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The AstroBox Touch is a simple, powerful touchscreen that is wireless, cloud connected, and infinitely extensible with apps.
The AstroBox Touch is a simple, powerful touchscreen that is wireless, cloud connected, and infinitely extensible with apps.
The AstroBox Touch is a simple, powerful touchscreen that is wireless, cloud connected, and infinitely extensible with apps.
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    1. James Fordham on May 29

      @Creator, Done and for everyone else who comes here for answers to that question here's a link to the forum post.

    2. Daniel Arroyo Collaborator on May 28

      @James Fordham, please interact with us in our forum as we don't actively monitor this campaign. The bulk of the ABT software has been released and it's of course continuously being improved and developed. New features and apps will appear in future software releases. I don't at this point have any further updates.

    3. James Fordham on May 28

      @Creator Any news? I no the campaign has ended and you've delivered all the ABT but I would like an idea of when features will be added or even new developments you've been working on. Thanks, James.

    4. James Fordham on May 14

      @Creator This isn't a support issue so I will post it here as its campaign related.

      Can we get some sort of time line of when features promised during the campaign will be worked on and released?


    5. Michael Potter
      on May 8

      I will use zendesk as well, but my unit started to get vertical lines on the screen near the right side. Then today, after a printing error (filament got all tangled) and the printer shutdown, the screen was unresponsive. I unplugged the unit, waited, and plugged it in again. It will not boot up, red light and nothing else.

    6. AstroPrint 3-time creator on April 30

      @James Fordham, please don't use this channel for product support questions. This is better:

    7. James Fordham on April 30

      Hey @Creator,

      I saw in the last software update, that external drives are now supported. However I plugged in a USB stick and it wasn't recognised. Are there are specific folders, or formatting needed?

      Thanks, James.

    8. AstroPrint 3-time creator on April 29

      @Ryan mayfield, This can be found in kickstarter. Go to "Backed Projects", find ours, click on the "View Pledge" and then click on the "Survey" tab

    9. Ryan mayfield on April 29

      Where can I find the survey?

    10. AstroPrint 3-time creator on April 22

      @Ryan mayfield you haven't responded to the survey that we sent to get your current address so we don't know where to send it. Please do that and we will ship it.

    11. Ryan mayfield on April 21

      When will I revive my unit?

    12. master viper on April 12

      so astroprint when will the AstroBox Touch os be able to download ?

    13. AstroPrint 3-time creator on April 8

      @Tim Lennon, please open a ticket at indicating your backer number and we'll look at the status of the shipping

    14. Missing avatar

      Tim Lennon on April 8

      Not sure of the best way to contact you regarding this. My AstroBox was shipped on 1st March, and arrived in Australia on March 6th however I have not received the item.

    15. master viper on March 26

      @astro print
      Will it be available to download I would love to play with it

    16. AstroPrint 3-time creator on March 18

      @master viper: No, the AstroBox Touch is a separate software which is not available for download.

      @bitflung, All boxes have been delivered. We're now focusing on improvements on the software . The additional features that were committed in this project will appear in your box via software upgrades as they become available.

      Note that we don't monitor this channel as often now. For faster responses, use the forum or our ticket system. Both can be reached from our site's footer.

    17. master viper on March 18

      So if I plug a touch screen In To my pi I would have the same touch control as the astroprint touch

    18. bitflung on March 16

      I'm enjoying my ABT and I'm happy to see a general lack of complaints/issue here in kickstarter. i'd love to see another status update though. are ALL the hardware units shipped? what's the current status of pending software updates? any new feature changes in the queue (either adding or removing from plans)?

    19. AstroPrint 3-time creator on March 15

      @master viper & @James, one builds on the other. The ABT software stack contains the ABG ones but not the other way around. They both use Raspbian OS (which is the standard OS on all Raspberry Pis)

    20. James Fordham on March 15

      @master viper If you mean the AstroPrint Gateway (The RPi image from their website) as they now call it, then no I don't believe the two set-ups use the same software. The APT software isn't going to be released separately.

    21. master viper on March 14

      dose the raspberry pi have the same astroprint os as the astroprint touch?

    22. David Berkowitz on March 11

      Now that Dagoma Neva supports USB printing, can a configuration file be made for it? There is a simplify 3d profile and a cura json file, would that help? Or could they be imported?

    23. AstroPrint 3-time creator on March 6

      The ABT is not designed to be opened and tinkered with and therefore if doesn’t support the raspicam out of the box. I certainly recommend a USB camera.

      We’re going to offer kits that will be better suited for the maker community.

    24. bitflung on March 5

      well color me surprised... after attaching the pi-camera module i see that the ABT software doesn't support the camera :(

      any hope of this being added? or should i just go buy a usb webcam now?

    25. David Berkowitz on March 5

      Any ideas to use it with the Snapmaker or Dagoma Neva?
      We tried it with the Hatchbox3d Alpha and it would not print. Any Advice?

    26. bitflung on March 5

      received mine late last week (i'm in the "last batch" group of backers)
      love it - it's fantastic!
      I'm going to take apart the case later this week though (then put it back together) and here's why:
      1. near the sdcard slot you can see inside and it looks like there aren't heatsinks on the raspberry pi anywhere? for a passively cooled device in an enclosure and angled as it is, this felt risky to me. i've got spare rPi heatsinks laying around so i'm installing them
      2. I own a pi-camera and use it with my old astrobox gateway. the only way to connect it to the astrobox is to open the case up.
      that's it. no major complaints on the hardware side but two minor points that could both be fixed pretty easily (add heatsinks during manufacturing is easy; there are a few options for the pi-camera module, one of which would be to just say "we don't recommend it" while other include making easy access to the port or adding a short jumper cable from the port to a header on the back of the box).
      the packaging looks great; this thing looks and feels like a commercial product and not just some quickly scraped together basement project like so many other kickstarters often are. i was very impressed that it didn't just come in a brown cardboard box! :)
      i do wish, however, that the LCD screen could be turned off after some timeout period. tap-to-wake would be fine, and just turning off the backlight would be great. i hope that's in the cards via a software update (if the backlight is hardwired then it can't be done via software, in which case i'll get to hacking it rather soon).
      would also be GREAT if astrobox could integrate with services; i'd like a button on the screen to trigger an IFTTT action or to be able to add IFTTT actions right into the startup and ending gcode scripts (or more likely, as start and end astrobox scripts on the same screen). this would help me a lot since I have an externally controlled heat bed on a device that can be controlled via IFTTT or other similar services. integration in this manner would let the astrobox control more than just the printer and to do so based on printer actions.
      i recently convinced someone in the e-NABLE community to install the astrobox plugin for octopi and they shared some info about their setup: it includes a smart switch for their whole printer so the printer itself only turns on when they want to start printing something. this represents another opportunity to simplify the control of external devices and i suspect these types of setups are fairly common in the industry as so many people have cobbled together sets of 3rd party products to build their printing systems.

    27. Missing avatar

      Nils Fromm on March 4

      Received mine also, thanks!

    28. David McNichols on March 2

      Received my Astrobox and absolutely thrilled! Now I really have no excuses! Thank you for following through on this. Much love!

    29. Missing avatar

      Thijs on March 2

      Received it, installed it, love it.

    30. Mark R Hudson
      on March 1

      Hi there, I've received my unit.. Thanks..

    31. Rhys Evans on February 27

      I only just filled in my survey, not sure if that has delayed my shipping? Could you give me (547) an update on my order?

    32. AstroPrint 3-time creator on February 27

      Not yet James, we need to balance those with other pending things that were put on hold when the whole team was put on delivering the Touch, bug fixes, etc.

      They’ll come to your touch via software updates as they get ready.

    33. James Fordham on February 27

      Do you have a timeline for adding the features promised in the campaign? Eg, custom buttons, etc.


    34. AstroPrint 3-time creator on February 26

      The 3D Printable designs were done to test form, shape, usability, etc. The finished design won’t 3D Print well.

      At the moment we don’t have any plans to release 3D Printable versions of the 3.5” case. We will instead sell plastic cases for those that want to use them in other projects.

    35. bitflung on February 26

      @AstroPrint: your early case prototypes WERE designed for 3D printing... which was a problem later on as i recall. any hope that variant could be released?

    36. AstroPrint 3-time creator on February 26

      That case was not designed to be 3D Printed. However we do plan to sell the case only. We made a lot of plastics cases with the mold, so you will be able to purchase this case without any electronic components.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jetguy on February 26

      Would it be possible to share the 3.5 inch ABT housing 3D printable files? That's a pretty nice housing and there are dozens and dozens of Pi and LCD projects that could benefit from that. Even if you sold it here I would gladly pay $3 for it

    38. AstroPrint 3-time creator on February 26

      Thanks @Jetguy. You're correct. In fact preventing this dialog, it's one of the last things we need to iron out before we release this feature.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jetguy on February 26

      Just FYI on this front, don't plug in a USB drive until they finally finish. What happens is, the underlying OS wants to open file manager, which in and of itself is OK, but overlays over the GUI app. "2) We're implementing external USB stick support. You will be able to plug in a USB Stick to your touch and navigate to find your GCODE files. This is currently in final stages of development and will be added to the software in a future release." So again, my advice, don't plug in a drive to test until they announce this works.

    40. AstroPrint 3-time creator on February 25

      @Aj, most likely the update failed due to a an unfortunate interruption in network connection. Regardless this can be fixed, while I understand it can be frustrated, there’s no need to give up on it.

      Please contact us via our support channel at so we can help you.

    41. Aj Blosser on February 24

      Was really excited to set mine up today... got up and running and it told me there was an update.. it ran the update, said there was an error, and now the touch screen doesn't work.

      What a piece of junk.

    42. Missing avatar

      Bryan on February 24

      My mistake, I found them.

    43. Missing avatar

      Bryan on February 24

      I got my upgrade kit for the 3.5" today. Looks nice but there is no screws. How do you put it together with out screws?

    44. James Fordham on February 24

      I can confirm it is totally possible to use the AstroBox Touch with S3D and gcode files in fact I did it live in my YouTube channel last night

      I did have a few issues which I will email AstroPrint about directly but it certainly works and makes controlling the printer much easier


    45. AstroPrint 3-time creator on February 24

      @COREi64, Sorry you had such a bad first experience. We do have some good news though. What you want to do is definitely possible. There 3 ways in order of when they'll be done:

      1) You can upload GCODE files to your AstroBox. Go to Settings -> Network and note the IP address, then open a browser to that address in a computer on the same network. You will be able to upload GCODE to the internal file system and print from the touch. You can do this now.

      2) We're implementing external USB stick support. You will be able to plug in a USB Stick to your touch and navigate to find your GCODE files. This is currently in final stages of development and will be added to the software in a future release.

      3) We are going to implement GCODE uploads to the cloud. This will take a little longer but it's one of our biggest priorities for this quarter.

      I hope this helps giving your Touch another go ;)

    46. COREi64 on February 23

      Got my AstroBox Touch today, only to discover after digging into it that I cannot upload gcode to the cloud (which appears to be the only way of accessing my models). I'm not interested in using the built-in slicer, as I use Simplify3D. Too bad for me that I didn't research this before backing.
      How unfortunate this is. Back in the box it goes for me, as this is a useless device if I cannot upload my Simplify3D sliced models and get this thing to drive my printers with them. I'm just glad I didn't buy more of them.
      Perhaps if you implement this feature SOON, I'll see some value for my investment and could consider more of these for my other 3 printers.

    47. Missing avatar

      Karl Thorp on February 23

      @ Creator

      I got a shipping notice from a Drew Taylor, is that you guys?

    48. bitflung on February 23

      thanks for the quick response with % shipped info and for the larger update with the same but more detailed information :)
      i'm excited for this - enough so that i've been printing far more lately than i was before. this is both good and bad: i've tuned things up really well with my new heated bed, etc... but i've also been printing so much that i think i might be wearing something out on my printer...
      the z-stepper is making a really strange noise. this aligns with my recently switching from glue stick to hairspray for my first layer adhesion and i'm worried that i've got goop in the motor now :-/ anyone here done that before themselves? i wonder if a few drops of mineral oil would be good in there....?

    49. AstroPrint 3-time creator on February 23

      EU GLS tracking numbers are actually wrong unfortunately. It turns out, GLS gave us tracking codes for their merchandise pickup partner. They're only pickup codes and not even GLS's codes. Everything should arrive within 2 weeks, most much sooner.

      Please be patient.

    50. David Wheeler on February 23

      Hi, also received my tracking number Monday, but still no tracking information. Also moving house on the 28th Feb, so hope it will arrive in time.

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