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A tabletop supplemental of crafting and magic for Fifth Edition games
A tabletop supplemental of crafting and magic for Fifth Edition games
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Familiars revealed!

Posted by Astrolago Press (Creator)

Yep, you've done it again! Another stretch goal knocked outta the park. Thanks to you, we'll be adding new magical familiars to the campaign, drawn by amazing artists like Marina Fraguas, Alane Grace, Kathryn Inkson, Leafy, LittleStarPu, Vanessa Morales, Olivia Chin Mueller, Natália Prata, and Anoosha Syed.

And what are the familiars, you ask? Well, we're still polishing up the stat blocks so that they're picture-perfect for the book, but we can give you a small teaser of what's to come:

Media Sprites:  These small creatures are a crafter's best friend. Built from scrap materials around the workshop, they take the form most relevant to your chosen trade and can assist you in your crafting efforts.  

Pagefinder:  The perfect familiar for the learned scholar. This moth-like creature can hold any book across its fluttering wings, will turn pages at your command, and can even index and bookmark your favourite books for you.  

Witch's Daemon:  While usually taking the form of a modest black cat, this familiar is the classic witch's companion. However, it can speak and has a personality all of its own, and it's more likely to take whichever form best expresses its summoner. 

Soots:  A swarm of tiny creatures made from small crystals of soot. These creatures are endlessly helpful and can shapeshift as the swarm twists and gathers into various configurations. 

Songbird:  A transmutation of a musical instrument into a bardic bird. These delightful, melodic creatures can sing you into a more focused state. 

Weather-or-Not:  This elemental sprite can change shape and properties depending on the season and current weather conditions. However, this does make them temperamental little creatures. 

Piggy Bank:  A familiar of good fortune, the Piggy Bank can safely store your gold and increase your savings.  (Variant: Lucky Cat)

Stuffie:  This little doll can be made from finest porcelain, cloth, or woven straw, and range anywhere from cute to vaguely unsettling. A helpful fey spirit possesses the doll to assist you in your tasks. 

Muse:  This gentle ghostly specter has been drawn to you to serve as your personal muse. They may be the spirit of a loved one, a minor nymph or deity, or even the figment of a character you invented.  

Utilitortoise:  When tools are needed on the fly, the utilitortoise is there. Its shell opens up to reveal a toolkit, full of the tools you need for the job at hand. 

Tomorrow we'll begin introducing you to the places of Cape Verdigris, so check back for more updates soon, and THANK YOU, once again, for your amazing enthusiasm for Witch+Craft!



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    1. Ginette Colon on

      OMG words cannot express how adorable these familiars sound! I love them all!

    2. Jess Dempsey

      I really can’t express how much I want this in my hands already I love it so hard <3