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Sun Shot is the working title of Assembly of Dust's new studio release.  It features 9 brand new songs and 4 never recorded
Sun Shot is the working title of Assembly of Dust's new studio release. It features 9 brand new songs and 4 never recorded
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#ConspireToSmile Kickstarter Update From Reid Genauer

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Greetings Folks,

R. Reinhold Genauer here, reporting to you after a blissed-out week of skiing in Utah. My boys and I caught three days of fresh turns.  My hope in general with digital communications is to share a range of thoughts that represent me as an entire person, from "here's my kid doing a face plant on a double diamond" to "here are my thoughts on the nature of reality" and (as you might expect) a reasonable dose of "Hey, buy my crap." Forgive me - with 20 days left of my #ConspireToSmile Kickstarter I am mildly consumed with making sure the word is out. As a result, this edition of Deep Thoughts From R. Reinhold is a little heavy on the "Hey - buy my crap" side of things. I will work on making future editions more interactive. In the meantime, the best place to reach me for a casual "YO..." is on my Facebook Page




Some have asked me, "Why covers?" It struck me that in this instance, given the social mission that sits atop the artistic endeavor, the songs themselves needed to have an existing voice of their own in order to help convey the message. Plus we're having a blast re-imagining them. You can listen to the first 3 tracks on Conspire To Smile Kickstarter Page. So without further ado:

Reid Genauer & Folks "Conspire To Smile"

Listen On Kickstarter or SoundCloud


The core of the #ConspireToSmile Kickstarter Project is the album itself. 14 songs recorded by some 24 musicians, including all the members of Strangefolk and Assembly of Dust. It's intended to foster positive social sentiment and a sense of belonging. I suppose I could have left it at that, but there are 1,000 reasons we all come in the first place. Below are but a few:



  • Conspire to Smile Album Conspire to Smile T-Shirt - NEW 
  • Conspire to Smile Logo Sticker - NEW 
  • Conspire to Smile Poster - NEW 
  • Conspire to Smile Logo Pins Poetic Pricks (Pins) with select lyrical quotes 
  • Reid Solo Acoustic Recording "We Are All Fables"
  • Reid Children's Audio Book "Sandals or a Suit" 
  • Assembly of Dust HD Concert Video: AOD live from Phil Lesh's Terrapin Crossroads in 2016. Nine cameras and multi-track recording (two sets). 
  • Strangefolk Live Album: an Archival performance from 199? professionally mixed and mastered (two sets) 
  • Songwriting Workshop with Reid: Share a song via video chat and get Reid's input and ideas 
  • Co-author a song with Reid: Write and record a song with Reid Hardcover Coffee Table Lyrics Book: 1988-2018 NEW "This is What I Saw," 30 years and 100 song lyrics, written by Reid and presented with stunning pictures, graphics and pull quotes 
  • Your Life Is A Poem: Your life story is written into a playful Shel Silverstein-like poem by Reid 
  • Your Life Is A Music Video: Your photos and video clips professionally edited and set to any one of Reid's songs of your choosing 
  • Your Life Is A Song: Your life story expressed as a song written and recorded by Reid Dinner for Lore - NEW: Private in-home performance by Reid at your house



I’m upset by the news. And the blur of bad tidings. Facebook gives me the blues. 'Cause there’s simply no hiding. I talk in my sleep I’ve got a gassy constitution. But I #ConspireToSmile. Because there’s LOVE in rEVOLution.

Please don't feel an obligation to make a financial contribution to the project but please do join me in my conviction to be Shockingly Positive in 2018 #ConspireToSmile my friends.

-Reid Genauer


Visit my website to get details on AOD dates in NYC, Philly, Vermont, Syracuse, New Mexico, Colorado and this year's Garden of Eden Fest.

Be shockingly positive folks.


Introducing Conspire To Smile - New Album from Reid Genauer & Folks

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Greetings All,

Reid Genauer here. If you are getting this message you were kind enough to support my last Kickstarter campaign for Assembly of Dust's Sunshot album.  Well....  I'm scheming again with a project called Conspire To Smile.  It includes a New album (14 songs), an archival Strangefolk archival live album (2 Sets) release and a Live  Assembly of Dust HD Video (2 sets).  Given your generosity during in regards to Sunshot I wanted to give you a sneak peek at Conspire to Smile. Please take 5 minutes to check out Conspire to Smile on Kickstarter

R. Reinhold Genauer
R. Reinhold Genauer


The Mission: 

Conspire to Smile is an album intended to infuse social media with positive sentiment. It's also a shared conviction that we can tap into the reciprocal nature of music and the richness of our community to draw strength & comfort at a time when so many of us desperately need it. By conspiring to smile through music we can simultaneously support one another and shift our shared story towards positivity and possibility. Sentiments are contagious and so too is music. The album is currently being "assembled" around the country by some two dozen of the finest musicians (and people) I know, including all the current members of Assembly of Dust and Strangefolk. Streaming previews will be released on a rolling basis starting today via Kickstarter, Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook and the like. The full album download will be available for free later this spring. (May 1st Target.)

The Folks: The process for making this record is truly collaborative. It brings together the talent, charisma and sweeping spirit of some two dozen musicians. These are people with loud awareness and screaming guitars. People with old souls and ancient Stratocasters. They're people who by definition go-to-11 and if you're reading this - so to must you. I have a deep affection and admiration for this collective of musicians, my co-conspirators, my friends, whose imagination and creativity moves me and soothes me. A partial list in alphabetical order : Aaron Maxwell, Adam Terrell, Andy Herrick, Dave Diamond, Elliott Peck, Erik Glockler, Grahame Lesh, Jason Crosby, Jennifer Hartswick, John Leccese, Jon Trafton, Dan, Lebo" Lebowitz, Luke Smith, Marc Friedman, Nate Wilson, Ryan Montbleau, Scott Law, Scott Metzger and more.. - you lay the dust


 The Rewards:

The Range of Conspire To Smile Rewards This is a partial list of the rewards that come with Conspire To Smile. I created "Packages" with fun names like "A Great Long Smile" which is an archival release from Strangefolk (1999) and "Conspire to Live" which is an HD concert video of AOD at Terrapin Crossroads. The basic package is Conspire to Smile the album.

  • Conspire To Smile Album: 14 songs about positivity to be given away for free online Live Assembly of Dust - HD Concert Video: Multi-track audio recording and 9 camera shoot of Assembly of Dust at Terrapin Crossroads (2 sets) Live Strangefolk Record: Mixed/Mastered Archive Strangefolk Record -The Palladium 11-27-99 (2 Sets) 
  • "We Are All Fables" Reid Genauer's solo acoustic recording: Me singing 12 AOD and Strangefolk songs all but naked with a guitar in hand 
  • "Sandles or a Suit" Reid's children's audiobook: a collection of original children's poems I wrote with downloadable audio recording, lyrics, and illustrations 
  • Your Life Is Song: An original song written about your lifestory.


Thanks in advance for your support of the project and more to the point - the ideal of Conspire to Smile.  Lets change our story for the better. 

Be Shockingly Positive.

- Reid Genauer

Conspire To Smile
Conspire To Smile


New Live Album From Assembly Of Dust - "Tales From The Oregon Trail"


Greetings From Reid


Its been a great long while since I have reached out through Kickstarter.  I hope this note finds you all well and thriving as spring rolls in.  As many of you know from my musings on social media I moved to Northern California a year ago.  While I miss my people on the east coast I gotta say California is pretty rockin.  Putting aside the the most obvious good weather factor if nothing else my "Bohemian Hobo Chic" wardrobe is much more appropriate in NoCal than it is in NYC. Fear not though I have not forgotten about my roots in the Northeast - we will be gigging in the NE in Sept if not before.

Sunshot - Revisited


Sunshot was a ragging success and it started with your support.  We have given away more than 50,000 copies of the album for free.  As an aside its still available for free HERE. Note: It works best on web vs mobile.  Sunshot is also available on all major music stores (Apple, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, AOD Web Store) Looking back through the lens of time it was hands down the most fun recording process I have ever been involved in because you guys - our fans and friends - were so intimately involved. So in case I didn't say this loud enough or clear enough in the days since - THANK YOU GUYS - you are facemeltingly good to us!

Tales From The Oregon Trail

In December 2014 we did a run of shows on the west coast.  We did a multi track recording of the show from Portland Oregon on 12-12-14. It was a high energy face melting folk rockin night.  Tales From The Oregon Trail is 10 songs pulled from the energy in the air that evening. 8 songs are full band with special guest Mark Karan - of Ratdog fame. 2 are just me strumming solo on the old guitar.  With Sunshot we intentionally tried to make more of a sparse singer songwriter record.  Less rock and more folk. We're thrilled with the way it turned out. You can't make the same record over and over again without feeling (and sounding) stale. . It would be  like eating steak every night for dinner - one needs some fiber in the diet.  To that end the production quality, the song selection, the intimacy and touch of the playing achieved what we set out to do. Mission accomplished BUT one must have the proverbial steak!  Sans the two acoustic tracks at the end of the recording Tales From The Oregon Trail is a full blown Jamband record. Bring it hippies!  If your sick of my "I have a soul of a flower" singer songwriter rap press pause on Downton Abbey, and listen to this bad boy loud you are going to dig it.  Why? Because Adam Terrell, John Leccese, Jason Crosby, Dave Diamond and special guest Mark Karen are BLAZING musicians and they go ape shit on this recording. Its available now to stream on Soundcloud for free, will be available for download in select "heady" stores on 4/20 and in all digital music stores May 3. Below is a bunch of info and propaganda.  Have a look see and a listen.  Sharing is caring - you guys are our life blood - to the extend that you feel comfortable and inspired please  share with your friends and family via social media, email and/or smoke signal.  Lastly if you want to say yo or reach out to me personally you can hit me at or my public Facebook Page.  Might be some lag time but I will get back to you.

Rock Steady Guys

Yours in Face Melting 

Reid Reinhold Genauer

Tales From The Oregon Trail

Recorded Mixed and Mastered by John Coretto. Recorded at Mississippi Studios Portland, OR. Mixed and Mastered at Thundering Sky Studio - South Berwick, ME 


Tales From Oregon Trail Press: Here are links to what the press is saying fun to have a look see.  I liked what Live For Live Music had to say...


APRIL 21, 2016

  • Redwood City, CA 
  • Club Fox 8:00pm. 
  •  $18/$20. 21+ 

 APRIL 22, 2016 

  • Crystal Bay, NV 
  •  Crystal Bay Crown Room 10:00pm. 
  •  FREE. 21+ 

 APRIL 23, 2016

  • San Rafael, CA 
  • Terrapin Crossroads 
  •  8:00pm. $20. 16+ 

 JUNE 24 & 25

  • 2016 Chicago, IL 
  •  (Phish after-party) Martyrs' 
  • 11:00pm. $20. 21+ 

 JULY 16, 2016

  • Denver, CO Cervantes’ Masterpiece 
  •  9:00pm. 
  • $15/$20. 16+ 


  • New York, -TBD
  • Philadelphia -TBD
  • Washington, DC. -TBD


Whisky Tasting and Song Writing Session


Whisky Tasting and Songwriter Session

For those who signed up for the Whisky Tasting or the Song Writing Session please plan on 

  • April 11th in NYC for Whisky Tasting
  • April 12th in NYC (daytime) for Songwriting Session
  • Note: We are at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC on the 12th of April so...


Here is a Soundboard Matrix Mix of the Denver Show. Happy listening.


Here is a picture of Reid's failed attempts at writing his own lyrics down.  RuhRoe Shaggy.

Rock Steady

- Team AOD

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Sharing Is Caring - Help Us Spread The Love.


So close!  We signed over 400 CDs and Posters this weekend.  The package looks great.  We can't wait to share it with you.  In the mean time please help us achieve our aim of bringing AODs music with as many people as we can by sharing the premier of our new song/single "Mrs What You Are" with your friends and family by forwarding this email or posting this link to Facebook or Twitter.

You will hear from us in the next 2 weeks when the packages go out.  Stay tuned.  Rock Steady Eddy!

Warmest Regards,

Reid "Reinstone" Genauer