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A TRILOGY IN THREE PARTS. A series of short films that will explore the phenomenon of one man eating one lunch in modern times

Scott Goodwin is a genial and intelligent professional. He lives in the oft-misspelled state of Connecticut, and spends three hours of his life every workday on Metro-North commuter railroad. He has a wife and a dog. He works awfully hard and excels at what he does. It is surely clear to all that know him that he ought to have a nice lunch.

But as Socrates once said, if a man eats a nice lunch and there's no one there to see it, did it even really happen?

This project is a trilogy of short films documenting a single lunch eaten by a remarkable man.

How nice will this lunch be? It depends on the funding of this project. Production costs are fixed (and low), so as money is raised above our $27 goal, Scott's meal will get nicer and nicer. We guarantee that all proceeds above our target will go directly into Scott's mouth. So chip in, he really deserves it.

Reward levels are deliberately low, to encourage the widest participation possible. Our vision is that when people watch this three-part series, they see more than one man and a plate of food. They see that the experience is the sum of many friends and well-wishers, visionaries and dreamers.


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    You will receive a secret password to view the completed Trilogy online a full week before the general public PLUS your name (or shout-out of your choice) will appear in the credits of all three episodes of the film trilogy

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    You will receive all of the above PLUS a personalized postcard from Scott thanking you for participating in his lunch and letting you know whether it was delicious

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    You will receive all of the above PLUS a personalized handwritten letter from Scott telling you about his lunch

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    You will receive all of the above PLUS during at least one of the three episodes, Scott will wear a bib with your name on it

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