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Highly detailed resin miniatures full of character!
Highly detailed resin miniatures full of character!
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Final Shipping Update + Dwarves Kickstarter!

Posted by Atlantis Miniatures (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

We have ahead of us plenty of good news!

I visited casting on Friday and sat down for a good 2 hours, breaking down production dates, time frames and general number crunching to get the most informed final fulfilment schedule we have received to date. Up to this point, it has been a lot of assumptions based on previous experience and rough estimates from casting.

After the discussion, I can outline that under the schedule layed out with casting, we are set to receive the following (in their entirety) in the next 4-5 weeks 

  • Wyvern Adolescent
  • Great Eagle
  • Goblin Oviraptor War Boss

The following will be received 3-4 week later

  • Orc Riders
  • Goblin Oviraptor Wizard
  • Magma Trolls
  • Goblin King

This is not to say that we may not be able to fulfil some orders sooner. We have specifically asked that when half of the full quantities have been cast that they be sent straight to shipping. This way we hope that we can chip away at a lot of the kickstarter orders faster than the time frames mentioned above!

The Goblin Oviraptor Wizard; we did have an issue brought to our attention. The error was on our side. We printed the same Oviraptor twice (same file exported to 3d printing) and didn't realise the error until casting informed us. Rather than just use the same body for both we have reprinted the body, which has pushed it further into the schedule. But for the sake of not sacrificing quality we thought it necessary to proceed with a new print!

The Goblin King; we realised as with our initial concerns that it would be incredibly top heavy on what was essentially grounded on 4 goblin feet. For this reason, we sent two goblin slave replacements to print with a robe covering the gap between the legs created a solid base and a larger footprint! It will certainly add to the experience of assembly and the over all strength of the piece. For this reason it has crept a little further past some of the other minis.

The Magma Trolls are on track but late in the queue!

I hope this provided information can help the remainder of backers who are still waiting to receive parts of their order to rest assured that we are finally almost there and we will certainly feel a great weight lifted when we have fulfilled the orders in their entirety!


New Artwork
New Sold Out Icons
New Painted Mini Examples
New Preorder Section
New Dwarves Kickstarter Header!


Dwarves 28mm Resin Miniatures Kickstarter

This release has crept up fast and is inline with advertising we have ordered. Ideally, we would have had a bigger build up. It was certainly not intended to run on the tail end of this kickstarter, but we have now been stationary in a waiting period on the final few miniature casts for the Orc/Goblin release, and have decided to move forwards with the Dwarf release, knowing that we will have soon completed this one! Please note that none of this kickstarter will have any effect on final fulfilment for this kickstarter as it is the start of the pipeline we will be utilising. Everything in this kickstarter is in the final phase of the pipeline. By going live now we should have a clean transition in production between one onto the next. Everybody should have at least received part of their order by now and we will have completed this kickstarter in its entirety in the schedule outlined above! We're just waiting to receive the final casts! If you haven't received anything please contact us and we'll quickly resolve the issue.

I do hope we have earned your trust considering the delays we faced on this kickstarter and have taken actions on the dwarf kickstarter to ensure that the next release doesn't face anywhere near to the delays featured on the Orcs release:

Actions Taken:

  • Approximately half the size in terms of quantity. 
  • Smaller if the size of the minis is taken into account. 
  • Limited maximum miniature release so it doesn't get out of hand
  • Depending on demand we may hold back certain miniatures in this release
  • Less than 10 percent the number of large minis featured on the Orcs release( where most of the delays came from)
  • 3D printing will start straight after the kickstarter instead of a few months in
  • 12 months instead of 8 months

Teaser of some of the items included in the Kickstarter!

Live Tomorrow 8th March 1pm GMT












We do hope to see some of you there and thank you for your continued support and the patience you have shown us on our first release! The next will go a lot swifter! If you have any questions, please drop us a message!

Atlantis Miniatures


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    1. Atlantis Miniatures 4-time creator on

      @Todd Ferrullo: I know it's not ideal but we've finally got a truly informed update and are very close to complete fulfilment!

      @ Ione Dirty Dog: Thanks as always for your very kind comments and support!

      @Paul Graves: I understand completely. I know we spoke before and I'm not sure if we jumped to splitting your order but I'll send the email anyway to shipping. This is not a ploy to get you involved with the dwarf campaign. I'm more concerned with your opinion of us and would like to do what ever I can to rectify it . I know you are only waiting on the Wyvern Adolescent to unlock your order for fulfilment but the rest will be sent early next week (if we didn't come to a split order request already). The discounts that we will put on the Dwarves in future will not be as low as the kickstarter prices like the discounts we recently featured (excluding the odd individual orc/goblin which were struggling on sales). I do maintain how important customer service and our reputation, so I'm truly gutted to read your message and hope we can win you back. My sincere apologies if this is not possible.

    2. Paul Graves

      So di I read this right? There is NO CHANCE of receiving my rewards before the close of the dwarf campaign????
      I know we've had this discussion already. But I'm still struggling on why I should give you more of my (hard earned) money for the dwarves when you haven't fulfilled this campaign. Especially when I all need do is wait for the next webstore discount. But then again you're already funded, so why am I wasting my breath? YES I'm bitter and very disappointed. You talk about the importance of customer service and your reputation. Sorry, I don't see it. FOR ME,your delivery is a failure.

    3. lone dirty dog on

      Hey as I have said before happy to wait for mine got a lot of unpainted, unbuilt minis to crack on with anyway.
      As for the dwarves you know I will be there waiting and worrying how far this will stretch my wallet lol, thanks for the update and trust me this is no where as bad of delay as some other KS i have backed.

    4. Todd Ferrullo on

      I have to admit that I am disappointed that the magma trolls have apparently gone from being done in late March to late April or more likely May. Those female dwarves look great though.