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Highly detailed resin miniatures full of character!
Highly detailed resin miniatures full of character!
260 backers pledged £32,367 to help bring this project to life.

December Update!

Posted by Atlantis Miniatures (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

November has come and gone and although we have collected a lot of minis that are ready for shipping, we have as feared still got a proportion of the range queued in production. Below I will attempt to outline at what stage each miniature falls into with in the production pipeline. The miniatures we have collected will of course unlock a large proportion of orders and we will be able to fulfil a lot of orders in their entirety by the end of 2016. 

What we have Collected:

To be passed onto shipping this week. They will be added to stock on the system and will unlock a lot of orders

  • Ettin
  • Giant 
  • Forest Troll Sets
  •  Orc King
  •  Orc Hyena Handler
  •  Goblin Wolf Riders
  •  War Dogs 1-4

 To be collected very soon:

Some we hope to collect in the last week before christmas. Some may creep into January.

  • War Bear
  • Goblin Boar Riders
  • War Dog 5
  • Goblin Minotaur
  • Troll Shaman

Queued in Casting

  • This section is harder to predict and I am very sorry to confirm that they will creep into 2017. But now that we only have a few left it will become easier for us to give actual dates for particular models. The one positive is that as one is completed we can pass it onto shipping to unlock more orders as opposed to waiting for all of them. They are in production but these minis are queued. By queued I mean that they were the last minis to be handed over and miniatures that were handed over before it e.g. a train from a collectible train manufacturer is before it in the line. 
  • Wyvern
  • Wyvern Adolescent
  • Yeti
  • Great Eagle
  • Goblin Oviraptor Mounts
  • Goblin King
  • Orc Boar/Warg Riders
  • Magma Trolls

An apology about communication

We have generally found that most customers are very understanding when a kickstarter takes longer than initially intended, if you are clear and informative about what is happening. But of course there is a limit to every bodies patience and we only hope we can hold your patience and support in these final hurdles. Our kickstarter certainly has gone beyond what we expected for our production pipeline quite considerably and we know where these issues came from going forwards.

We have recently dropped the ball on communication and have certainly learnt that our duties and responsibilities as a small and growing company require us to maintain the high level of communication we had at the start. We will improve and get back to the high standards we started out with. 

Dwarves Kickstarter Progress

We are in a phase where the minis are in production and on our end we can only wait and occasionally add a little pressure to receive the miniatures as soon as possible. This has however left us some time to build the next kickstarter! With the delays and news on our current kickstarter, it's a nice addition to be able to share some exciting news and developments on these updates and we've certainly got some cool stuff to show!

We'd love for you to help shape the dwarf kickstarter with us!

Dwarf Kickstarter Outline Initial Release:

  • Dwarf Male Infantry (10)
  • Dwarf Hog Mounts (3)
  • Dwarf Ram Mounts (3)
  • Dwarf Sabertooth Mount (1)

The sabertooth mount is an exciting addition for us. We listened to the feedback from the last update and realised we had missed the mark with what a dwarf mount should be. We went back to the drawing board and started from scratch on our Special Mounts. Let us know what you think with the initial progress. (Note: the orc will be interchangeable with a step or broken column)

Paid Stretch Goal Add Ons 

  • Dwarf War Bear Set (3)
  • Dwarf Gyphon Mount (1)
  • Dwarf King on Pygmy Mammoth (1)
  • Females Dwarf Infantry (10)

This Gryphon Mount was suggested by a customer and is a replacement for the Wyvern we showed last time, which missed the core aesthetic of a dwarf mount

Stretch Goal Freebies

  • 1 Dwarf Villager Male 
  •  2 Dwarf Villager Female 
  •  3 Dwarf Villager Elder 
  •  4 Dwarf Fish Monger 
  •  5 Dwarf Chef 
  •  6 Dwarf Engineer 
  •  7 Dwarf Blacksmith 
  •  8 Dwarf Cleric 
  •  9 Dwarf Paladin 
  •  10 Dwarf Gladiator

Potential Additions

We are limiting the scale of this kickstarter for a much faster turnaround. The dwarf individuals specifically will be quick through production from our experience with Goblins. The big miniatures are what slowed us down on our current kickstarter and is why there will be between 6 and 8 as opposed to the 30+ we had on the last one.

Below are miniatures that will be built but may not be released on this kickstarter. They will go into production at some point but are most likely to be released as an expansion. This is not to say that a War Beast for example won't creep into our Kickstarter. We will assess the situation and level of demand when we go live. If it remains manageable the odd extra might creep in.

  • (Dwarf Male War Beast) (1)
  • (Dwarf Female War Beast) (1)
  • Dwarf Male Crossbow unit (5 or 10)
  • Dwarf Female Crossbow unit  (5 or 10)
  • Resin Collectable scale Dwarf (1)
  • Dwarf Bust (1)


 Mounts Currently unposed and with a proxy dwarf

Troll Painting Competition!

Our painting competition is going great and we've had some stunning entries.

New final entry date 24th Dec 2016

Click the link below and click on the vote tab to check out the gallery of painted trolls!

Examples of some stunning competition entries!

Painted by Patrick Harland of Dabbling In Miniatures

Painted by Martin Howell

Thanks Everyone


Atlantis Miniatures



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    1. Atlantis Miniatures 4-time creator on

      Great response and feedback in this update! It's very much appreciated and has given us a lot to think about!

      @ David Mckenzie: Indeed there will be a brewmaster and potentially a drunkard! I knew at the time I'd missed something

      War Beast will now 100% be in the kickstarter! It has had a great response so far!
      It is likely to replace the position of the Sabertooth in what will be our core box set. Put the crowd pleaser in the set and let people choose the more experimental add ons(if they make it into the final list) is the current mind set.

      The sabertooth tiger has had mixed feedback but more so in the direction of it being inappropriate. The word agile has been used and makes me want to have another stab at the task. I'm going to try and bulk him up, take away some of that agility and make him more stocky and dense. If it gets the same response then not a problem. We'll find a kickstarter for him. Maybe Barbarians?

      The Gryphon has to go into production at some point just for my personal satisfaction, but not necessarily this one. As we mentioned in the past we do have elves on the agenda in the near future and it does seem more appropriate now that it's been vocalised! So we can easily put him into storage for the mean time. That being said we would like something to fill this slot. A large and glorious centrepiece. So please feel free to offer some ideas and we'll get something on the drawing board.

      In general, we will always have the riders separate for creative control to ensure a bit of creative freedom.

      Highland Cow Mounts would be amazing! We could maybe squeeze a set of 3 in. The biggest priority is filling that centrepiece slot though that the Wyvern and Gryphon aren't quite hitting the right theme.

      @Dan d'lyon: beautifully detailed back it!

    2. Scott B (aka Dan d'Lyon)

      Highland cow mounts would be cool too!

      @lone dirty dog
      No problem at all. Stuff happens online sometimes. :-) Anyway, without going into a whole lot of detail I'm looking at the dwarves being more nomadic in nature. So hunters/gatherers at their core. They might still be highly skilled metal and stone artisans, but they still need to eat - and have to follow their food sources to do so. I'm envisioning a roughly north/south mountain range, foothills and finally plains areas. So as they continually move to follow their food, they send small parties into the mountains to do the mining for ore and stone (and other valuables "if" they find them) while most of the rest focus on finding food. So the mountains may be honeycombed, but they are not in permanent operation because living underground would not be sustainable without HUGE amounts of trade - and my dwarves are not exactly fond of cities....

    3. lone dirty dog on

      @Dan d'Lyon
      Sorry thought you was having a dig at my post, no worries then and as we see it everyone has a view of their own.

      I do see where your coming from with your idea towards dwarves, so the mounts would be fitting to that structure.

      So I apologise for my rant concerning your post mate sorry for that, can I ask how you see your dwarves lifestyle then ? it always nice to get some general fluff to have an understanding towards design.

      @David I love those cattle and always thought they would work well as dwarf mounts in the past, especially the younger cows.

    4. David Mackenzie

      I've got an idea what about highland cow mounts?

    5. Scott B (aka Dan d'Lyon)

      @lone dirty dog
      I'm sorry if you thought I was commenting to you. I was only expressing my thoughts to the Atlantis Miniatures team that I support their vision for the dwarf mounts. Like you, it's my personal opinion. And like I said as well, "my" dwarves will be plains dwellers, so the mounts fit perfectly with that idea.
      Again, my apologies if it sounded like I was directing my comments at you.

    6. lone dirty dog on

      To be fair I did say "personally" and I never said right or wrong, what I said is they didn't fit the theme.
      By this I meant working with the style and abilities that are dwarves characteristics, yes it's fantasy but still you want something to feel like it belongs.
      Working with your theory we could stick a giant on a shire pony then ..........

    7. Scott B (aka Dan d'Lyon)

      I love the mounts! And have absolutely no problem with them for dwarves. Just because it's not "traditional" is probably the biggest appeal for me. Let's face it, we're talking about fictional things here, so there is no such thing as right or wrong. And I'm fine with no brewmaster too. My dwarves will be highly educated and artistic plains dwellers. Break the mold, I say!

    8. Joey Mordecae Dimmock

      Love the sculpts of the sabertooth and gryphon, but aye, I agree that they feel totally wrong to be with dwarves (should be an elf or human on there).
      I hope the mounts will have the rider detached, so we can have a choice of riderless monster and/or putting on a different rider :)

      but otherwise, really cool, and super happy to see a big cat mount (and will happily throw money for a unit of them with elves on top, or riderless :D )

    9. lone dirty dog on

      O yes you need a brewmaster

    10. lone dirty dog on

      Personally I ain't feeling the sabertooth or the gryphon (sorry) I just don't see them fitting the theme, the gryphon feels more elf or human associated I just don't see it being a dwarf choice.

      As for the sabertooth I can see wher your heading, however it feels to agile and athletic of an animal for a dwarf mount.

      I guess it's down to personal choice and interpretation, I just assumed that a dwarf mount choice would be bulky rough almost slightly clumsy and slow, hence the sabertooth feeling to agile and flexible for in ability.

      However I love the rest and the actual sculpt work looks amazing, but I think you would be wrong to leave the war beasts out as they were one of the main reasons I was planing on backing the dwarf KS

    11. David Mackenzie

      Though you do seem to have missed brewmaster of your list ;)

    12. David Mackenzie

      Dwarfs look great love it