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A tabletop supplemental of crafting and magic for Fifth Edition games
A tabletop supplemental of crafting and magic for Fifth Edition games
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Witch+Craft Future and Beyond!

Posted by Astrolago Press (Creator)

Hello everyone!

We had a wonderful time meeting so many of you at Emerald City Comic Con. If you were able to make it, thanks so much for coming out to say hi! You all had such wonderful things to say about Faerie Fire and Witch+Craft, and I can't wait for you to get the latter into your hands so you can enjoy it for yourself. What follows is a beefy beefster of a Kickstarter update, so we thank you for your patience, and hope that you enjoy its contents!


First and foremost, we're delighted to announce that Michelle Ramos will be joining our artist ranks to draw one of the 10 familiars we unlocked back in the early days of funding. Welcome aboard, Michelle!


A few updates ago we promised to announce a couple extra stretch goals to hit since you all managed to annihilate our earlier ones so quickly. 

The first stretch goal we came up with was the Less Work Edition. Since Witch+Craft is all about avoiding burnout and doing what you love without overworking, this seemed like an appropriate goal to add! Our graphic designer, Conley, is going to be working her butt off to get all the newly-unlocked content into the book, so we decided the best use of extra funds would be to lighten her load. With the Less Work Edition, we'll be able to:

- Hire Jesse Turner to draw up some legendary blueprints;

- Recruit Madi Ballista to handle our adventure module maps;

- Enlist Tabitha Grow to make our original character sheets;

- Hire a proofreader or two to help our weary eyeballs during the later editing stages;

- Give all the illustrators another big pay raise, as thanks for adding their charm, talent, and vision to the pages of Witch+Craft

And when did this happen? Well... we'd calculated it for $85,000, but that number came and went while we were at ECCC, before we could even get around to posting about it! So CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks to you, Conley will be able to focus on layouts and feature illustrations for the book, while we bring on some talented collaborators to make Witch+Craft even better than ever.

The next stretch goal we have in mind is still off in the distance: the Accessibility Edition. Witch+Craft is already being made with accessibility in mind: like the playtest PDF, the finished book will include easy-to-navigate headers and alt text for players who use screen readers, as well as simple-text versions of the form-fillable character sheets and printable spellcards. This seems like a no-brainer now--but when we made Faerie Fire, it was our first time laying out a book ourselves (we had yet to hire Conley for that purpose, as brilliant as she is), and we made some decisions that sadly make the book very difficult to read if you're a blind or visually impaired player.

But that was our mistake, and we intend to fix it. So with the Accessibility Edition, we'll be going back to the PDF to completely remake it. The new PDF will be screen reader friendly and feature descriptive alt text for every image in the book. We'll also be making a version of the PDF that replaces the fancy title font for each creature with something easier to read. Both the new accessible version of Faerie Fire AND the simplified font version will be available as a free download to anyone who has already purchased the PDF (either through Kickstarter or Gumroad), and be included with every version of the Digital Edition from that point on. This tier will be unlocked at $101,000 as both Conley and Shannon take time off from their day jobs to dive back into Faerie Fire, and as we consult with a paid expert to make sure both the Witch+Craft and Faerie Fire PDFs are as accessible as possible.

But that's not the only thing the Accessibility Edition will do. That stretch goal also covers something else:


The truth is, y'all really like Faerie Fire. A lot. So much, in fact, that our initial 2200 print run is almost sold out in under a year. We never expected the book to sell so quickly. There are a few dozen copies left available for sale through Gumroad, and we'll continue to take orders as long as stock permits. But if we want Faerie Fire to thrill and delight into the future, we're going to need to order another thousand (or two). 

But don't stress! The Accessibility Edition will also allow us to do a reprint of Faerie Fire and get it directly into your hands. When the campaign completes, you'll be able to pre-order a copy from the second printing through Backerkit. Both books will go into production at the same time, and ship on the same boat, allowing you to combine shipping on your book orders to get both copies at once, likely arriving at (US) doors in the late summer. 

What's "Backerkit"?

Backerkit is a pledge management tool that allows you to purchase extra add-ons once a campaign is over. When we're ready to start collecting info, we'll send all backers a link to the campaign through Backerkit, where you can review add-ons and select them as you like. If you pledged more than your chosen reward required, then the remaining funds get translated into "credit" that you can spend on adding on extra items (like a digital download of Faerie Fire, an upgrade to a Craftmaster edition, or a pre-order of the Faerie Fire second printing hardcover). However, you don't need to anticipate those extra costs! You can also pay through Backerkit if you decide you want to snag a few extra goodies when the time comes, so don't stress about guesstimating the shipping or figuring out the add-on math--Backerkit will handle that for you.

And that's it! That's our heckin' long update! Thanks so much once again for your gobsmackin' support--we're truly in awe of how much you all seem to love Witch+Craft. For now we're hard at work on on the book, making sure it's as great as you are. 

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    1. Megan B. on

      Very excited for the accessible editions

    2. Samuel Rowan on

      This is super cool!

    3. Jess Dempsey

      I’m all here for the accessibility friendly versions, but you already knew that <3

    4. PastelMage on

      This is fantastic, I'm so excited that Accessibility Edition is a stretch goal! A wonderful update to make gaming more accessible.