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A tabletop supplemental of crafting and magic for Fifth Edition games
A tabletop supplemental of crafting and magic for Fifth Edition games
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Posted by Astrolago Press (Creator)

We hit our final stretch goal last night, and with that, Witch+Craft will be as good as we can possibly make it. But that doesn't mean we don't have big plans! With the remaining campaign days ahead of us, we're looking at ways to make the book production go more smoothly, additional pay raises for our amazing artists, and even a Faerie Fire reprint--which has been selling much faster than we ever could have dreamed! Stay tuned for updates on those goals, so you can know exactly when your incredible enthusiasm helped make them a reality.

For now, we'd like to turn our gaze back to Cape Verdigris, and introduce the next setting in our book:

Cascade is the beachside town (and resort), nestled into the deep green bay west of Silverstruck. Known best for its contributions to the Living Arts, Cascade is also home to a vibrant festival culture. 

Folks gather from around the world to partake in Cascade's famous culinary delights, or to get their hair done in the latest, most expressive fashions. The frequent festivals and celebrations have naturally attracted a pilgrimage of artists, playwrights, and draftspeople, who commune in Cascade's various speakeasies and cafes to collaborate on larger-than-life projects.

Cascade is being brought to life by Nicole Gustafsson, whose brilliant colours are certain to make Cascade as vibrant as we've imagined it. 

"The Lantern Lighter" by Nicole Gustafsson
"The Lantern Lighter" by Nicole Gustafsson

The spiritual leader of Cascade is Bellis Wunderplat (illustrated by Yvo Cisneros), a  genderqueer halfling noble who inherited Cascade and turned it into the centre of culture you see today. Bellis is an avid patron of the arts (and they dabble in just about everything themselves). They're responsible enough to see to Cascade’s civil cooperation with the other settlements in Cape Verdigris, and to avoid completely misusing the town funds--but otherwise they run a pretty loose operation.  

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    1. kaitokaito on

      i would raise pledges in an instant if you ended up offering physical copies of both faerie fire and witch+craft! even if i had to wait for backerkit, haha

    2. Astrolago Press 2-time creator on

      Woops, my ambitious punctuation broke the link. (that'll do it)

    3. Astrolago Press 2-time creator on

      @IllustriousIllusionist It's not out of print! You can still grab it in both hardcover and digital from our website at supplies are running pretty low, and by the time we get through the Backerkit stage at the end of this campaign that may very well be the last of them!

    4. IllustriousIllusionist

      Ohhhh, a Faerie Fire reprint would be great! I only just discovered you guys recently and was so bummed to find out it was out of print. If you can make it happen, that's the plan that's got my vote!

    5. Missing avatar

      lucabee on

      ~~quietly chants reprint Faerie Fire~~

      Cannot wait to get fancy in this town! Congrats on hitting all the goals!