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A card game for 2-6 players. Keep the most ridiculous items hidden, sabotage your rivals and avoid inspections!
A card game for 2-6 players. Keep the most ridiculous items hidden, sabotage your rivals and avoid inspections!
A card game for 2-6 players. Keep the most ridiculous items hidden, sabotage your rivals and avoid inspections!
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We are gtg!



It's taken us a bit longer than expected, but we're finally good to go. Everything is with the manufacturers and the deposit is paid. 

I'm sorry it's taken us a bit longer than expected to get to this stage, but our manufacturer still believes we can meet our target delivery. Once I have the proofs I'll be able to get a better sense of what the timescales are and I'll post another update.

We spent a lot of time refining the look of the cards, box, rules and playmat and I'm really happy with how everything has come together. I have to say a special thanks to Anthony (graphic design) and Dan (art), without their incredible work I wouldn't have gotten to this stage. I can't wait to get this in your hands.

Final Playmat

On that note, here's a look at the final playmat. In previous updates I posted about the design process we've gone through with the playmat. Now that we have the final one I thought you'd like to get an idea of how it all came together. 

version 1

  • This was the first pass Anthony did of the playmat. I liked the idea of having a baggage carousel, but with each player having one it looked too busy. I also didn't like the idea of the baggage cards being placed in an 'L' shape.  

version 2

  • Moved the baggage carousel to the centre of the board, drawing the player attention their. Simplified the layout for baggage cards, gave them a light colouring to distinguish players. 
  • I really like the overall look of this one and it's what we used to build on and refine. The spaces for the cards remind me a bit of a racing grid.

version 3

  • This version is much closer to the final version. I had the idea of using baggage trolleys as markers for players to place cards, which helps to reinforce the theme. The carousel in the centre is a bit more detailed and everything is nicely spaced.
  • My though here was that the numbers weren't really necessary as they didn't add anything and the colours were a bit overpowering.

version 4

  • After a final bit of feedback here's the (almost) final version - the only change we made was giving the centre draw pile a bit of colour to ensure it can be related to the baggage cards.
  • Somewhere along the line I said to Anthony that I like things that look worn and dirty, I think it adds character and a bit of realise. I love the attention to detail he added here with the scuff marks and faded yellow lines.
  • We kept the colours but made them a bit more subtle by limiting them to the handles.

Locking down surveys

Now that things are with the printers I'll be locking down the surveys next week (7th April). All that means is you won't be able to change your order, so if you want any extra copies add them now. After the surveys are locked down you'll still be able to update your address should you need and I'll be sure to send a few reminders when we get closer to the time. 

If you are having any trouble getting to your survey or have no idea what I'm going on about drop me a message either here or by email at (comments are harder to track).

In other news

In an earlier update I mentioned I was working on a game to play for my birthday - based on Chardee MacDennis from It's Always Sunny - the game went down really well and was loads of fun. As such, now that Nothing To Declare is safely with the printer I'll be working on putting this together as a free print and play game available on my website. Rather than me spamming you with messages if you're interested be sure to sign up to my mailing list at or visit my facebook page.

Until next time...


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    1. Behrooz 'Bez' Shahriari

      Congrats Paul!!

      Btw, the mailing list button on your website is difficult to find. I looked for 5s and then gave up. :-p