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Atlas Shrugged tells the compelling story of a country whose economic system is on the brink of collapse. Who is John Galt?
Atlas Shrugged tells the compelling story of a country whose economic system is on the brink of collapse. Who is John Galt?
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    1. Scott DeSapio Creator on

      @Wilford Hi Will, please send an email to Thanks.

    2. Missing avatar

      Wilford Ross on

      Scott, Hate to be a broken record, but I have not gotten my film cell yet. If it was sent, can you give me some shipment information so we can track it. Thanks, Will

    3. Scott DeSapio Creator on

      @Tenebrae Please send an email to Thanks.

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      Fyi... I haven't received my film cell yet.

    5. Scott DeSapio Creator on

      @Gerhard Thanks for the note. Enjoy.

    6. Missing avatar

      Gerhard Schoenstein on

      Dear Scott

      Many thanks - just got the complete last package delivered in Hong Kong
      Wish you all the best and hope Ayn Rand's ideas will help to survive the problems we will face soon

      Many greetings from HK


    7. Scott DeSapio Creator on

      @Josh The film cells included in the reward are actually one from each of the three movies.

    8. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      Are all the film cells from the 3rd movie? the design makes it look like they are one film cell from each movie.

    9. Scott DeSapio Creator on

      Please excuse the delay guys. Between getting the film cells printed, manufactured, signed, and shipped, it's turned out to be quite the ordeal. @Josh is right in that the film cells are definitely not going to live up to the anticipation. But, I'm hoping to remedy that by adding a couple of other goodies to the shipment.

      In any event, they'll be leaving the warehouse this week.

      Thanks again.

    10. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      Scott, Is the artwork being created by Tibetan monks for the film cells? At this point their is no way the film cell can live up to two years of anticipation. :-)

    11. Missing avatar


      Yep. I still have yet to receive the film cells for the Kickstarter.

    12. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      Scott, still no film cells.

    13. Scott DeSapio Creator on

      @Tenebrae Very soon. Finalizing now.

    14. Missing avatar


      When do the film cells ship?

    15. Scott DeSapio Creator on

      @Alejandor All of the DVDs and Blu-rays have shipped. Please write to and we'll get you taken care of right away. Thanks.

    16. Alejandro on

      Hi, I'm from Argentina. Have you already mailed the DVDs for international backers?

    17. Missing avatar

      Robert Shelton on

      The Kickstarter version of the AS-III Blu-ray arrived at my house today (January 14). It had been mailed out on January 8.

    18. John E Patton on

      Thank you, Scott! Will do.

    19. Scott DeSapio Creator on

      @John Glad to hear it. Please send an email about the Blu-ray to Thanks.

    20. John E Patton on

      I received my DVD today, which is awesome! When will the Blu-Rays be sent out?

    21. Brandon Garrett on

      @Scott DeSapio Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

    22. Scott DeSapio Creator on

      @Brandon Link to the soundtrack:

      @Josh: Personalized Blu-rays and DVDs ship January 4th.

    23. John E Patton on

      @Brandon - Mine was sent as a link in an email. Just an idea. And @Josh, it looks like the original shipping date for the DVDs and Blu-Rays has been pushed back from December to early January. I was told around January 4th.

    24. Brandon Garrett on

      I can't find the link for the downloadable soundtrack. Would someone help me out, please?

    25. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      Is the time frame the for being sent out the same?

    26. Scott DeSapio Creator on

      Hi Josh,

      The Kickstarter DVD and Blu-rays are not the same as those offered at the Atlas Shrugged s=online store. The content is the same but the packaging artwork is a bit different.

    27. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      Are the backers that get movies getting them as if they pre-ordered them on the site? Are the ones on the site the same ones that are being sent to backers?

    28. L. V. on

      I wore my shirt to the showing tonight in Mt. View, California. I was the only backer in the audience. They applauded when the movie ended and several ask about my shirt. They thanked me for being a backer. They asked questions about some of the things that confused them but the ones asking questions hadn't read the book. I think they will now.

    29. For Good Measure on

      IMDB reports that Atlas Shrugged III had a budget of $5 million and the Hollywood Reporter notes that the film was minimally promoted. DeSapio assured backers in 2013 that the film had secured a $10 million budget and that the Kickstarter campaign was mostly (not entirely) a marketing exercise. The Kickstarter campaign raised over $430,000 after fees.

      Can I ask what happened to the missing $5,430,000? Part II incurred an $18 million debt and Kickstarter proceeds of this project were deposited into that account. Did the backers of this project simply pay down the old debt of Atlas Shrugged II?

      All manner of surprises can occur during the production of a feature film and the producers deserve proper respect for completing the trilogy. Similarly Kickstarter backers deserve an accounting of any gaps between promise and delivery. I look forward to a detailed report.

    30. Scott McClellan on

      Wish some theaters in Alabama would get it. Holding out hope I'll get to wear my shirt to a screening.

    31. Scott DeSapio Creator on

      @Danielle @Brian Glad to hear it. Thanks so much.

    32. Scott DeSapio Creator on

      @Josh We did the social thank-you several months back. Here's the link to yours:

    33. Missing avatar

      Brian A. Blakley on

      @Danielle - same here. We just got home from seeing the movie. I went with my wife and a couple friends. I was the only one in the theater wearing the special Kickstarter t-shirt but that's not a surprise since there are only 2,297 such shirts and there were only about 40 people in our theater. It was kinda fun actually because some people came up and talked to me because they saw the shirt.

      Thanks to all that made the movie happen.

    34. Danielle Pattee on

      I just saw the movie. I'm very proud to have contributed to its production. Thank you.

    35. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      Did you already do the "A VERY SOCIAL THANK YOU"? I don't remember that, I remember the "wall" link being posted to Facebook. Maybe I missed/forgot about it.

    36. Scott DeSapio Creator on

      Hi @Brian. The description for the screenplay PDF was made in error. The PDF won't be available until after the film exists theaters.

    37. Missing avatar

      Brian A. Blakley on

      I got my shirt and will be wearing it to the theater tonight when I and a few friends go see ASIII.

      I haven't seen the PDF of the "final shooting script" yet. It said it would be emailed on the day of theatrical release.

    38. Scott DeSapio Creator on

      @Chris Write a message to You should have received the shirt already.

    39. Chris Oggerino on

      Haven't got shirt yet - hoping it comes in next 48 hours so I can wear to movie!! They All ship?

    40. L. V. on

      Got my shirt!!!! Can't wait to wear it to the theater!

    41. Scott DeSapio Creator on

      @Scott T-shirts ship next week.

    42. Missing avatar

      Scott Thisse on

      When will the t-shirt rewards be delivered? It would be nice to be able to wear mine to the theater.

    43. Scott DeSapio Creator on

      @Doug the soundtrack and screenplay will not go out until after the film exits theaters later this year.

    44. Doug Ross on

      Specifically: the soundtrack, screenplay pdf,

    45. Doug Ross on

      When are the rewards expected to be delivered?

    46. Scott DeSapio Creator on

      @Gerhard Thanks. Shipping was included in your pledge. We'll be posting updates soon but please also make sure to sign up for the Atlas Shrugged Movie newsletter to keep up on all the latest:

    47. Missing avatar

      Gerhard Schonstein on

      Dear Scott
      Thanks for your reply first.
      I could arrange to put all the information in - it was a problem with one of the browsers. I arranged now all my information for sending the DVD and t-shirt.
      One question is still open - I tried to contact you a few days back - I am not from US - how to pay later for the shipping costs of the DVD and T-shirt as I would like to get both very much BUT I do NOT want you to have additional costs for shipping them.
      Anyhow - pl. keep all backers informed about the progress of the film.

      Greetings from Hong Kong

    48. Scott DeSapio Creator on

      @Gerhard What information are you referring to Gerhard? Are you referring to the reward survey? What is the URL of the page you're looking for?

    49. Missing avatar

      Gerhard Schoenstein on

      The 100 $ page for filling out the information does not work - get only an error message (404)

    50. Missing avatar

      Rob Brown on

      Best money spent on Kickstarter yet ;-)

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