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Highly detailed resin miniatures full of character!
Highly detailed resin miniatures full of character!
260 backers pledged £32,367 to help bring this project to life.

Progress Update_May

Posted by Atlantis Miniatures (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

We’ve been waiting on some news on progress and can now be more informative about the status of the last few minis.

Firstly, our sincerest apologies as an update should have come sooner when we approached the 7-9 week projected finish date.

I can now confirm that the following are with shipping and have unlocked a lot of your orders (p.s they look awesome)

  • Great Eagle
  • Adolescent Wyvern
  • Orc Great Boar Riders
  • Orc Warg Riders

The Orc Riders we havn’t actually seen ourselves, they were sent straight to shipping but we have received a response from a backer saying they look awesome! 

 What are we waiting on? 

  • Goblin Oviraptor Riders
  • Magma Trolls
  • Goblin King 

 Goblin Oviraptor Riders, Magma Trolls

I received confirmation yesterday that, the Goblin Oviraptors and Magma Trolls have been moulded and are now churning out minis. I’ve asked for the amount required to fulfill kickstarter orders to be sent immediately to shipping once completed. 

We did have an unforeseen circumstance in that casting have been changing address to a bigger facility. This has added a little extra to the predicted time and is usually something that you create a buffer period in your initial predictions aka unforeseen delays. As our estimations were wildly off from the start, this is obviously an extension of our own fault caused by a large project and an overly ambitious schedule. Casting continue to amaze us with the quality and are doing the best they can in the bottle neck we have caused. 

Goblin King: 

This mini has been particularly hard and required fixes and alterations to ensure it stands and fits together. This mini hasn’t got the mould made yet but is queued for completion. You have been very patient with us and we do hate having to come back and say a little bit longer especially for those who have bought one of everything. 


We do have a few ways, we can at least try to provide that special treatment as is deserved. Our biggest goal at this point in the campaign is to try our best to keep you happy. As another small gesture like the phase 1 shipping, we can cover another phase of shipping (for those who would like to proceed with it. This is the least we can do to ensure you have everything available.

If you are waiting on Oviraptors or Magma Trolls, they will be handed over to shipping in the next couple of weeks (or at least enough stock to facilitate kickstarter orders) 

If you are waiting on the Goblin King as well, it is currently less clear to predict how long it will take to cast this final mini (update/ scheduled finish pending). For this reason if you have a Goblin King we are more than happy to split your order now and send you every other mini in your order. Simply send us a private message asking for a split. 

If you are missing a lot of items, please do send us a private message. As we receive the message we’ll jump straight onto the case to rectify it!

Many of you have spent a hell of a lot of money and have been waiting for your orders to unlock (aka the remaining items to be handed over). Please do send us a message, as once handed over to shipping, we can’t directly follow the status of everybody’s orders. But we can chase up on individual orders via email and response. 

We can’t thank you enough for your continued patience and are sorry for the extended duration of this project.. 



Atlantis Miniatures 


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    1. Atlantis Miniatures 4-time creator on

      @Ione Dirty Dog: Thanks Roy, we'd hate to be acknowledged as a horror story so we continue to strive forwards and end this campaign as fast as possible :)

      @Todd Ferrullo: Indeed. My estimations were wrong but made with the belief it would be achieved. It seems to be common practice and enforces the theory that unforeseen circumstances need to be allowed for. What might take 1 week could take 3 and causes a knock on effect that we have experienced. This is unfortunately another time where we should have performed better on information

    2. Todd Ferrullo on

      You were indeed pretty far off on the estimates of the magma troll completion (more than once) since it is still a couple of weeks. Twice now I have been thinking that it would definitely be "this week" due to your former estimates. While I fully understand that things happen, it would be nice to have kept us better informed when things changed.

    3. lone dirty dog on

      Well as much as I want these in my grubby hands I am more than happy to wait for all to be ready, plus it saves on postage and packing materials. Thanks for the update and being upfront and honest with the delays and keeping us in the know, all being said ain't that big of delay compared to some horror stories. Keep up the good work guys.