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Highly detailed resin miniatures full of character!
Highly detailed resin miniatures full of character!
260 backers pledged £32,367 to help bring this project to life.

New Year's Update!

Posted by Atlantis Miniatures (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

As previously mentioned in the last update. We have received a lot of minis that are being handed over to shipping in the first week of January!

I haven't managed to photograph all of the new stock yet, but here are some that I have!  

Happy New Year Everyone!!



















Atlantis Miniatures



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    1. Atlantis Miniatures 4-time creator on

      @ Chris Laverone: Can I confirm that you formally put the order through via the online store using the gift card code sent via kickstarter messenger? If so I need the name and can check the status for you. If it wash;t put through on the store, don't worry we will help to facilitate your order manually!

      @ Ione Dirty Dog: As always, thank you for the kind comments and your criticism is always welcome and certainly helpful sir!
      The yeti is a personal favourite of mine and we want to do more of them!
      The giant certainly does tower and the skin detail has come out beautifully!
      I must admit that the tusks were simply tusks and we weren't as educated in the decision of what creature they belong to I'm afraid.
      Glad you like the troll shaman! It has plenty of different painting opportunities on it! I'll like the pose explanation you gave. It makes sense looking at the mini!

      No worries on the Wyvern criticism. It's always welcome and gives us areas to improve. Fortunately we'll be making dragons and wyverns for a long time! I see what you mean with the split with bottom and top to the extent I've had a closer look at the mini. Personally I'd put in a bit of epoxy and that should help to hide the 'trouser appeal' which I can see. I can see the squatting feedback as well but must admit this guy was a huge challenge to get him balance. The direction and weight distribution of the rock in relation to the legs and the tail coming off the back but also connecting to the rock informed most of the decisions made to counter balance the head and wings! Food for thought on the next one though!

    2. Chris Iavarone on

      I pledged on this project during the KS which seems like a long time ago. I havent received anything. IS there a problem? Did I miss something?

    3. lone dirty dog on

      Wow you guys do astound me with your work, let me just say on the whole great stuff.
      The Yeti is just wonderful even as a stand alone piece, I like the pose it seems comfortable but still imposing which is quite clever.
      It has a great mix of ape and orangutang like features which create an impressive stature, I mean they are both magnificent species so combining those attributes is surly a win.

      Now the giant well what can I say firstly I actually envisioned this model on the tabletop which for me is an odd thing to do not being a player, but I can't help seeing this ranked up alongside units and towering over them.
      It will be a glorious site in table top battles seen above everything else, plus I like the stance which seems almost relaxed with a little hint of arrogance just as a giant should be.
      Love the detail simple but effective nothing to elaborate, a few skulls as belt pendants to enforce the size although what beast did those tusks come from ?

      Troll shaman well the more I look at this the more I love it, the tribe artefacts give a true witch doctor/ shaman feel to the model.
      Add to this the pose which reflects the position he holds how you ask ? Well simply this do you not feel he is acting out some kind of ritual or spiritual dance, maybe he has thrown some kind of runes onto the ground and intrepretating what they say.
      Either way great model and tells a story at the same time.

      OK War Bear all I can say is I regret asking to switch this from my pledge, damn this looks great and still looks like a bear, o come on how many bear models don't look like bears.
      Plus it's standing up how imposing is that, damn I should have kept this in my pledge it looks amazing.

      Ok this brings me to the Wyvern which I like but don't love sorry guys but have to be honest, I'll start with the positive.
      The top half I like the aggression portrayed by the wings flared and snarling face is great, the body textur from scales to spikes is really well done.
      Then we hit the legs know I don't know if it is just the camera angle or model angle but it comes of squat looking, add to this the evident mid section gap which doesn't help as it creates a sense of separation between the top and bottom halves.
      So I am finding it really hard to see a complete model, it also creates an almost trouser like appearance to the legs.
      I am thinking once built and blended better it may look better but at the moment it is looking a little odd.
      Also the left foot ( looking at the picture ) looks slightly strange however I think this because of the shadow produced by the picture when taken, this makes the foot look raised from the stoned base and creates a false realism to its stance.
      However I think most of the issues I have raised can be easily remedied by some simple GS blending and maybe a little cut and trim around the foot, besides that it should be a good model with a little work and paint job.
      So on the whole great work guys and looking forward to seeing these in resin in the future.