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Highly detailed resin miniatures full of character!
Highly detailed resin miniatures full of character!
260 backers pledged £32,367 to help bring this project to life.

Progress Update_October!!

Posted by Atlantis Miniatures (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

As I'm sure many of you are aware, we are very quickly creeping up to our second phase of shipping!
I can confirm that by the end of November we will have started shipping phase 2 and will be able to complete approximately 90 percent or more of current orders! The expectation was 100 percent but we are still soldiering on and appreciate the continued patience and trust that you have given us!

There has of course been concerns over certain models and more specifically whether they will be ready in time. I am visiting casting tomorrow to question the capabilities of a rapid turnaround for the few select items that are yet to pass through production in it's entirety.

  • What items?
  • Goblin King
  • Magma Trolls
  • Orc Wyvern
  • Yeti
  • Wyvern Adolescent
  • Great Eagle

Although certain items are in production, it will be tight with a few items that are currently in casting ( information will be attained tomorrow). The good news is that as we receive the new casts, they will be added to stock and orders will be unlocked on a daily basis for instant shipping once all items in stock for each order.

The incorporation of so many large scale models has certainly challenged us and added to our production time line; far beyond what we initially expected on our first release. Future releases will feature a smaller proportion of large and challenging models and give us a much faster turnaround! Check out some of the exciting and limited amount of larger models/stretch goals we have for our dwarves below!

Painting Competition!

This is a very exciting time for us as we reveal our first painting competition!
3 Categories and 4 prizes!

The most exciting part of the competition is undoubtedly the 'Pick a Character Prizes'!
If you win one of the 3 troll categories you will get the opportunity to work along side us as a creative consultant on a miniature!!

First of all you will pick what we make!
Must be :
A Monster
A Creature
A Troll
or Dwarf related!

You will then be incorporated into the entire process of creation.. from initial sculpt to the final draft, in which time you will also be able to provide feedback!

You will also be acknowledged in the product description and be the first person to receive the samples of the miniature (excluding us of course)

So if you want to get involved for fun, or with full intent of taking the prize; if you know a painter who can steal this opportunity then please get involved!

The upload window goes live November 1st. But there is no sign just need to have uploaded your final image by December 14th!

If you havn't got trolls already, there is still plenty of time to order!


Below is some of the progress we have made with our Dwarf Range! We've got some exciting mounts in the works and are still very much experimenting! So feel free to offer feedback and contribute to the development of the range!






Hand Sculpted Busts

We are constantly looking to challenge ourselves and have experimented with traditional methods. For me personally, it has been a very long time since I've worked with Clay. It is undeniably addictive and has its own charm.

Below are two busts we've been working on!
The life size bust is very unlikely to go into production due to the production costs and revenue we'd have to generate to take on such a venture. But it has opened up our experimentation of dwarves and helped to outline the style we'd like to achieve!

The smaller bust will be a stretch goal and will very likely go into production! The small bust will be steered more in the direction of what can be seen on the bigger guy!

Thanks Everyone!

Atlantis Miniatures



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    1. Atlantis Miniatures 4-time creator on

      Very busy month everyone, so my sincere apologies for radio silence. I'm working my way through a pile of jobs and am almost caught up with my Atlantis duties!

      @Dylan: Double handed axes - Awesome! And of course they will be incorporated!
      A Griffon mount would be awesome but has to be a maybe at the moment. Another maybe is a sabertooth mount which would be awesome to work on! Kraken is on the agenda when we take down the task of mythology!

      @Ione Dirty Dog: Thanks for the kind comments! Traditional clay is certainly addictive and a fun step away from digital sculpting! I agree with the feedback on the softer dwarves and thank you for pushing us in that direction! It would unfortunately have a production cost far beyond what we could take on at this stage, but the smaller version will be made more like the larger piece and will be a stretch goal!

      The pigs we are really quite proud of. They have a nice charm I think! Boars could be reused and would be quite easy to do! We'll see how we get on with stretch goals and monitor the size of the kickstarter in correlation with them.

      The middle mounts are pure experimentation but it is clear we have taken from many real world references and added that fantasy touch!

      Loving the backing story for the pygmy mammoth! It's always nice to add a story especially if it steers the design!

      The special mounts- you have of course confirmed our concerns. We chucked them in to see if they had a place in our dwarf kickstarter but you are right that they don't suit dwarven mounts. they will come into play at some point like you said when we take on a dark race.

      It is very unlikely that we'll include dark dwarves. The best case scenario is an individual dark dwarf teaser as a stretch goal, to give an insight into the expansion of our dwarf range!

      @Joey: Cheers mate! Glad you like them! It's been a while since I worked traditionally but I'm glad to be incorporating it into my working day again. Although I do miss the symmetry button and the ability to undo wrong moves.

      @ David Mackenzie: You and Ione Dirty Dog have confirmed our concerns that they aren't appropriate for dwarves and we will be going back to the drawing board on the specials! I'm glad you're excited and are saving for the release!

    2. David Mackenzie

      Love them all will get them all except wyvern as this isn't a dwarf mount in my opinion just to suited to evil races more than dwarfs. I can't wait for this have started saving all ready

    3. Joey Mordecae Dimmock

      love it all Dan, great work :D

      and aye, shows real talent that yer can work in physical clay as well :D

    4. lone dirty dog on

      WOW!!!!! That is some nice clay sculpting real talent indeed, so want that bust for my wall next to me work bench.
      The new dwarf with softer features is much better IMHO, it gives a fuller more robust character to the dwarf definitely the way to go.

      Amazing looking mounts so far can't really find a fault with any, I like the fact the hog has remained more pig like keeping a separation from the traditional boars usually used by Orks.
      Although I always felt they were more suited to dwarf than Orks so no reason you couldn't add them in your world, as with the hog nice to see you kept with a more real feel to it but love the face mask nice touch.

      Now the middle mounts what species they are I have no idea but loving all of those, I like the familiarity of them with out being able to identify them at the same time.
      It's great how I recognise aspects of them which gives it a sense of a real animal but at the same time it's all new and so fitting for the fantasy setting love them.

      As for the pygm mammoth ( all though I think it is more elephant than mammoth ) looks great perfect mount for maybe say a King, I see the back story to this being that the dwarf King ventured far and wide to protect his kingdom from threats and invaders.
      Whilst on one of his many conquests he encountered these huge beasts in battle which he admired for there strength and abilities, however as these were used as machines of war he was forced to destroy them all.
      After the battle was won he came across a small runt like one of these magnificent creatures, he felt a sense of lost for the poor animal as well as respect for the warrior fighting aspect of its species.
      So he chose to take this orphan as his own personal Royal mount, this was to reflect the power and strength he showed in battle but also the respect he had for these great creatures.

      Now that's out the way lets get to the Wyvern and Unamed now both look great and ferocious, now the thing is they that makes me think they would be more fitting to the dark factions of fantasy if I am honest.
      If you were to say you were doing evil/dark/chaos dwarves then I would say they are a perfect fit, also I would be ecstatic that you were making dark/evil dwarves that would be the cherry on the top.

      So basically great job guys and thanks again.

    5. Dylan on

      Very cool dwarves, they have a rustic look. I'd like to see a unit of them with double-handed axes and hammers. I particularly like the ram and wyvern mounts, hope to see a griffon mount! The first non-dwarf model you should work on is the Kraken