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Zombies, raise your hands! (or any available body part!)

Posted by Marcos Benevides (Creator)

Hi everyone,

It's been three busy weeks here at Atama Plaza since the end of the funding campaign. Everything's humming along, and still on track for a January launch of the first three titles. In fact, we're slightly ahead in one or two areas. For instance, it looks like we may even have the final website up by Christmas. Ho ho homepage!

But more on that later.

The real reason I'm writing today is that I need all the people who are expecting a cameo appearance in Zombies in Tokyo reward to please contact me asap. This includes ONLY two groups:

1. Those who pledged $200 and above AND who want their cameo to be in the Zombies title specifically (remember, you do get a choice, and there are plenty of other titles coming later)*;


2. All those who pledged or raised their pledge during the special Zombie Day promotion (you already know who you are).

What I need is one or two photos of you, or of whomever you want zombiefied. At least one photo should show your/their face clearly. This will be used by the artist as a guide to add you to the illustration, so any distinguishing features you want included should be part of the photo or clearly noted as well.

For example, if you are sitting in a wheelchair in the photo and don't mention anything, you will definitely be a zombie in a wheelchair in the art. If you mention that you want to be wearing pink overalls with the nametag "Bob", we'll try our best to make that work. If you tell us you want your zombie doing jazz hands while riding a unicycle, well... we'll see if we can make that fit the story. (Hint: no, we can't)

But again, everyone please note that this is for cameos only (that is, a walk-on part, like an 'extra' in a film), and for the Zombies title only. Everyone else, please be patient and don't contact me just yet! My life is comprised of 68.4% project email these days, so my love for you really grows by each email you don't send! ;-)

Oh, right, the email address is



PS: I'm away at the JALT conference in Kobe from literally the moment I send this off, so it may take a day or three for replies. On the other hand, if you're there too, do jump out and say boo.

* Yes, $200 pledgers, you did get upgraded to a named character, don't think I've forgotten. More on all that later. But you're also getting a cameo, so just deal.

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