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The AstroBox Touch is a simple, powerful touchscreen that is wireless, cloud connected, and infinitely extensible with apps.
The AstroBox Touch is a simple, powerful touchscreen that is wireless, cloud connected, and infinitely extensible with apps.
The AstroBox Touch is a simple, powerful touchscreen that is wireless, cloud connected, and infinitely extensible with apps.
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    1. Jeffrey Seymore just now

      @Jeremy you should try the $8 PS3 Eye camera! It is am amazing camera on it!!! Amazing low light as well!!

    2. Jeremy Curtis Naglich
      4 minutes ago

      Just got mine. Tested it all day Love it!!! I want one for each of my 3d printers. C920 webcam works great! No issues.

    3. Missing avatar

      n/a about 3 hours ago

      Got a tracking number , doesnt seem to work on the tracking site but I don't care ;-) cant use astrotouch anyways as my cr-10 is only at 21 hours of a 96 hour print and my i3 is out of use until they finaly get round to delivering the extruder bearing I order days agao.

    4. Jeffrey Seymore about 3 hours ago

      Ok so I am moving forward :) I have some questions about the online slicers. How does the slicer handle the start code? I have the following code

      M104 S{material_print_temperature_layer_0}
      G0 X0 Y-85
      G0 Z0.26
      M109 S{material_print_temperature_layer_0}

      But it doesn't set the temperature, it was only set to 89 :(

    5. Jeffrey Seymore about 4 hours ago

      I will! I even maid suggestions to them to contact you and get a pre-made printer profile set up in your system as tey are keen to having control of their settings (They use a custom skinned cura lol) so it is in their interest, plus they wanna be the end all be all of click it and forget it of printing!

    6. AstroPrint 3-time creator about 4 hours ago

      Sorry to hear this.

      We very specifically said that it SHOULD work based on information from their website and a few interactions with them. We never claimed to have verified or tested personally because we haven’t.

      Having said that, if Dagoma is willing to work with us we will work with them to make it compatible. You need to complain to them too.

    7. Jeffrey Seymore about 4 hours ago

      So I have a problem. I bought this specifically for the Dagoma Neva, and it doesn't work. I have made several attempts to get it t work, and all it does is starts to print, and gets to the end of the second layer, and then it initiates a filament eject on the Neva. This is what happens when you perform a double tap on the Neva bed. I was told you were working with Dagoma when I ordered this, and clearly you haven't. I had to set up a 'custom' printer in the online slicing and it doesn't work. I will now try using as just a plain Jane astroprint box and see if it works that way, but I am very disappointed at this point. :(

    8. Jeffrey Seymore about 5 hours ago

      I received it!!!!! Woohoo!!!

    9. AstroPrint 3-time creator about 7 hours ago

      @Jeffrey Seymore, seems that your package will be delivered TODAY.

      @all, KS fulfillment services are not great and don't give us a way to automatically give you guys your individual tracking number. We're still going through the shipments and we can't divert time to check people's shipment status.

      We appreciate and share the excitement but please have some patience, your package will reach you. If it's been more than two weeks since you got the shipment notification and still no package, we will check for you then. Before that, a little patience Pleeease ;)

    10. Jeffrey Seymore about 9 hours ago

      I got a shipping notice last week, but it didn't contain any tracking info. Is it possible to get that? It said priority shipping, but it hasn't arrived yet, Should have arrived Saturday.

    11. James Fordham 1 day ago

      Got shipping notice, cant wait :-).

    12. AstroPrint 3-time creator 2 days ago

      EU orders are on a different schedule. However don't worry yours will ship today or tomorrow.

    13. James Fordham 2 days ago

      I've had no notification of a shipment and I was backer 18??

    14. Jeffrey Seymore 4 days ago


      Drew Taylor has sent you a package.


    15. AstroPrint 3-time creator 5 days ago

      Everything is going well. ABTs are being assembled and sent out in order of pledge. It won't be long.

    16. Jeffrey Seymore 5 days ago

      Updates pretty please?!?!?!?!?! :D

    17. Jeffrey Seymore on February 12

      Any more updates on the shipping of the 3.5" kits?!?!?! :D :D :D

    18. AstroPrint 3-time creator on February 12

      The case is free for people that bought ( and will buy ) the 5" kit and and be purchased here for others:

    19. Missing avatar

      n/a on February 12

      is the case stl being made freely\commercially available or just for the people who bought the upgrade kit?

      think I would to outfit my astrobox setup the same as the touch.

    20. AstroPrint 3-time creator on February 12

      That is correct @James Fordham & @Karl Thorp. It's for people that already have an AstroBox ( or a Raspberry Pi 3 ). It includes: Plastic case + hardware, touchscreen and pre-flashed 8GB SD card. It does not include the Raspberry Pi 3 or the power supply.

    21. James Fordham on February 12

      @Karl Thorp, it's everything apart from the Pi I believe.

    22. Missing avatar

      Karl Thorp on February 10

      What is the ABT Touch 3.5” upgrade?

    23. Jeffrey Seymore on February 9

      I am excited to be hearing good news soon! Got my last email asking to confirm shipping details so I assume it is very close now!!!!

      I do have a quick question though, is compatibility with the NEVA still coming out of the box? It is the only printer I have that doesn't have a screen, and is the one I want to use this with!!! They have some weird firmware, and doesn't work with direct control with any apps that I am aware of currently. I asked several times during the campaign, and afterwards, and was told yes, you are working with Dagoma on their printer and the ABT. Is this still good to go? Or possibly shortly after release?

    24. Missing avatar

      mcandrewji on February 7

      Got My ABT this afternoon, it is up and running printing the 5" case. Very nice well worth the wait no regrets so far!

    25. Missing avatar

      Thomas on February 7

      Just PM-ed you guys directly regarding shipping. THANKS!

    26. Missing avatar

      Rich Obermeyer on February 5

      Can you provide a step file of the two pieces for 5" case?
      I would like to make some changes which is close to impossible with an STL file.

    27. Missing avatar

      Eric Albert
      on February 1

      @n/a my kit had a Waveshare 5 Inch HDMI LCD 800x480 display/touchscreen in it.

    28. AstroPrint 3-time creator on February 1

      @n/a we don't have anything larger than 5". We sourced the screens from Waveshare

    29. Missing avatar

      n/a on February 1

      Sorry I know itsproballyin an update but dont have the time to go through them - which screen did you use for the 5" and larger?


    30. AstroPrint 3-time creator on February 1

      Doh! Caps shouldn’t make a difference in the url. Thanks for reporting, we’ll fix

    31. Missing avatar

      Kirk Morger on February 1

      My AstroPrint 5" kit has been patiently waiting for me to get off work, coped up in my mailbox. Now that I'm home, I can certainly confirm the included letter is amazing. Putting it together, setting things up, and updating also seemed painless.
      There is an error on the included paper "QUICK START GUIDE" (which, ironically, is also all caps). The web URL "ASTROPRINT.COM/ABT-SETUP" (all caps) is 404, however "abt-setup" works. You can tell the Documentation guys were a bit more excited than your web guys... :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Eric Albert
      on January 31

      Same here - got it all assembled in a few minutes, did the over the air software update and we're running! :-) Nice work!

    33. Timothy Stark
      on January 31

      My package arrived here. I received my AstroPrint 5" kit! Can't wait to build and set it up....

    34. Missing avatar

      Jakob Pfefferkorn on January 31

      Just received my Astrobox 5" kit! Can't wait to get it all set up and running. Thanks for all your hard work! By the way, loved the letter you guys, that was hilarious :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Thomas on January 29

      Hope that light is the Astroprint rocket blasting off.

    36. AstroPrint 3-time creator on January 29

      You are correct, the 5” don’t have
      Injection molded cases. Sorry for the confusion. They ship with the laser cut one and a 3D Printable STL to be delivered shortly.

      I also have some good news for the 3.5” backers: the latest sample which we got minutes ago has been approved for production :) we’re putting together an update and we will be giving you more updates as we hear from the factory.

      Guys the light can be seen at the end of the tunnel... and it’s not a train ;)

      — Daniel

    37. Missing avatar

      Jakob Pfefferkorn on January 29

      I'm seeing some conflicting comments about whether the 5" kits ship with a case: "we'll be sending out 5" cases (not dependent on Injection Molding) very soon" and then later "the 5" Kits (which have no case)." Just to check, the 5" kits going out do still come with the minimal laser-cut acrylic case as promised back in July, and the 3D printable file to be sent later, correct?

    38. Missing avatar

      Kirk Morger on January 29

      Just received shipping notification, very excited to put it to good use. You guys should be proud, you've shipped literally YEARS before some other projects I have backed. Hardware can be hard, you guys made it look easy!

    39. Missing avatar

      Marek Mojžíš on January 27

      Hi, could you please provide any update on current situation? We're still getting only informations about how it is delayed .. is there any possibility that everything is already prepared and we get our ABT in near future?

    40. Missing avatar

      Chris on January 27

      How about giving us the option to get our boxes now and email us the stl files to print our own cases? I have 2 I’m waiting for and dying.

    41. James Fordham on January 26

      Looking forward to the update, not looking forward to being told of more delays and late shipping :-(.

    42. AstroPrint 3-time creator on January 26

      @Daniel Recha Duran, Your ABT is in the mail. We have a 3d printable case for the 5" screen in the works. I'll post the link when it's done.

    43. Daniel Recha Durán on January 26

      I back for the astrobox with lasercut acrilic case. Can I print a astrobox case in my 3d printer where I can get the stl?

    44. AstroPrint 3-time creator on January 25

      @Jeffrey, I know... Sorry about that, we're waiting for the last case sample from our supplier (already 2 days overdue) to hopefully be able to tell you some good news and more definitive schedule. Also the 5" Kits (which have no case) are going out (some are already in the mail). I know that doesn't help you but it does let you know that things on every aspect except the plastic case are going well.

      We're doing all we can to get the units done and mailed.

    45. Jeffrey Seymore on January 25

      Over a month, and no updates? Come on guys :)

    46. james hartsfield on January 24

      I have a question will this work on the Obsidian 3d printer

    47. AstroPrint 3-time creator on January 16

      @mcandrewji, we're waiting from the latest (hopefully last) sample from the Injection Molding company. When we get that we'll do another update. Software is now at a good spot and we'll be sending out 5" cases (not dependent on Injection Molding) very soon.

      @nick, I can't confirm based as we haven't tested it. M3D did tell us that the Pro will be compatible with Open Source tools such as ours but until people start getting some and reporting back, we can't confirm. If you have one, simply create an AstroBox Gateway and try it out. The Touch uses the same underlying software.

    48. Missing avatar

      nick on January 16

      Can you confirm the astrobox will be fully compatible with the M3D Pro printer?.

    49. Missing avatar

      mcandrewji on January 16

      Time for Update #21??

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