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A collection of 28mm Ogre Miniatures
A collection of 28mm Ogre Miniatures
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Ogre Pet Revealed!

Posted by Atlantis Miniatures (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

The last of our officially declared Stretch goals next 'Unlock Ogre Pet'! We have just  passed the reveal here it is!

It is intended as a hunting animal, to justify not being eaten ;). It's early stages but we want to make him a little bulkier and really get some great fatty bit's around the face.

 He is considerably bigger than a normal dog!

So what Next?

Having smashed through our stretch goals, we have decided to add a couple more whilst keeping it limited...aka not getting too carried away.  These are likely to be females. Please comment below your ideas and what you'd love to see added to this campaign! We may receive some fantastic ideas that can be added to our intent for expansion :)

Atlantis Miniatures

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    1. Atlantis Miniatures 4-time creator on

      @Ione: The beasts, we have something in the works, but it's squeezing it in time wise...aka making it presentable ;). The hag would be very cool to sculpt .....I must admit I'm excited at the prospect of working on that one. Standard seems like a must, which then leads the question what about a musician. It's a tough one to make the Final Cut and decision :)

      @Sean: Witch hag with cauldron is getting a very positive response. It's likely! :)

    2. Sean G on

      A female Ogre Witch/hag/shaman with a cauldron would be cool

    3. lone dirty dog on

      To be honest you know what I want to see but that ain’t going to happen unless you have a female rider or would the beast have to female as well ? Although I get the female witch idea we already have a shaman so seems a little redundant to me, what about a musician and standard ? Could do a female warrior champion and make it a a HQ set 😉👍

    4. Atlantis Miniatures 4-time creator on

      Lots of awesome suggestions popping up here, in particular the witch hag is getting a few mentions!

      Optional arm replacements could be an option!
      Ogre queen could be an option.
      Range weapons, we are kind of saving for expansion of the range as we'd like to release a few sets of 3. At the moment our priority is to match the male representation with females as they've received a great response!
      Cook/Chef is a cool idea but as it is kind of covered by our butcher we'd more be leaning towards a standard bearer to cover that missing prospect
      Ogre children we hadn't considered but could be cool
      Troll hybrids and two headed Ogres would be cool. We were considering a troll ogre giant that was 10-20mm bigger but our focus has shifted back to the women a little.

    5. Gregory J Lohman on

      One other idea: a bits box of extra weapons, skulls, etc foir mods and bases

    6. Missing avatar


      Pretty sure I've already made my desire for an Ogre Queen known. :)

    7. LoydB on

      Female hunter/ranged.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ian Craick on

      Female shaman is a great idea! I also like a ranged female, maybe a ranger or huntress? Perhaps a female cook/chef?

    9. Missing avatar

      Jonesey on

      Female with a ranged weapon?

    10. Roman on

      Agree on pack of three younger ogres.
      A battle-scarred old ogre would be cool.

    11. Gregory J Lohman on

      Hey there! Don't know if this would be too off mission, but what about ogre zombies or skeletons? Also +1 to female ogre shaman

    12. Dan Williams on

      Yeah I'd love a female witch/hag/shaman.

    13. Peter Kitson on

      Orge/Toll hybrid or some Berserkers? The Shaman Hag does sound good though.

    14. Dexter0015 on

      What about an ogre child?
      Also I have a question not related to this particular news: can you add some turn table for each miniature so we can see the whole figure?

    15. Mythmakers Designs

      Aww, who's a good boy then?

      I'd absolutely love a mounted ogre female and a female shaman - maybe going full wizened hag?