this project is defined as a marketing exercise, I could imagine that the costs applied to Atlas Shrugged Part 2 Productions LLC could be quite low, while the revenues would equate to Kickstarter proceeds plus marketing costs expensed to Atlas Shrugged Part 3. It depends on how the deal is structured. At any rate ASP2 LLC could become a deservedly high accounting profit center.

    49. Creator For Good Measure on October 10, 2013

      The pot continues to accumulate. Woo-hoo! Upthread projections had proceeds topping $900,000 and given the typical burst of activity during the last 4 days of most projects, this is entirely possible. I trust management to make the best call they can, though obviously I believe in general that more transparency is better for everyone.

      Personally I think that if the financial principals don't want to be publicly associated with this production, then that's their understandable prerogative. I was just trying to work out a convenient method of gauging the level of outside support in a concrete and verifiable manner. But can a bank letter be arranged? I had in mind one that would be addressed to Kickstarter that would authenticate the $10 million on deposit and what organizations and people have access to it. I still can't figure out why we're backing Atlas Shrugged Part 2 Productions LLC.

    50. Creator For Good Measure on October 10, 2013

      Most Kickstarter projects run on the advanced purchase/charity/partner model. Atlas Shrugged 3 is a little different: it's based on the value-for-value proposition we discussed earlier. We approach this enterprise like businessmen.

      So let's start with a few routine metrics.

      For Atlas Shrugged 2, what was the revenue as broken down between domestic cinema, foreign cinema, domestic DVD/Blueray sales and foreign DVD/Blueray sales? What were the total costs as broken down between pre-production, production and post-production (including marketing)? Please provide similar figures for Atlas Shrugged 1. Some (not all) of this information is on the web, but much of it is contradictory. So clarification would help. Also, numbers reported in this thread are backed by Scott's fiduciary commitment, giving them added weight.

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