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A tabletop supplemental of crafting and magic for Fifth Edition games
A tabletop supplemental of crafting and magic for Fifth Edition games
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Esoterica & Miscellany: (Un)living Arts

Posted by Astrolago Press (Creator)

One of the most common playtest notes we get is folks asking about the myriad crafts we don't specifically call out in the playtest document: songwriting, fishing, animal husbandry, etc. As we write, there are more crafts than we could ever hope to specifically reference, and we want to enable all of them. After all, the reason why we made the Media system is to give you as much flexibility for defining and characterizing your unique craft: while the Media might limit the scope of your craft, it exists to help you be exactly who you want to be. 

In short: if the trade exists, you should be able to build a trade class around it. 

To clarify this in the finished book, we plan on adding appendices where we discuss the esoteric and miscellaneous edge cases of the crafting world, especially the trades that are so closely associated with pre-existing character skills. Songwriting, for example, would fall under Drafting for its primary medium, but your ability to then perform the songs you write would be entirely dependent on your Performance check. Likewise, a trade of dentistry might allow you to craft crowns, retainers, or gold teeth--and perhaps even install them--but your Medicine check would determine whether or not you were actually good at the healthcare component of the trade.

One of the sections we're most looking forward to is something we've been referring to as the (Un)living Arts: embalming, taxidermy, insect mounting, and bonecarving. These are a bit unusual because while they most certainly would seem like they belong in Living Arts, one of the defining characteristics of the Living Arts medium is that all its components and products change or degrade over time. (Un)living Artists, meanwhile, are all about preservation: they're insatiably curious crafters going against the grain. Some of their arts may very well belong in Living Arts as a primary media after all, but a taxidermist may decide their best primary is Textiles, while a bonecarver may propose that bones as a medium are better-suited for Crystals than Living Arts.

These kinds of possibilities will be discussed in the appendices because they're fun to think about, and we imagine they'll be fun for you, too. While it'll be almost impossible for us to anticipate, and reference, every single trade, our goal is ultimately to build a trade class system that is as adaptable and limitless as a tabletop adventure can be. 

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    1. Greg Brunell on

      I am so looking forward to this book! I can't wait to see all the fun and imaginative character concepts it will help bring to life!