Feng Shui 2: Action Movie Roleplaying Game by Robin D. Laws

by Atlas Games

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    1. Firanai

      The pop-up junctures just keep getting better and better. Wonder what's next :)

    2. Steven Hammond on

      Also, there's a tool on my blog (in the Tools section) for generating sheets of pre-rolled mook attacks. We had these for the Gen Con demo and they really helped to speed things up. http://lostpapyr.us/mook_sheets/new

    3. Darren Miguez on

      SO..... would this pop-up also contain rules for Giant Robots? Because... you're giving me peanut butter but I need chocolate for this pop-up juncture to be PERFECT!

    4. Jonathan Souza on

      So wish I could pass the popcorn on this one. If I could, I'd be asking about Robin Laws opinion on "Equilibrium", which I still say is probably one of the best Western-made gun-fu movies ever done (and, if I could ever do a pop-up juncture...)