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Choose Your Own... Pledge! Or be trampled to a pulp by a herd of wild rhinoceros. It's YOUR choice!
Choose Your Own... Pledge! Or be trampled to a pulp by a herd of wild rhinoceros. It's YOUR choice!
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The end of an era...

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Hi there Atama-ii Kickstarters,

We need to talk. 

This is it. Goodbye. Sayonara. The party is over. 

After two years, we've had some laughs, but now it's time to move on. So this will be our last Kickstarter update (*). 

There, there, don't cry. You'll find someone new. It's not you, really, it's us. However, before we put this update thing to rest, there are a few things we need to clear up.

1. Outstanding ebook rewards. We have the full set of ten titles out in print now, and books #6 to #10 will soon be out in ebook as well. Those of you waiting for the rest of your full set of 10 ebooks, you will have those by Christmas at the very latest. I will contact you via your Kickstarter account in December, so please don't go anywhere!

2. Digital class licenses. Those of you who selected "classroom licenses" as part of your rewards pledge will be very happy by tomorrow. That's right, class licenses are finally ready, and I will be contacting you with further instructions within a few hours. No need to do anything. Just sit back and get that champagne ready to pop!

3. Others. A few of you never signed up for any rewards, or never collected what you signed up for, or (horrors!) I may have somehow forgotten to fulfil your pledge—this is your last chance! I don't want anyone to feel wronged by this whole crowdfunding roller-coaster we've been on, so if there's something you've been waiting for which hasn't materialised, please please let me know! My email is marcos(at-mark)

4. All you others, here is a parting gift: Free online access to Hunter in the Darkness! Why no, there's no catch, why do you ask? Weeeeell, OK... except that this URL expires in a couple of months; if you want more after that, you'll need to sign up to our newsletter.

Finally, I'd just like to say a very heartfelt final thank you from the whole Atama-ii Books team. You were a big part in helping us get this ship to sail, and we'll never forget that! Thank you!

Atama-ii Books will continue as a publisher, of course, so if you want to stay in touch and find out about the latest Atama-ii titles, please join our newsletter



(*) Probably.

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    1. Josh Wilson on

      Congrats on a successful Kickstarter! It's been an excellent campaign, and I really appreciate the delightful updates and high quality work. I look forward to seeing more in the series and future Kickstarters!