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A tabletop supplemental of crafting and magic for Fifth Edition games
A tabletop supplemental of crafting and magic for Fifth Edition games
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The Tower of Inkwell Peak

Posted by Astrolago Press (Creator)

At the top of the ancient shield volcano is a wide crater, and in that crater is a lake: the Inkwell. The lake is perfectly round and its waters a deep, inky indigo; at night, the surface reflects the stars in the night sky above.

The Tower of Inkwell Peak sits in the middle of this crater lake. This tower houses the local witchcraft school, a place open to witches of all genders, shapes, species, and ages (though it typically skews young). Attendants of Inkwell Peak are naturally gifted in the various schools of magic, but Inkwell Peak is known for its deep study of domestic magic--a kind of magic that everyone possesses, and comes to life only with the act of making things. As such, students of Inkwell Peak must take a year apprenticing with a tradesperson in one of the neighbouring villages: as a tapestry-weaver, a blacksmith, a novelist, or whatever they set their mind to.

The witches of Inkwell Peak often extend their apprenticeships and sometimes abandon their studies on the Peak completely--but the choice to do so is respected by all. Those that return to their studies at Inkwell Peak continue to hone their magical abilities and weave their creative practices into their work, often enchanting inanimate objects as assistants or experimenting with new forge fires, cookware, or alchemical inks.

Inkwell Peak (and its tower) will be illustrated by Tait Howard, who illustrated a member of our feycourt (Tallisin Vos) back in Faerie Fire:

Tallisin Vos by Tait Howard
Tallisin Vos by Tait Howard

The headmaster of Inkwell Peak is Master Alonzo de Claire, a skilled and powerful human witch who rarely meddles in the concerns of the villages below. He keeps to his study at the top of the tower, where he can gaze into the inky depths of the lake and see the future drafted within it. Alonzo looks a bit like his familiar grey parrot, with muted but opulent plumage and fierce, knowing eyes. He smiles rarely, but warmly, and makes an effort to forge sincere, supportive friendships with each of the municipal leaders in Cape Verdigris. Alonzo de Claire will be illustrated by Ariel Ries.

Don't forget: we're at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend with copies of Faerie Fire available for purchase, in Artist Alley, table KK19. Come say hi!

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    1. Astrolago Press 2-time creator on

      Thank you, Christopher! That's such a lovely thing to hear. I shared this with the other Witch+Craft designers and we all got misty-eyed.

    2. Christopher Lipscomb on

      I love it when my players give me feedback, positive or negative, so allow me to give you all some too.

      Thank you. Thank you for giving us such an awesome concept and world and product. Thank you for spending your time and resources and energy to make something so different and wholesome and fun.

      We were blown away by the awesomeness of Faerie Fire. You got lifelong backers in all your future endeavors from us after that. I've already used Keighton and Auldermere to great effect in my home game, and FF continues to be a font of inspiration.

      Keep doing what you are doing. You are on the right path. Your content is loved and appreciated.