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A collection of 28mm Ogre Miniatures
A collection of 28mm Ogre Miniatures
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Smoke Test being sent in 5 minutes!

Posted by Atlantis Miniatures (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

We are just about to send our smoke test. This is a test run where 5 percent of you will receive your backer kit emails to complete your orders and check out.

If you are one of the 5 percent to be a part of this test.....please let us know how you found the experience and if you spot anything that requires fixing.

IMPORTANT: We can now confirm that our lock in order date will be 19th October! We will be charging cards on a weekly basis every Friday. This means if you complete your order, your card will be charged on the Friday and locked in.....securing your order. Please note if you wish to upgrade but are waiting for cash flow, please feel free to wait as long as you want up to October 19th before completing the process. This just means that if you check out the week before, you won't be charged until Friday October 19th.

Please share the automated option on backerkit to post on FB if you are happy to do so!

Atlantis Miniatures

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    1. Nigel Mills on

      Any updates? When are the rest of the orders being sent?

    2. Missing avatar

      DJ Cheek on

      Very quick and simple. no issues

    3. Dan Williams on

      Done, with no issues - just one addon and shipping for me.

    4. Atlantis Miniatures 4-time creator on

      Great to hear Philip :)!

    5. Atlantis Miniatures 4-time creator on

      Thdmstrikes: the dwarves were shipped on time in April. Can I check that you completed the checkout process with your gift card on the online store? If we find a problem we’ll get it quickly resolved. Simply send us a message. Mythology ships in November and is on track :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Philip on

      Sweet and easy. Worked very good, and very nice to see some older miniatures. Took some.

    7. Missing avatar


      Worked fine for me, but I had one of the simpler orders, all that added was shipping. Still have not received my mythology miniatures, are those done? Come to think of it...I do not think I got my dwarves yet...

    8. Atlantis Miniatures 4-time creator on

      @Frits Kuijlman: fantastic..... glad it was a clean and simple experience :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Frits Kuijlman on

      Did some clicking, added some extras, paid for extras and shipping.
      All went very smoothly!

    10. Atlantis Miniatures 4-time creator on

      Great to hear it’s going well.
      @ Steven: the add ons should stay at zero Shipping as the base shipping level is fixed based on country but thank you for checking in and running this potential error by us :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Danny Morris on

      The backerkit worked great, and I was pleasantly surprised that you guys put some of your older models on with discounts.

    12. lone dirty dog on

      Cool I'll do it when I get home as the wifi here at work sucks, so in about 3 hours I'll get it done.

    13. Missing avatar


      I went through the process and overall it worked fine. Maybe 1 issue that came to mind - I added a couple add-ons to my order, but the shipping cost for the add-ons remained at 0. Might be an issue, might not be, just thought I’d mention it.

    14. Kristen Baer

      Survey worked well for me. No issues.

    15. Atlantis Miniatures 4-time creator on

      Hi mate! Exactly that....... its charge cards for shipping and add on's beyond the original pledge level :)

    16. lone dirty dog on

      When you say charge cards I thought they took payment when the KS finished its funding period ? Or do you mean for postage and add on's ?