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A brand new expansion for Carl Chudyk's Mottainai, containing 54 new works. Tuck cards under them with new and exciting mechanics!
A brand new expansion for Carl Chudyk's Mottainai, containing 54 new works. Tuck cards under them with new and exciting mechanics!
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    1. Demetris Hadjigeorgiou on

      I believe that i filled out the survey quite early back the friend i shipped the game has not received it yet. I have send you a private message as well but i have not received a reply yet. Any news of my pledge?

    2. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on

      I believe we've shipped out replacements to everyone who filled out the form at this point.

    3. Gustavo PyL on

      hi! Has anyone received replacement copies?

    4. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on

      Second shipping wave is on its way out this week (for anyone who responded to the survey late)

    5. Michael

      Our copy seems to be pretty good. We're new to the game so we've only played the base game so far. The only possible issue I've seen is that the cards seem a bit tough to shuffle. They seem to catch rather than slide past each other a bit more than I'm useful. I don't know that I'd have even noticed it if not for the complaints. We went ahead and sleeved our copy, but I think that was inevitable anyway. Mottainai has its hooks in us, and given how much the cards get handled in a game, plus the high likelihood that it's going to end up getting played at the bar means that we'd have almost certainly sleeved it eventually.

    6. Missing avatar

      Carl on

      Chris has done a great job acknowledging some of the printing issues with his update. I'm going to list some things I've noticed with my set below so others can do a quick spot-check. This is in no way meant to be a rant - I just noticed some of these due to other comments below and wanted to pass them along in summarized form so that others can notice. Please note that I've only checked the backs thoroughly since only noticeable differences there will affect my game group's experience. I only glanced at the front faces for immediate damage. Onto the observations.

      Some unique printing issues on the backs:
      Blue dot on small cloud on the back of "Wristband" card.
      White patch over second "i" on back of "Buddha".
      White patch on back of "Lily Pad" card, Southeast of smallest cloud.
      White dot above first "i" on back of "Anklet.
      Black patches under title on back of "Incense Case".
      White patch under top-right cloud on back of "Ribbon".
      Pink clouds on back of "Gift Card".
      White patch on the right side on back of "Book".

      There are also some general color differences on the backs that will not be affecting my plays since they seem to be randomly distributed.

      I also noticed something interesting in my observations - there seem to be words printed on the back (almost holographic, maybe residue from the card stock) if you shine the light at the right angle on the top-right cloud and look for the glare. This is not really noticeable with sleeves though and I don't think there will be a problem within game groups.

      Unfortunately it looks like the die cuts left tears in almost all of the front faces, on the bottom edge of the card near the left and right corners. Luckily it's the same consistent tear on each card so it won't look too out of place for any one card :P.

      Hope this helps!

    7. Jeff Voss on

      I appreciate the update, Chris. As always, you provide stellar customer service. My deck does have a raised lip from a likely dull blade. But I sleeve my cards, so it doesn't really affect game play. But it's definitely nice to know the option for replacement is there. Many thanks.

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris Eustice on

      I’m happy to have received the game. I’d also like to say I’m disappointed in the choice to not have linen finish on the cards.

    9. Missing avatar

      Eric Perreault on

      Just want to say thanks for a quick turnaround and a fantastic expansion. I love what Wutai adds to the game! Deeper & more exciting tactics with every play. Looking forward to more Mottainai some day & whatever project Asmadi rolls out next :)

    10. Jason Carr on

      Received. Love it. More campaigns like this please!

    11. Missing avatar

      T Budd on

      I got mine today. Both the Mottainai mini and Wutai Mountain looks good! Thanks! I received it much quicker than I expected it.

    12. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on

      Hey Alex, we can send along two more copies, sorry about that!

    13. Alex on

      I only received one copy even though I backed for three.

    14. Mark Scrudder

      My copy of Wutai Mountain is fine, but I have some pretty severe miscuts in the base game. Submitted a form for replacements.

    15. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on

      Glad to hear it, Jeff! It's a fun twist on the game, for sure.

    16. Missing avatar


      Got my game yesterday. Thanks for the very quick shipment. We had fun learning the game and look forward to playing more in the future.

    17. Nate Johnson

      I agree, @Sean. I had my hesitation when I learned that linen finish wasn't happening. Having the cards in my hand though, I can't stand the difference in texture on the cards. I guess sleeves are required on my old deluxe edition. Friggin stupid. Even the box is crummy. It's pretty much useless, especially the paper insert. And lastly, I'm super bummed to only get 2 of the tiny temples. Again, being a loyal "deluxe" early adopter has bitten me in the ass when it comes to Asmadi. I'm a big fan of this actual game at least. This expansion is nice for variety and complexity, but the actual delivered product has left an awful sour taste in my mouth. I sure hope there won't be more to this game, just so I don't have to deal with this disappointment again.

      This game already has a pretty small audience, as indicated by this very KS page. You guys really thought the people who actually LIKE this game wouldn't be willing to pay the extra couple bucks for respectable quality? I mean, if anything, this product shows your intent moving forward. You talked about not wanting to deal with the frustration of linen finish and the like. That said, if this expansion is indicative of your quality level going forward, I am without doubt boycotting your products. I'm sure this means nothing to you all, but I feel this strongly about your "cost savings" decisions. That is all. Thank you for a successful and somewhat frustrating project. Congrats on actually making something, at least. Remember when you guys actually liked playing, ogling, and collecting games? -- a jaded fan of a game that didn't get fair treatment

    18. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on

      Weird - may be that a few sheets on the press in a row had a color issue. I'll address it with the factory.

    19. Missing avatar

      Kristofor Varhus on

      My copy has the same problem with Gift Card as @Bruce G. The clouds are tending more toward pink. I’ll fill out the form.

    20. Missing avatar

      Sean Foulon

      Looks like I’ll be sleeving Wutai Mountain. Card quality is pretty disappointing.

    21. Dave Hackman

      I got my today in the Seattle area too.

    22. Jess Turner

      Wow, I already got my copy out here in Seattle. Nice!

    23. Lenny

      Just received mine. Thank you!

    24. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on

      I checked my copy, no issue with my Gift Card card

    25. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on

      Yup, might just be a botched card. If you've got an issue hit up our replacement form at

    26. Hendrik

      @Bruce G: Not my copy. all card backs look exactly the same.

    27. Missing avatar

      Bruce G

      Just received mine. Does anyone else have a coloring issue on the back of "Gift Card"? The blue on the top isn't right and it's noticable enough.


    28. Hendrik

      Woohoo. Just received my copy Mountain and two sets of Mini. Already opened and now waiting for my players! Thanks Chris and co. at Asmadi.

    29. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on

      Hurray! Other copies should start arriving real soon :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Nathan Bignall on

      Just got my copy! Cannot wait to get it to the table.

    31. Cybill Chang

      @Chris Cieslik. Hi, I sent you a PM. Please check your inbox, thank you.

    32. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on

      :) News very soon.

    33. Missing avatar

      Anne Reynolds on

      @Chris Cieslik, the Campaign indicated that you were working to begin fulfillment as soon as the campaign ended. That statement begs the question, "has fulfillment started?" :)

    34. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on

      Oh - sorry about that.

      To play with 4-5 players you would need two sets of core Mottainai, and one set of Wutai Mountain.

      6 players is not supported, it'd be far too chaotic.

    35. Hendrik

      I meant to say I may be missing player mats (not reference cards).

    36. Hendrik

      @Chris Cieslik. Sorry to beat this, I am still not exactly clear. I do not have any copies of the game at this time. This is what I am pledging for :

      "One copy of the Mottainai: Wutai Mountain expansion and one copy of original Mottainai (Mini edition)."

      Q1. This will now have enough reference cards and action cards for up to 5 players? I feel like I will be lacking at least one reference card - please clarify.
      Q2. Silly question - what if I want to add a sixth player.

    37. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on

      Correct. Wutai can be added to a 2-5 player game with only one deck. You do not need two sets.

    38. Hendrik

      Please confirm that with the Mottainai mini plus wutai mountain I can have 2 to 5 players.

    39. Adam Arias on

      Oh, thanks. No worries, then.

    40. Sinquetica on

      The expansion adds a second deck that is not shuffled with the original. With Wutai, your opening hands will be four original cards and one wutai. During play the first card placed to your waiting area each turn is drawn from the expansion deck, with subsequent draws coming from the original. How many of each kind of card you are holding is public information.

    41. Adam Arias on

      Wait, so if the expansion isn't linen finished, won't that mess up the game a little? If I see that a card from the expansion is on top of the deck, it will probably influence what I chose to do that turn.

    42. Missing avatar

      T Budd on

      I got in on the last day or so of the campaign, so if it was as short as originally planned, I never would have got in on it.

    43. Sinquetica on

      Yes, congratulations. I would also like to throw in my relief that this wasn't the flash campaign it was meant to be. I would have been very disappointed to miss out.

    44. Missing avatar

      Eric Perreault on

      Wew! That was a nailbiter!

      :D can't wait!

    45. Keith Rexing on

      Congrats on the successful campaign!

    46. Jared Wilbur on

      Congrats on the successful campaign. I'm glad it ended up being extended so more people could back it.

      Also, you can sleeve all the cards and they'll fit nicely in the box. My Mottainai mini has been sleeved since day one and has no issues fitting.

    47. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on

      Hurray! Little longer than planned but I suppose it worked out :)

    48. Missing avatar


      Congrats on a successful campaign :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Eric Perreault on

      @Larry i sleeved my copy of the base game and it fits very nicely if you remove the insert.

    50. Chris Cieslik 18-time creator on

      With an elastic, probably.

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