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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Fri, March 1 2019 1:00 AM UTC +00:00.

pledged of $50,000pledged of $50,000 goal
8days to go

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Fri, March 1 2019 1:00 AM UTC +00:00.


Blast off to ADVENTURE! You’re the stalwart crew of the deep-space starship Odyssey. The distant stars beckon you to explore, to overcome the unknown, and to befriend the entire galaxy in this whimsical science fiction journey. 

Gather your weirdest friends (or journey on your own) and strap in for a whimsical science fiction adventure like no other. 1001 Odysseys is the feel-good, narrative-driven journey full of adorable space aliens we’ve always wanted to play. Unlock the map and choose your own path through Insula, a far-flung galaxy of curious aliens who can't wait to meet you.  Choices made by players decide how the story unfolds.  It is simplest to play with four enthusiastic players who can each take on one of the crew roles; however, it is very easy to share roles and let more people play or combine roles to allow for fewer players.  With hundreds of choices to make, no two gameplay experiences will ever be the same!

Want to see the game in action?  We've put video playthroughs in The Game section below.

1001 Odysseys is easy to learn, quick to begin, and it's simple enough to save your progress and pick up again later. Our stories are divided into bite-size Chapters, each of which takes 30-60 minutes to play through. With over 30 chapters of content to experience, you'll have all the adventures you can imagine! 

Each piece of the game is managed by one of the crew roles: Operations, Information, Navigation, or Commander. It’s great to have one player per crew role, but it’s also easy to share or combine roles to accommodate more or fewer players.

Simple rules

Decide as a team (or on your own, if that’s your thing) where to go and what to do next. The Mission Control Board shows letters and numbers for available actions and missions and the Map shows the coordinates for all the locations you can visit. The Operations and Navigation Officers report the combined code to the Commander, who looks it up in the Story Book and assigns a crew member to read the next part of the adventure. Will you discover a new place on your current Map? Uncover an item that might come in handy later? Experience a strange alien encounter?  

Here's an example:

The updates section following the story text contains clear instructions for crew members on what to do next. New locations, missions, and actions will open new options for continuing your adventure!

That's all there is to it - make choices, and follow the instructions the Story Book gives you. You can be adventuring through fantastic weird space within minutes of opening the box.

Saving your progress

As your crew plays through the adventure, the Information Officer will be asked to keep track of certain items, contacts, and unlocked chapters in the Passport. This becomes your single “save file” for the game. If you want to play a Chapter again, just insert a new Chapter sheet.  If you want to start a completely new playthrough, add a new Story folder. 


Playing through a Chapter takes about 30-60 minutes, and when that Chapter is over, everything can simply be dropped back in the box. When you're ready to play the next chapter, the Commander begins by reading its first page and play continues with a short list of exactly what should come out of the box.    

Playthroughs and Reviews

On Feb 4, we joined TWIST Gaming's Twitch stream to play 1001 Odysseys with them. We played through a full chapter of the game, and everyone had a lot of fun! Thanks to all who came and watched live.

TWIST Gaming Playthrough:

TWIST also filmed a review segment to talk about their feelings on the game (spoiler: they liked it a lot, but you knew that already if you watched the playthrough above!)

TWIST Review / First Impression:

Back in November, we played the game on the Penny Arcade Twitch channel, before bringing the game to PAX Unplugged. It was lots of fun, and you can get a feel for how the game flows from watching our adventures on Brumigum. 

 Content Warning: While the game is kid-friendly, some swearing does occur in this video! 

A big, shiny new galaxy requires a big, shiny new space box! You will receive four Story Books, half a dozen gorgeous illustrated Maps, an Almanac filled with creature information and art, Passport supplies for a full adventure, a Discoveries Booklet full of obtainable inventory items, 200+ cards, a Mission Control Board, DISCs, map markers and more!

Note: Components on display in this image and elsewhere on the page are prototypes, not final production quality. Our goal is to have the best components possible :)

Story Books

 Note: Components on display in this image and elsewhere on the page are prototypes. The books will be perfect-bound with a thick cardstock cover. 

The Story Books are your guide to adventure, containing full narrative prose detailing your travels and adventures through Insula. Each Book will include one Story that is roughly six to ten Chapters long and can end in many possible ways. Four of these Books are included with the core game, containing approximately 400 pages of tales in total. 


The intricate watercolor maps provide the background for your interactions, showing you several of the different worlds and locations you'll visit in Insula. The maps have an easy to read grid along their border (more on that below!), and they become more detailed as you adventure through the galaxy. 

Location Cards

And how does the Map become more detailed, you ask? Great question. As gameplay progresses, your Navigator (or you, if you’re managing the ship on your own) will reveal Location Cards with detailed information on them.  Each can be placed on a specific spot on the Map, sliding into place so that the background art lines up perfectly. Voila: now you have a more complete view of where you can go!

Decision Information Storage Chips (DISCs)

In some locations, you'll want to remember which choice you made, or how the environment changed when you visited. These simple DISCs, which are literally disks, will sit on top of the Location Card to keep track of it for you. 

Crew Location Marker

You'll move your crew marker around the map as you interact with the environment, allowing you to easily pinpoint your current position's grid coordinates. Your coordinates are used to look up paragraphs in the Story Book. 

Mission Control Board

The Mission Control Board is how you determine which actions and missions are available to you at any given moment. It also keeps track of the effects of your choices, guiding you to new parts of the story that show the results of your earlier actions. 

Mission Cards

As you work through the story, your Information Officer will record Missions in the Passport. On your Mission Control Board, you'll place cards representing them. Each row on the Board corresponds with one Mission in your story.

Action Cards

Each one of these cards represents a type of action that you can try to further your missions. Will you talk with a passerby? Study records? Look upon the vista? Action Cards are tucked underneath Missions to give you options on how to proceed.

Momentum Cards

As you progress through the story, you build Momentum toward certain outcomes. The Story Book will direct you to place Momentum Cards in certain slots in a Mission's row, representing the choices you've made. When you complete a row, these cards will combine to produce a code that you look up in Story Book to advance or complete the Mission. 

Were the Plumplim impressed with your interactive topiary installation? What happens if you try to engineer your own spaceship? 


Each Story has its own corresponding Passport Folder, where you can keep track of which Chapters you have unlocked, which items you've uncovered, and who you've met. It also holds the Chapter Sheet where you keep a list of your active missions. Keep the Passport safe, and you'll know right where to begin next time. 

Discoveries Booklet

Sometimes you'll meet fascinating individuals or find interesting items lying around the galaxy. Record the new item or contact in your Passport, pull the corresponding sheet out of the Booklet, and tuck it into your Passport Folder. They might come in handy later.  


An all-encompassing dossier of the species you'll meet and places you'll visit, the Almanac provides an illustrated trove of background information for anyone new to the region. Easy to reference quickly, it might just answer that age-old question: which came first, the Elemens or the egg? 

Choices That Matter

This isn't a novel. There's no linear path to follow from the beginning to the end. Instead, each choice you make leads you to new locations, unlocks new actions, or adds new missions that will direct the flow of the Story. Some choices may even remove actions that are no longer relevant. When you finish one Chapter, the next Chapter you’ll play is determined by the choices you made and the secrets you discovered.  

No Wrong Choices

 Don’t worry about making the wrong choice. It's not possible to make a choice that will end the game early, though you might find yourself in some exceptionally strange situations if things don't work out the way you expected. Maybe you weren't planning on participating in a planet-wide, inter-species pillow fight, but sometimes it's best to just roll with it and see how things turn out. 

Playing Again

Still wondering, "what if...?" after your last adventure? Add a new Chapter Sheet to your Passport, and play that Chapter again! Try out different choices and learn even more about the story that's unfolding. On a second playthrough, you’ll find new missions, uncover strange locations, and even unlock whole new Chapters you haven’t yet played. One path through a Story Book will hit only about 30% of its content!  

Refresh Pack

Most of the components in 1001 Odysseys are not modified at all during play. Maps, Story Books, cards, and wooden bits aren't changed or consumed. The Passports, Chapter Sheets, and Discoveries Booklet all get written on as you adventure. The Refresh Pack add-on contains a fresh new set of all these components, in case you want to start over from scratch! Passports and Chapter Sheets will also be available as free PDF downloads.

1001 Odysseys is the biggest and most ambitious game the company has created thus far. We've brought together a whole slew of writers and artists in order to create your space journey, and we can't wait for you to make a bunch of friends in outer space. If you've attended Gen Con in the past few years, you might recognize some of our squad from our Department of Fun demo room!  Here's our creative team for the project: 

1001 Odd Questions Stream

We like talking about our game! So much, in fact, that we spent a whole hour talking about 1001 Odysseys and various other fun things (like cats). 


Before the campaign, Chris (Owner of Asmadi Games) and Julia recorded a podcast talking about the game. Here's the interview with Jason of Every Night is Game Night.   

 Ivy has yet to agree to any interviews!

On November 13, 2018, an odd transmission was heard throughout the galaxy from a satellite linked to Here, we asked readers to help us shape the past, in order to unlock the future. The prologue story of 1001 Odysseys has begun to unfold, based on the choices of the readers! will continue to operate as the Kickstarter campaign rolls on. You'll be faced with life-changing choices, like the ideal location to eat cake, whether to wear disguises and infiltrate sentient cat planets, and which odd space creature to follow for information about the world of 1001 Odysseys. 

Join the story today!

During the campaign, we'll be running Act II of the prologue, and you're able to vote on what chocie is made next.  We're also posting design diaries every Tuesday. The first one, "No Wrong Choices," is already live! 

After the campaign, will serve as the central location for all 1001 Odysseys information. Fun downloads, extra background stories, and more! 

With your help, we'll be able to unlock components of the game that will make your journey even bigger and better! 

At $75K, we unlocked Achievement Medals that will be in every copy of the game! Fun stickers, for your fun adventures.

At $100K, we unlocked a free set of crew badge pins to every single backer of of 1001 Odysseys. These will be exclusively available during the Kickstarter campaign and BackerKit pre-order period. 

$150K unlocks the Fates of the Iliad expansion box. This will be a separate (smaller) game box available as an add-on, containing content from guest authors. 

Sample track: Journey Through Insula

We have a variety of bonus goodies you can add on to your pledge for 1001 Odysseys. To secure one or more of these wonderful items, add the amount to your pledge for whatever your space-heart desires!  During the BackerKit, you'll be able to assign your dollars to items appropriately.

The Explorer + Goodies level includes one each of the Plumplim pin, plush, and refresh pack, at a bundle discount.

Please note that the canvas, pin and plush are only available in the USA.

Because of the weight of this game (literally, books are heavy!) and the fluctuating costs of shipping, we'll be calculating and charging shipping during the post-campaign BackerKit, when it's close to shipping time. The table below lists our estimated shipping cost per region. This shipping cost is flat, regardless of the number of add-ons you purchase.

Our goal is to come in at or even below these estimates. This is especially true if we have a high enough volume of backers to be able to send a full container of games overseas.  

Estimated Shipping Costs: 

Other Regions:

If you are not in one of the areas listed above, our best option may be to ship directly from the US, instead of using an overseas partner. Shipping is likely to be higher ($35+), depending on the exact location. 

Is the project EU-Friendly?

The short answer: we hope so. The long answer: We can't be sure, based on the evolving laws and Brexit situation. Our shipping hub is in the UK, but we will try to add one on the continent if things go messily. 

Refund Policy

As with all of our campaigns, if you're unhappy with our progress or product for any reason, we'll give you a full refund. This includes the case where shipping costs rise beyond our targets. Also, because of the complex issues surrounding Brexit, we cannot predict what the taxes / import situation will be when this project fulfills for backers outside the US. 

To be super clear: If for any reason once production is done it turns out that it'll cost more to ship than you're willing to pay, simply ask and we'll refund your pledge.

Timing and Logistics

The planned schedule for delivery of 1001 Odysseys is March of next year. We've fully written one of the four Story Books, and mapped out ideas for the other three. The bulk of the effort left to be done is writing the rest of the content, painting beautiful maps, and creating the rest of the supporting artwork. Once the campaign completes we'll provide updates on our progress roughly monthly, and you might be able to catch a sneak peek or playtest of the other stories at conventions later in the year! 

Stores + Retail Release

If you're interested in pre-ordering as a store for retail sale, contact us directly in KS messages, or by email at We don't have a retail pledge level, but will get KS exclusive bits to retailers who pre-order before release.

Risks and challenges

We've run many Kickstarter campaigns, and have had plenty of experience getting things together and sent out to all our backers. If and when issues arise, we always communicate to our backers so that you know what's going on.

For this project, we do still have writing and art work that needs completing (the more we fund, the better we'll be able to make the game!), but once the campaign concludes we'll get right to work on finishing up the game so that it can get to your tables - because that's where we want it :)

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