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Identity is a modern-day open-world MMORPG with complete freedom and a focus on player interaction, from Asylum Entertainment.
Identity is a modern-day open-world MMORPG with complete freedom and a focus on player interaction, from Asylum Entertainment.
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Claiming Your Steam Key

Posted by Asylum Entertainment, Inc. (Creator)

You can now grab your Steam key in preparation for the Town Square Module's release! The CEO discusses the process in the link below:

Using the key right now will associate “Identity: Town Square” with your Steam Account. Please note that it won't appear in your Steam Games Library until we finish making the final few adjustments required to release the Module. Once we complete the final task on our Task Tracker, we'll then be able to make the Module visible!


Developer Blog #020: Ramping Up

Posted by Asylum Entertainment, Inc. (Creator)
Developer Blog #020 is out!

Check it out at the link right here!

In this article, the CEO of Asylum Entertainment discusses Town Square’s development progress, the newly updated Identity website, and the recent Insider covering Gangs and Warfare!

Our programmers have been hard at work on the final testing task, recently ironing out some significant bugs located deep within the game’s engine. The crucial issues we’ve encountered in the past have since been resolved, and the team is currently focused on rectifying the more minor issues associated with the integration between the UI and Housing System.

In the section discussing development progress, John also describes how users will be able to claim their Steam keys. The Identity website will soon have a section that will allow you to associate your Identity Account with an existing Steam Account. This linking feature is planned to be accessible prior to Town Square’s launch, so users will be able to have their download keys at the ready. (Using a key early will allow Town Square to be added to your Steam library, but you’ll still need to wait for its official release to start the game.)

The Identity Insider on Gangs and Warfare was posted just a few days ago! You can check it out on our website here if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet. One of the more interesting pieces to learn about are the Cartels, as all players standing within a Cartel zone will have their stress levels maxed out. (Having your player character at maximum stress means being subject to the full extent of a weapon’s damage. Taking even a few bullets at max stress can lead to fatal injuries, so avoid these areas if you aren’t prepared for a fight.)

The last section of the developer blog covers the recent changes that have been made to our new website. You’ll find some updated information on our FAQ page, an account system with more features than before, and an updated shop page with some cool new additions. It’s important to note that the packages from the old Identity website are only available for a limited time, and will be removed shortly after we add more payment options to our shop page. Some items, such as the Cash bundles (1k, 2k, 5k) and the Founder Hat, can only be obtained through these packages.

That’s all for now! Thank you again for following along with Identity’s progress, the support we’ve been receiving has been phenomenal. We’re working hard on getting Town Square ready to go, and we’ll update the community with more information as soon as we can!  


Developer Blog #019: The Finishing Touches

Posted by Asylum Entertainment, Inc. (Creator)

Developer Blog #019 is out!

The CEO discusses Town Square’s remaining tasks, the ability to preview other apartments in-game, the future of the Developer Blog format, and more! He also includes a screenshot of a decorated Penthouse apartment to help demonstrate some of the ways you can arrange your furniture.

As an aside, we've also archived June 28th's Gameplay stream on our YouTube channel! If you haven't had a chance to watch it yet, you can do so here.

That’s all for now! Thanks for tuning in, and remember to keep your eyes on our Task TrackerOnly two "In Testing" tasks are left remaining!


Developer Blog #018: A Visual Feast!

Posted by Asylum Entertainment, Inc. (Creator)
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Developer Blog #018 is out!

This one includes several screenshots showcasing Town Square’s environment! You can check them out at the link below:

Within this article, the CEO presents us with a some of the interiors that weren’t shown in the previous gameplay stream. The screens included also feature a few evening shots, giving users a look at the contrast between Town Square’s day and night environments.

John also discusses some of the plans regarding the next gameplay stream. He mentions the sorts of things he’d like to exhibit, and also shows interest in hosting another sometime soon. We received a lot of excellent feedback from the last gameplay stream, and we’ve been busy implementing some fixes + tweaks to make our next one even better! We’ll be sure to let the community know once when we’re ready for another showing! (For now, we’ll continue hosting Development Streams that feature work in 3D Modelling and Graphic Design.)

That’s all for now! Thanks for tuning in, and remember to keep your eyes on our Task Tracker found here at:

We move closer to Module One’s launch with each completed task, and there's only a few left to go!


PS: For those who have yet to see May 29th's gameplay stream, you can find it on our YouTube page here:

Developer Blog #017: Step Inside My Office

Posted by Asylum Entertainment, Inc. (Creator)
Developer Blog #017 is out!

This one overviews the recent progress made to both the new website and the Town Square Module. Check it out here at the following link:

While the Task Tracker was only recently introduced, we’re already seeing a number of progress bars hit 100%. The Art side is almost completely finished, with the Bug Tracker and Programming sections not far behind. Each green bar brings us one step closer to getting Town Square released, and we aim to update the Task Tracker at the end of every workday.

We’re also extremely close to releasing our new website, our web developer has everything good to go! We’re just waiting on a technology partner to finalize some things on their end. The website will feature a new account system, an updated shop, and more!

Another interesting piece of information to note is that four more programmers will be joining the Asylum team! With more hands on deck, we’ll be able to produce content much faster than ever before. We’re committed to increasing our repertoire of passionate game devs, and our most recent additions will definitely help speed up Identity's development!

There’s also a few cool tidbits mentioned in this blog, such as how John has been working on the effects alcohol will have in Town Square, and how Mark has already created an insane amount of apartment wallpapers.

Finally, John notes that users should keep an eye on the Identity Twitch Channel. He mentions that Asylum is “going to be showing some cool stuff quite soon,” so stay tuned!