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A tabletop supplemental of crafting and magic for Fifth Edition games
A tabletop supplemental of crafting and magic for Fifth Edition games
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The Places of Cape Verdigris

Posted by Astrolago Press (Creator)

Not to bury the lede, but we've hit our "Useful Edition" stretch goal! That means we have only one stretch goal left: at $60,000, we unlock the "Enchanted Edition", adding the last round of artists, spells, and items to the book. Thanks to you, we're only a few days into our campaign and well on our way to making Witch+Craft the best book we could make. We definitely got a +d6 on our crafting attempt from your assistance.

But we've promised you more details about the world of Witch+Craft, so we wanna use this update to introduce you to Cape Verdigris!

If you’ve had a chance to look over our playtest material, you’ll know that domestic magic can be found wherever folks ply their craft. But nowhere in the world is the magic quite so strong as Cape Verdigris, a place renowned for its witchcraft and tradecraft alike. 

Cape Verdigris is a large area overlooking a southern sea. The bulk of its landmass is an ancient shield volcano, its green slopes rich with fertile soil and plentiful mineral deposits. 

The western side of Cape Verdigris embraces a brilliant emerald bay; the slopes of the volcano climb gently from there, while on the east side of the volcano are sharp cliffs overlooking the ocean. 

Cape Verdigris features three prominent settlements, each of which has become famous for their own specialized crafting guilds and festivals:

Cascade is a beach resort town, famous for its Living Arts and Drafting;

Silverstruck is a wealthy mining town, where craftspeople work with Crystals and Metals;

Tapestry Hills is a quiet farming village, where the gentle folk who live there are pioneers of Textiles and Wood. 

At the peak of the volcano you’ll find the Tower of Inkwell: an academy for young witches of all genders, ages, species, body types, and abilities. There, the students practice the intricate ways that domestic magic interweaves with the other magical schools. 

And just outside Silverstruck, nestled deep in the rainforest, is Brass Manor, the ancient, abandoned household that sits, lonely and haunted, in the side of the volcano. 

The finished book will include a map of Cape Verdigris illustrated by Xanthe Bouma. Over the next few days we’ll be introducing you to each of these locations in turn, the leaders that keep them running smoothly, and the artists who’ll be bringing them to life. So stay tuned to learn more about Cape Verdigris and domestic magic! 

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