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a short run vinyl pressing of the wonderful ska-core record "This is the Begining of the End" by Infamous Jake & the Pinstripe Mafia Read more

Ansonia, CT Rock
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This project was successfully funded on December 13, 2011.

a short run vinyl pressing of the wonderful ska-core record "This is the Begining of the End" by Infamous Jake & the Pinstripe Mafia

Ansonia, CT Rock
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This Mass. based ska-core act was fronted by our friend, and all around great human being Dan Lang-Gunn. In its short tenure it released this record that quickly became one of the top albums from the genre from the Northeast, but has long since been out of print, and fallen to obscurity. This project is to give it the release on vinyl it deserves.

. During a concert on November 19, 2004, Dan (then vocalist for Eyeball Records band The Modern Day Saint), experienced arrhythmia and went into cardiac arrest on stage. Police and staff performed CPR on Lang-Gunn until he could be taken to the hospital, but he suffered from an anoxic brain injury and was in a coma for several weeks. Lang-Gunn is now struggling to restore his ability to walk, speak, and live.

We wanted to do something special for Dan, to let him know that the community he so loved, and did so much to foster still loves him, and will never forget what he gave to us. So dig deep, and please help us complete this project. 100% of funds raised over what we need to make the record will be presented to Dan's family for his continued treatment towards recover

Here's the original press release for this now classic ska-core record, released by the defunct kill.normal.records:

From 2000-2003, Infamous Jake & The Pinstripe Mafia dominated the Western Mass scene. Blending fast up-beat ska/punk with hardcore as well as some more traditional ska and reggae, the band soon gained prominence in the CT scene and quickly bonded with CT hardcore/ska/metal outfit The Flaming Tsunamis. The two bands were attached at the hip, touring together and even sharing members. Infamous Jake borrowed Joe Watts on trombone and TFT abducted Dan and Matt on trumpet and drums (respectively). Later Andy and Ethan of TFT would join forces with Dan and Matt to create Kill Normal Records which would release CDs for both bands as well as many others. The Beginning of the End marks the final album from this band, showcasing the their ever growing love of adding more aggressive elements into their ska/punk blend while still keeping a strong focus on melody. The album also features a cover of The Flaming Tsunamis’ PPC.

Track List:
1. If Assholes Got Awards, I’d Have a Trophy Case
2. Slap Bass (you’ll never understand)
3. Standing Proud
4. Wake Up
5. PPC (orig. recorded by TFT)
6. Johnny
7. Third Fight

special thanks to andy & ethan of knr/TFT for their help and allowing us to move forward on this project.


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    Yo i have a record label!?!?!!? - you get a copy, a test press, and we'll put your label's logo on the back of this bad boy... don't have a label?.. well this is the perfect record to start with!

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