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Highly detailed resin miniatures full of character!
Highly detailed resin miniatures full of character!
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Last remaining orders -Ready to Ship! :)

Posted by Atlantis Miniatures (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

Anybody who has been following the last few updates, will be aware that almost all of the orders have now shipped in their entirety, and the last few have been waiting on the Goblin King. A mini that certainly came with its challenges and in turn additional delays.

For those of you who have waited delay after delay and in particular for this model, please accept our sincerest apologies. But it is now with shipping and the last few orders are now being shipped!

It will be a great feeling to finally say this Kickstarter is complete but of course it also comes with a review of our performance, the delays we faced and moving forwards with the lessons we learned.

We hope even considering these delays that we can hold our heads high to say we achieved the quality we set out to achieve, that we have lived up to product expectations and we also hope you will consider joining us again as we expand further into the realm of fantasy miniatures!!

Our dwarf range is still on sale via the online store at kickstarter prices and if you are considering using us again for minis I would certainly take a look at whats available in the dwarf range! 

With out rambling on too much .....the much awaited Goblin King. We're chuffed with the detail and clarity and I must say this iPhone photo really doesn't do it justice. The goblin bearers are bigger than your standard Goblin. Almost more troll like in scale or certainly super brute status. But collectively as a product we're very happy with how it has come out. We did intentionally scale them up to better facilitate the balance of the model, more than initially intended but I believe it does work considering they're carrying the king and structure...... call it a goblin troll (maybe?). We can't wait to see them painted!!


If you are waiting on the rest of your order, we will be calling Shipping through out the week to ensure all orders are cleared and sent. This is our top priority for the week and again we can't thank you enough for your patience and the recent surge in kind messages now that the orders are finally clearing from the system!

We will use this platform to stay in touch and keep you informed of our progress and expansion with plenty of new art work. After all, it was you guys who made this all possible. We have plenty of room to improve and we're constantly fighting to do so!

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