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The classic RPG of Hong Kong-inspired cinematic action is back, refurbished with a fresh bag of ammo for a new generation!
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Exploding Movies and Giant Monsters

Posted by Atlas Games (Creator)

Both the Samurai Dawn pop-up juncture and Burning Shaolin Redux have been unlocked, and we're closing in on bringing butt-kicking to the reign of Louis XIII with Feng Musketeers, so it's time to unveil some new stretch goals for Feng Shui 2. Let's blow things up, shall we? 

LOCKED - $121,000 - Blowing Up the Movies Ebook 

This ebook by Robin D. Laws features essays on the key films of the Hong Kong-style canon, geared toward Feng Shui 2 players and GMs. From Things That Can Happen During Your Fights to storytelling techniques you can steal without violating copyright, use Robin’s action cinema insights to inject classic style into your games. 

At this stretch goal level, Blowing Up the Movies includes essays on four key flicks: The Killer, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Once Upon a Time in China, and Savior of the Soul

This is not an add-on: all backers at the $10 EVERYDAY HERO level or above get Blowing Up the Movies at no extra charge. Blowing Up the Movies will be delivered in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats, at an as yet-to-be determined date after the shipment of the rule book, dice, shot counter, archetype sheet, and GM screen. Our commitment to produce Blowing Up the Movies will not delay release of those core items.

This stretch goal also comes with an accompanying add-on: 

Pass the Popcorn Add-On: Add $250 to your pledge and Robin writes an essay about your favorite action movie for Blowing Up the Movies. Film choice subject to Robin’s approval, so don’t ask for The Notebook. First come, first served: the Pass the Popcorn Add-On is limited to six backers only. NOTE: Please immediately email with the subject header "Pass the Popcorn" if you select this add-on. We're serious about the first come, first served! 

LOCKED - $124,000 - Pop-Up Juncture - Kaiju Patrol

Beyond the desolate future of the Jammers and Simians lies an even stranger civilization. Humankind shelters beneath a dwindling network of force domes, fearing the approach of gigantic creatures spawned by generations of C-bomb radiation. On the ground, warriors battle for control of these monstrous beings, which can be used as weapons of war. Even those that merely want to be friends to children everywhere fall to their sway. In the shadows of behemoths, you fight to free misunderstood beasts from the dominance of merciless overlords. At this level we will add the Kaiju Patrol pop-up juncture to the Feng Shui 2 rulebook.

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    1. Jonathan Souza on

      So wish I could pass the popcorn on this one. If I could, I'd be asking about Robin Laws opinion on "Equilibrium", which I still say is probably one of the best Western-made gun-fu movies ever done (and, if I could ever do a pop-up juncture...)

    2. Darren Miguez on

      SO..... would this pop-up also contain rules for Giant Robots? Because... you're giving me peanut butter but I need chocolate for this pop-up juncture to be PERFECT!

    3. Steven Hammond on

      Also, there's a tool on my blog (in the Tools section) for generating sheets of pre-rolled mook attacks. We had these for the Gen Con demo and they really helped to speed things up.

    4. Firanai

      The pop-up junctures just keep getting better and better. Wonder what's next :)