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A brand new expansion for Carl Chudyk's Mottainai, containing 54 new works. Tuck cards under them with new and exciting mechanics!
A brand new expansion for Carl Chudyk's Mottainai, containing 54 new works. Tuck cards under them with new and exciting mechanics!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Anne Reynolds about 1 hour ago

      @Chris Cieslik, the Campaign indicated that you were working to begin fulfillment as soon as the campaign ended. That statement begs the question, "has fulfillment started?" :)

    2. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator 5 days ago

      Oh - sorry about that.

      To play with 4-5 players you would need two sets of core Mottainai, and one set of Wutai Mountain.

      6 players is not supported, it'd be far too chaotic.

    3. Hendrik
      6 days ago

      I meant to say I may be missing player mats (not reference cards).

    4. Hendrik
      6 days ago

      @Chris Cieslik. Sorry to beat this, I am still not exactly clear. I do not have any copies of the game at this time. This is what I am pledging for :

      "One copy of the Mottainai: Wutai Mountain expansion and one copy of original Mottainai (Mini edition)."

      Q1. This will now have enough reference cards and action cards for up to 5 players? I feel like I will be lacking at least one reference card - please clarify.
      Q2. Silly question - what if I want to add a sixth player.

    5. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator 6 days ago

      Correct. Wutai can be added to a 2-5 player game with only one deck. You do not need two sets.

    6. Hendrik
      7 days ago

      Please confirm that with the Mottainai mini plus wutai mountain I can have 2 to 5 players.

    7. Adam Arias 7 days ago

      Oh, thanks. No worries, then.

    8. Sinquetica 7 days ago

      The expansion adds a second deck that is not shuffled with the original. With Wutai, your opening hands will be four original cards and one wutai. During play the first card placed to your waiting area each turn is drawn from the expansion deck, with subsequent draws coming from the original. How many of each kind of card you are holding is public information.

    9. Adam Arias 7 days ago

      Wait, so if the expansion isn't linen finished, won't that mess up the game a little? If I see that a card from the expansion is on top of the deck, it will probably influence what I chose to do that turn.

    10. Missing avatar

      BuddBall2 7 days ago

      I got in on the last day or so of the campaign, so if it was as short as originally planned, I never would have got in on it.

    11. Sinquetica 7 days ago

      Yes, congratulations. I would also like to throw in my relief that this wasn't the flash campaign it was meant to be. I would have been very disappointed to miss out.

    12. Missing avatar

      Eric Perreault on April 16

      Wew! That was a nailbiter!

      :D can't wait!

    13. Keith Rexing on April 16

      Congrats on the successful campaign!

    14. Jared Wilbur on April 16

      Congrats on the successful campaign. I'm glad it ended up being extended so more people could back it.

      Also, you can sleeve all the cards and they'll fit nicely in the box. My Mottainai mini has been sleeved since day one and has no issues fitting.

    15. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on April 15

      Hurray! Little longer than planned but I suppose it worked out :)

    16. Missing avatar

      on April 15

      Congrats on a successful campaign :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Eric Perreault on April 14

      @Larry i sleeved my copy of the base game and it fits very nicely if you remove the insert.

    18. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on April 13

      With an elastic, probably.

    19. Missing avatar

      Larry Eisenstein on April 13

      Will the boxes accommodate sleeved cards?

    20. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on April 13

      If there's a ton of demand for Deluxe, we'd consider it, but there hasn't been!

    21. Missing avatar

      Chad Meyer on April 11

      I knew this was coming because I saw the PnP version for playtesting. I, however, did not see that it was going to be on Kickstarter. I, too, am glad that the timing got messed up. As someone who pushed the big red button, I wish I had a heads up so I knew that I could give you my money!

    22. Cybill Chang
      on April 10

      As someone in a similar situation to that of Mac Nelson and Daggerhand, may I ask why the Mottainai Deluxe has no plans of being reprinted?
      If enough people express interest in the Deluxe, is there any possibility of reconsidering?

    23. Scott Bender
      on April 4

      I'm glad the timing got goofed up or I'd have missed this!

    24. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on April 3

      It's a separate deck with separate backs, so it should have no effect on gameplay.

    25. Missing avatar

      Eric Perreault on April 3

      I believe the Wutai cards are designed not to blend in with the base set and actually have a different card back art design as it is. So different finish shouldn’t have any effect on gameplay

    26. Carolyn Callahan
      on April 2

      @Nate Johnson Yes, I thought of that, too. Then I remembered that my deluxe version is sleeved, so the difference won't be so noticeable. Where there's a will, there's a way:)

    27. Nate Johnson
      on April 2

      Crap! So the expansion will not match the card material of my deluxe version? That sucks. Guess I'll have to reconsider. Love the game, but $16 for an expansion that doesn't even match is rough. Hmmm

    28. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on April 1

      Correct! Just one copy.

      Some folks didn't like that every card wasn't identical on the back because of the linen finish, or that it didn't look good. It was a frequent enough complaint that we changed it for future runs.

    29. Derek Anderson on April 1

      Just to confirm, you only need one copy of the expansion even if you have 4 or 5 players, right? Also, why were people complaining about the linen finish? I have the deluxe and I didn't see a problem with it.

    30. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on March 30

      No - they're printed on the same stock as our other games. So many people complained about the linen finish that we won't be doing it again!

    31. Missing avatar

      Zeb Swinney on March 29

      Are the cards linen finished like the deluxe version of Mottainai?

    32. Ray Greenley on March 27

      Just want to mention that your mistake on the length of the campaign has allowed me to get in on it, so I'm glad for the mistake! Looking forward to the expansion, even if I've hardly even begun to mine the depths of the base game. ;^)


    33. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on March 24

      Oh, sorry - something went wrong on our website. I'll fix it tomorrow.

      Mottainai Deluxe is sold out and not planned to be reprinted, sorry!

    34. Mac Nelson on March 23

      The display says available, but it said out of stock when I went to add it to my cart. It's more the larger player mats that I'm after, and potentially 2 side by side games.

    35. Jeff Voss on March 23

      Seems like it's available to me when I just checked. 2-3 players is the sweet spot for this game anyway.

    36. Mac Nelson on March 23

      Hey, I'm late to this party, But I Also (like Daggerhand commented below) would like to get the Expansion and the Deluxe Edition. Deluxe edition is now listed as unavailable on the Asmadi Website store - looks based on another comment like it was available when the question was asked before. Are there any plans to reprint the Deluxe and make it available later? Through the Asmadi Website or Standard Distribution? I'd rather have the Deluxe, but also don't want to Pledge only for the Expansion if I'm Not going to be able to get the Deluxe. If it's the Mini I'm stuck with anyway, I'd rather get it now.

    37. Ryan Lopez on March 21

      @Anne Reynolds, please let me know if you try out my solo variant (on the BGG files page, or the thread in the Variants forum--I'm subscribed to both). I'd love to hear your feedback and answer questions. It's my second attempt at an "automa-like" solo variant (the first was for Chimera Station), and I've yet to hear much feedback for either. I know there are some potential issues with card interactions here, but so far I've been content to ignore them. However, I'd be open to writing up some rules for them if people really want a more complex system. :)

    38. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on March 21

      There're some folks working off and on on an app, but nothing's come of it just yet. As a niche game, it's tough to make the development investment worth it for an app!

      And yes, the card backs are different, they're light but not white.

    39. Missing avatar

      Anne Reynolds on March 21

      Never mind about my question re: card backs. I was finally able to download the rules which explains how that works.

    40. Missing avatar

      Anne Reynolds on March 21

      @Ryan Lopez, I, too, have had problems finding some folks to play Mottainai consistently enough to really wrap my head around the gameplay. I will definitely check out your solo game AI on BGG. @Chris Cieslik, any plans to get an app or tabletopia game going?

    41. Missing avatar

      Anne Reynolds on March 21

      What color will the backs of the cards be? I own Mottainai Deluxe, so I currently have both a black and a white deck.

    42. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on March 21

      It's a super simple print. 56 cards, box, rules.

    43. Missing avatar

      Edward Terwilliger on March 20

      Is the production of the game already done ? I dont see how you can meet the fast delivery date.

    44. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on March 20

      There's not really any more content to be added, we're mostly treating it as if we raised $15K, have 700 backers, and will be fulfilling in a few weeks as planned. As a bonus, people can still sneak in and back up until the now longer campaign closes!

    45. Nathan Biangel on March 20

      I think they said in update 2 that this will be a quiet campaign.... meaning nothing else will be added.

    46. Missing avatar

      Edward Terwilliger on March 20

      Are you tossing in anything else since its going to be 30 days ? Also how is it going to be possible to hit the quick delivery date ?

    47. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on March 20

      We're only shipping Kickstarter orders within the US - no shipping is available for backers elsewhere.

      Normal distribution/stores is the best way for backers elsewhere to get the game!

    48. Missing avatar

      pmaiello on March 20

      I see shipping is US only.
      How does that work for backers overseas?

    49. Nathanael May
      on March 19

      It's an Asmadi project, so my money was yours before you even launched the campaign. Can't wait.

    50. Jared Wilbur on March 19

      @BoardGameRevolution If the box is the same size as the original Mottainai mini box, it will fit sleeved cards. I've had Mottainai sleeved since I bought it a year or two ago, and they fit nice and snug in the box.

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