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A collection of 28mm Ogre Miniatures
A collection of 28mm Ogre Miniatures
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New Sculpts!

Posted by Atlantis Miniatures (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

With great pleasure, we would like to reveal progress on the unrevealed miniatures!

Regarding the pledge manager, it will go live in a few which you will receive a link and we'll drop another update to explain the process. It's basically a simple check out process where you pick what you want, add extras if you want them and pay shipping :)

Let us know what you think! They are still considered works in progress and will be improved :)



Atlantis Miniatures

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    1. lone dirty dog on

      No worries it was just a suggestion for the standard, plus I was going to suggest making the standard itself some kind of weapon as well maybe a spear topped head and a mace bottom. Like you said when you do the next ogre run this could be added, as I said it just seems a wasted opportunity to produce something dramatic and different from the norm. As for the head hope it works out of not it still looks great. Also great customer focus you never let me down buddy, keep being awesome.

    2. Atlantis Miniatures 4-time creator on

      @Frederick: Thanks Frederick!

      @Ione Dirty Dog: Glad you like it :)! As for the standard bearer I see what you mean I googled it and most are one handed. We thought he should be armed as well hence the one hand unfortunately. You are right though a bearer does have the potentially for an awesome swinging in the air pose... It would now have to be something that we try on our next bearer model as it would be a significant change and losing the weapon element could split feedback. I like the idea with the head....I'll give it a test run needs to be dramatic :)

    3. lone dirty dog on

      Ok proved wrong on the witch love it pose is spot on, love the standard although I was hoping he would be waving the standard two handedly, I always wish people would make the stdard bearer more dramatic than just holding it. I gathered that’s the queen due too the head stress, overall like the look but I think if you move the head upwards it would emulate the motion of power better.

    4. Missing avatar

      Frederick Dugan on

      All 3 of the new models look great.

    5. Atlantis Miniatures 4-time creator on

      @Mythmakers Designs: Glad you like her! It will be open shortly. Either today or tomorrow we hope.

      @ Nicholas Paige: It will open shortly and be open for at least 2-3 months :)

    6. Nicholas Paige on

      How oong will the pledge manager be open?

    7. Mythmakers Designs

      The shaman/witch is AMAZING. Need that pledge manager now please.