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The AstroBox Touch is a simple, powerful touchscreen that is wireless, cloud connected, and infinitely extensible with apps.
The AstroBox Touch is a simple, powerful touchscreen that is wireless, cloud connected, and infinitely extensible with apps.
The AstroBox Touch is a simple, powerful touchscreen that is wireless, cloud connected, and infinitely extensible with apps.
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    1. AstroPrint 3-time creator about 2 hours ago

      We are designing a 3D Printable case for the 5” kit and will be releasing the STL for that.

    2. james hartsfield about 7 hours ago

      How about you let everyone have an STL file of your case that you're going to be using

    3. AstroPrint 3-time creator 4 days ago

      @mcandrewji, We're getting an update ready this week. As mentioned before the software is the same for both. We made changes to the software schedule due to the delays in the cases to delivery other non-dependent products before. Mobile, Desktop and Toy Maker has been delivered. The 5" Kits will follow the same schedule as the 3.5" ABT. The team is 100% focused and working hard on this.

    4. Missing avatar

      mcandrewji 4 days ago

      Is it possible that thae 5 inch kits can go out the sooner, or are there delays with these also. They are not dependant on the case molding fabrication process as for the 3 inch models. An current update is in order, silence is nobodies friend in such things.

    5. AstroPrint 3-time creator 6 days ago

      @David Berkowitz:

      We are looking at January 2018.


    6. David Berkowitz on October 30

      Are they getting close to shipping?

    7. AstroPrint 3-time creator on October 23

      @Daved Berkowitz, Based on their specs we will be compatible with the 3D Printing portion of that product

    8. David Berkowitz on October 22

      Will the astrobox support the Snapmaker? An open source printer like the proforge from makertech ought to work..

    9. AstroPrint 3-time creator on October 22

      @Karl Thorp. Not at the moment but we could certainly add it to our platform if enough people want it. We recently created this to manage feature requests and survey interest:…

    10. Missing avatar

      Karl Thorp on October 21


      Is it possible to import profiles from other programs such as Simplify3D into AstroPrint?

    11. AstroPrint 3-time creator on October 18

      @Matt, thanks and congrats on the cool design. To address your questions:

      1) future versions of the app will have access to these files.

      2) we’re also going to implement the ability to add and organize GCODE files to the cloud

    12. Matt Olsen on October 18

      A similar question was asked, but I am wondering if the mobile App will ever include access to files stored on the AstroBox and not in the cloud in the Projects folder? As of now, I really never use the cloud storage, so all the App provides to me is filament purging and cancel prints. Having access to files stored on the AstroBox would be great, then I could start prints from the App as well... I know I can always just load up the web page, but then that really makes the App obsolete.

      Great work so far, I am excited about the ABT!
      I love AstroPrint !!!!

    13. Matt Olsen on October 18

      Anyone interested in making their own 3.5" AstroBox Touch, here is my design on Thingiverse:

    14. Missing avatar

      mcandrewji on October 17

      Any update on the 5" units? Just curious.

    15. Daniel Arroyo Collaborator on October 13

      @James Fordham,
      As explained in Update #15, we won't be able to meet the October deadline. The estimate outlined was 4-8 weeks delay. We have made progress as explained in update #16. We're now waiting for an update from the factory so that we can update you guys soon. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience and understanding.

    16. James Fordham on October 13

      @Creator Good to see the App got released recently, well done. Is everything on track for the October delivery? Thanks.

    17. bitflung on October 3

      thanks @Daniel - that's good to hear :)

    18. Daniel Arroyo Collaborator on October 3

      Your requests are shared by others and are all planned to be added. We just have a lot to get through.

      The desktop app is not going backwards but it's simply that we haven't yet added folders to it.

    19. bitflung on October 3

      @Daniel Arroyo:
      boy would I love to see some improvements to the cloud storage side of astroprint. I think i mentioned it a long while back (perhaps via support channels rather than here in kickstarter?) but the current solution is haunting me as my list of projects keeps growing:
      1. allow for multiple files to be selected and moved to a project (folder) at once
      2. allow for sub-projects (subfolders) so we can organize related things better (e.g. all 'toys' in a high level folder, and all parts for a specific toy in a lower level folder)
      3. allow all files from a connected 'app' (e.g. thingiverse) to be loaded into a specific folder at the time of import
      right now importing, say, 20 STL files from a complex thingiverse project results in all 20 being stored in the 'my designs' top level location. then we have to move them one by one via web based GUI that is very inefficient and makes project management a real chore.
      maybe i'm odd? i've got ~250 STLs in my astroprint storage and 1-4 gcode files for each of those. i'm using ~1.5GB of storage (even after purging old stuff over the weekend) and the current organization mechanism is really getting in my way.
      i mention this here as i see the astroprint desktop app is making things worse (currently) rather than better. the desktop app shows EVERYTHING in a single container (as if i never put anything into a project via the web UI). I'm hopeful the desktop app will make organizing better in the end and that improvements will eventually come to the web UI too.
      - bit

    20. Daniel Arroyo Collaborator on September 29

      @Darren DeVecchio,

      Since our engineering team is pretty loaded with work, when we realized that plastic cases were going to be late, we re-adjusted the software schedule of the ABT to match the projected delivery of the plastic cases (which is the bottleneck as the moment). We prioritized work that was not dependent on HW such as improvement on the AstroBox Gateway ( note that the ABT builds on the ABG ), the mobile and desktop apps. If you're beta testing them, you probably have seen the progress there.

      ABT Software delivery currently match that of the latest ABT schedule (discussed in a previous update) therefore complete kits can't be delivered any sooner due to software.

    21. Missing avatar

      Darren DeVecchio on September 29

      Does this latest update (released for injection molding) mean the laser cut versions for backers will be heading out for delivery soon?

    22. Daniel Arroyo Collaborator on September 29

      @Karl Thorp, The AstroBox doesn't do full video recording. It does live video streaming. It can do both streaming and timelapse at the same time

      @Ulli, The AstroBox will certainly give you access to a Mk2 connected to it via USB. Access would be via the screen itself, via a browser on the local IP of your box or via the cloud interface at However we do not perform the actions of a pure WLAN/USB Gateway. i.e. we don't take data from the WLAN and pass it on to the USB port.

    23. Missing avatar

      Ulli on September 29

      Will it be possible to use the Astrobox as a WLAN/USB Gateway to reach a 3DPrinter (Prusa MK2s) itself?
      I wonder if it makes sense to buy a separate Gateway, or if I will get the same functionality soon with the AstroBox?

    24. Missing avatar

      Karl Thorp on September 29

      Can the AstroBox Touch/Gateway do both time lapse and full video recording simultaneously and save to individual files?

    25. AstroPrint 3-time creator on September 29

      @David Berkowitz: Indeed, the Touch can certainly do Timelapses :)


    26. David Berkowitz on September 27

      Never mind... The astrobox can, so the touch ought to, too.

    27. David Berkowitz on September 27

      I mean the astrotouch... Gotta love auto correct.

    28. David Berkowitz on September 27

      Can the astrobox touch do time lapses?

    29. AstroPrint 3-time creator on September 26

      @David Berkowitz: Since you are on the SECOND BATCH, if everything goes according to plan, you should receive your Touch in November. With the injection molding delays (posted on the last update), it might be delayed a bit though.

      Unfortunately, we cannot change the order of shipments because that would be unfair to others --Much like letting someone skip ahead of a long line.

      As for Cameras, try to get one of these as we have tested them with our software:

      If you are looking to create time-lapses in very high quality (1080p - 4k), you could also experiment with creating them with an action sports camera (like a Go Pro) or a DSLR.

      Thanks David!

      dilanka (at) astroprint (dot) com

    30. David Berkowitz on September 26

      What camera can be used for live streaming? We are on line news trying to learn to do better videos and time lapses too. Us there a chance to be in the first phase of shipments, can help with exposure. When are the first and second shipments expected to occur?
      The guy!

    31. bitflung on September 21

      @Karl - i'd LOVE that! and perhaps even auto-export timelapses to youtube.

    32. James Fordham on September 20

      @Karl Thorp & Creator,

      I would very much like this feature build into the AstroBox.

    33. Missing avatar

      Karl Thorp on September 19

      @James Fordham & bitflung

      I had suggested a while ago about a macro in AstroPrint that would initiate a YouTube live stream upon starting a print with an AstroBox, the last I heard was they were looking into it, perhaps if more people showed an interest in something like that it would expedite the development.

    34. bitflung on September 18

      @James: thanks for clarifying. if you do get livestream from astrobox directly to work i'd LOVE to hear about that. could be a 3rd party app to be developed for the box (check their developer's portal, sign up and push an app out - i signed up but have been too busy with current projects to work get started in their stuff yet)

    35. James Fordham on September 6


      No, I should have made it clearer. I am live streaming via a Raspberry Pi ZeroW to YouTube this (at this stage) does not use AstroPrint but I will see if I can get that to work.

      As for buttons I mean as in an on screen button to for example run a script on the Raspberry Pi.

    36. bitflung on September 5

      @James Fordham: livestream? you mean a personal viewing only, or a broadcast livestream? the former is built in (though only started working beyond the local network a month or two ago) but i'd LOVE to hear how you accomplished the latter if that's what you're talking about (e.g. astrobox -> youtube live stream)?
      and for buttons... i have no idea what you are talking about there but it sounds interesting....what are you talking about?! :)

    37. James Fordham on September 3

      So, I've just found out how to live stream on my Raspberry Pi. It would be really good if at some point you could do a guide on adding buttons etc.

    38. Missing avatar

      Nils Fromm on September 3

      While I can maybe understand a delay due to mold making issues, it doesn't make sense to only order the screens and Pis once you have your mold samples. You need them anyway, and it will only delay delivery further if you order the hardware later.

      Better to have it on hand, less headache, less time, and you can send out the 5 inch in time.

      So don't wait to order the hardware.

      Also, making the proper files for the injection molded case really shouldnt take this long to begin with.

    39. AstroPrint 3-time creator on September 2


      Good timing.

      We were actually in the middle of drafting an update but wanted to wait a few more days to see if we anything had changed with the manufacturing company.

      By the way, my reply wasn't a "bogus reply" -- it was a real reply to a real question.

      David has been asked about the delivery date for his particular pledge at least 4-5 times (via comments, and other channels), and the reality is, it is much more convenient for backers to view their pledge if they forget our shipping estimation.

      Hence the reason why asked him to check his pledge, and mention the actual shipping estimate.

      We understand that it is frustrating and very easy to get impatient with Kickstarters, but please bear with us.

      Our motivation is to serve you with the best product(s) to help you 3D Print better, and in the early adopter stage (such as this Kickstarter), it is expected to run into hurdles because we are navigating a road map with unknowns.

      Thanks again for your support.

      Stay tuned!


      P.S: If you must get in touch faster, please feel free to email me directly via

      Also, our Twitter and Forums are also excellent:


    40. Missing avatar

      Hendrick F. van der Veen on September 2

      Please ignore previous comment. found update #2 ;-)

    41. Missing avatar

      Hendrick F. van der Veen on September 2

      Anyone know how to get access to the mobile and desktop software? Just spotted a comment that most backers should have access. Missed have missed the comms piece around that I am assuming


    42. Missing avatar

      Jetguy on September 1

      How about a logistics hardware update? What is worrying is a complete lack of any of that discussion followed by a total CYA comment when asked about shipping dates. Yes, any project can be late- you should be bragging why yours WILL NOT BE. This is a 2 part project- hardware and software and some of us backed kits of nothing more than an off the sheild LCD module we probably could get for under $50 and an SD card imaged with the software. If you cannot deliver that on time- we have a problem!! Again, some completely bogus reply to tell a user asking about schedule to look that their pledge and further tell them it could be late or delayed. A real update would be saying all the hardware was ordered and is shipped or has arrived or WILL ARRIVE by X date. This is our plan to be able to image the SD cards and it takes this long. This is our plan to sort, organize and ship the hardware kits and assembled units. Lots of talk about the software- nothing about hardware logistics.

    43. Daniel Arroyo Collaborator on August 30

      @bitflung, We're working and developing towards our goal. If you're a beta tester of the mobile and desktop apps, you should see the progress there ( and will see more shortly ). The ABT and their apps are also moving forward but there's nothing significant to add at this point.

    44. bitflung on August 29

      @creator: tomorrow marks 2 weeks since your last comment here, and over a month since the last official update. hoping for some snippets regarding progress! i'm especially eager to hear about the calibration app you're building into the ABT since i'm currently struggling with a particular aspect of calibration within astroprint (printing holes and pegs that fit together - seems I always end up with pegs too large and holes too small)

    45. AstroPrint 3-time creator on August 16

      @David Berkowitz: The approximate estimate of ship date is on your pledge. For example, since you ordered a second batch of the touch, the estimated shipping time is NOV 2017.

      Although there could be delays -- in which case, we'll keep you posted :)


    46. David Berkowitz on August 15

      When will the astrobox touch's ship most likely?

    47. James Fordham on August 14

      @AstroPrint Excellent news thanks :-)

    48. AstroPrint 3-time creator on August 14

      @James Fordham. Yes this is a planned feature that will be implemented in the next few months. We need to redesign a bit the file manager and this feature will be part of that

    49. James Fordham on August 14

      I can you tell me if you will be making it possible to upload gcode via the web? This would allow files to be uploaded from a central PC and then selected on any printer running a AstroBox Touch or AstroBox Gateway. Thanks J.

    50. AstroPrint 3-time creator on August 11

      @james hartsfield: Please use our official support channels for non-Kickstarter related questions my friend :) -- don't want to create additional noise for folks.

      Some options:

      1.) Our ticket system:
      2.) Our Forums:

      Thanks :)

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