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Identity is a modern-day open-world MMORPG with complete freedom and a focus on player interaction, from Asylum Entertainment.
Identity is a modern-day open-world MMORPG with complete freedom and a focus on player interaction, from Asylum Entertainment.
Identity is a modern-day open-world MMORPG with complete freedom and a focus on player interaction, from Asylum Entertainment.
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Recent updates


Developer Blog #018: A Visual Feast!

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Developer Blog #018 is out!

This one includes several screenshots showcasing Town Square’s environment! You can check them out at the link below:

Within this article, the CEO presents us with a some of the interiors that weren’t shown in the previous gameplay stream. The screens included also feature a few evening shots, giving users a look at the contrast between Town Square’s day and night environments.

John also discusses some of the plans regarding the next gameplay stream. He mentions the sorts of things he’d like to exhibit, and also shows interest in hosting another sometime soon. We received a lot of excellent feedback from the last gameplay stream, and we’ve been busy implementing some fixes + tweaks to make our next one even better! We’ll be sure to let the community know once when we’re ready for another showing! (For now, we’ll continue hosting Development Streams that feature work in 3D Modelling and Graphic Design.)

That’s all for now! Thanks for tuning in, and remember to keep your eyes on our Task Tracker found here at:

We move closer to Module One’s launch with each completed task, and there's only a few left to go!


PS: For those who have yet to see May 29th's gameplay stream, you can find it on our YouTube page here:

Developer Blog #017: Step Inside My Office

Developer Blog #017 is out!

This one overviews the recent progress made to both the new website and the Town Square Module. Check it out here at the following link:

While the Task Tracker was only recently introduced, we’re already seeing a number of progress bars hit 100%. The Art side is almost completely finished, with the Bug Tracker and Programming sections not far behind. Each green bar brings us one step closer to getting Town Square released, and we aim to update the Task Tracker at the end of every workday.

We’re also extremely close to releasing our new website, our web developer has everything good to go! We’re just waiting on a technology partner to finalize some things on their end. The website will feature a new account system, an updated shop, and more!

Another interesting piece of information to note is that four more programmers will be joining the Asylum team! With more hands on deck, we’ll be able to produce content much faster than ever before. We’re committed to increasing our repertoire of passionate game devs, and our most recent additions will definitely help speed up Identity's development!

There’s also a few cool tidbits mentioned in this blog, such as how John has been working on the effects alcohol will have in Town Square, and how Mark has already created an insane amount of apartment wallpapers.

Finally, John notes that users should keep an eye on the Identity Twitch Channel. He mentions that Asylum is “going to be showing some cool stuff quite soon,” so stay tuned!


Asylum Task Tracker


Introducing the Asylum Task Tracker!

The Identity website now details the remaining tasks required to get Town Square out to the fans! It’ll be updated constantly as tasks are logged and submitted. This will allow the community to follow the project far closer than ever before, and will assist with our ongoing effort in becoming more transparent with our supporters.

It is unfortunate to note that Town Square will not be arriving on April 23rd as originally anticipated. The team encountered some unforeseeable technical issues during the final stretch, which prevented us from getting the Steam build completed on time. The good news is that we’ve overcome such issues, and now only have a few minor tasks remaining. You’ll be able to monitor the Asylum Task Tracker as we approach Town Square’s release, and the Module will go live shortly after all progress bars are filled!

In other news, the brand new Identity website is right around the corner! It will contain an updated shop page and will host a considerable amount new information surrounding the game. John also mentions that he’d like to return to publishing “Identity Insiders”, which are in-depth examinations of Identity’s key systems. The previous Insiders have been extremely informative, so this will be a welcome return indeed!

We want to end this post with another apology regarding Town Square’s date reassessment. It pains us that we need to do this, but the wait truly won’t be for much longer. Keep your eyes peeled on our Task Tracker, as Module One will be accessible soon after the final tasks are completed!


Developer Blog #016: Committed to the Asylum


March's Developer Blog is out!

The piece of media that deserves special attention is most certainly the character creator interface. John gives us a first look as to what customization options will be available when a player makes a new character. There’s a good number of them for facial features, and the UI design is looking quite sharp!

We’re also given a look at the tattoo parlor that will reside within Town Square. You’ll eventually be able to append cool designs to your character such as the “Sink or Swim” tattoo Mark has been making excellent progress on.

Apart from showcasing new media, the CEO also discusses a recent change to the movement system. In previous gameplay videos, the camera was locked behind whichever direction the player's character was facing. Now, characters will be able to run in all directions without having the camera constantly fixed to their shoulders. (It's important to note that drawing your weapon in 3rd person will still force the camera to face whichever direction you’re looking towards, and that none of this alters how the 1st person view behaves.)

Lastly, John mentions that a development tracker is planned to release sometime after the new website launches. The team wants to increase its transparency with the community by showing what the developers have completed thus far and what tasks they’re currently focused on. In the meantime, we often stream development work each Tuesday and Thursday from 4PM - 5PM EST, so you can tune in at to see some neat WIP assets before they get posted to social media!

We’d once again like to thank the community for following along with these updates. It’s awesome to finally be able to give folks a glance at the character creator! We’ll be posting more media as we approach Town Square, so stay tuned!


Developer Blog #015: Crime Doesn't Pay, This Time!

February's Developer Blog is out!

This one includes a couple of animations, a screen of construction work within Town Square, and even shows off the official logo we’ll be using to represent Module One. There’s also a comparison image placing one of our older tree models beside its revamped version.

I’d like to draw special attention to the image focusing on the construction assets. To keep players from wandering beyond the boundaries of Town Square, we’ve chosen to populate the surrounding area with road work. This design choice helps in making Module One’s environment feel more immersive to the players, and certainly beats staring out into an open abyss! (There may still be a few invisible walls added for redundancy. We’re sure many players will try to break the boundary for fun, it’s only natural!)

The Town Square logo is also quite interesting to see! It was done up by Mark, the new graphics designer in the office. You’ll be seeing this logo in several places outside of the game (Steam, updated Identity website) and should get a glimpse of it somewhere during Module One’s startup screens. There’s also a much more simplified version that’s currently set for the game’s desktop icon.

The one unfortunate bit of news this Developer Blog brought was the mention of a date change for Module One. Originally slated for March 21st, the Town Square Module is now scheduled for an April 23rd release. Every member of Asylum has been in full throttle trying to meet the original deadline, with the CEO even dedicating significant portions of his weekends to help move development along quicker. Alas, even with our improved numbers and workflow, it’s still too close to say whether or not we’d be ready for March 21st. The testing phase can bring out some strange quirks that, upon fixing, sometimes lead to several other issues cropping up that also demand attention. Having the extra month will allow us to make sure that we aren’t cutting corners on any fixes or feature implementations we deem necessary for Module One.

It was a painful decision to make, and we deeply apologize to those who were hoping to play the first Module in March. Your patience is unbelievably appreciated, and we’ll be aiming to publish more media content in the coming weeks to help make the wait sting a little less.