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Protect your car and everyone in it with the first 4K 360˚ dash cam that keeps drivers alert with AI-powered drowsiness detection.
Protect your car and everyone in it with the first 4K 360˚ dash cam that keeps drivers alert with AI-powered drowsiness detection.
3,005 backers pledged $651,656 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Andrew Wilson on

      Hello ArVizonTeam,
      What length will the USB Type C cable be!

    2. Andrew Wilson on

      Hi Arvizon team, I really hope the Vezo 360AI comes with clear colour night vision. I agree the USB type C should be free through out your product range. More features on the mobile app would be good maybe Siri some commands.

    3. Oar Gzm on

      Hello ArVizon team,

      This is regarding the USB type C. The stretch goal for $225,000 has been successfully completed,. Please make an official announcement that all Vezo 360's will have USB type C.


    4. G. Lamar Wilkie on

      That's great news, ArVizion, because you have a fantastic product concept that is fully funded nearly eight times over. Holding backer preferences hostage as a stretch goal is a good way to start a mutiny. As many have suggested, there are plenty of things to consider for a stretch goal, and I won't list them again here. I just want to express my relief that you are listening to your backers, who - like you - want the best product possible. Thank you!

    5. ArVizon, Inc. Creator on

      Hello Everyone,

      We thank you all for the feedback we have been receiving throughout the campaign. We, at ArVizon, Inc. take customer feedback very seriously.

      Here is an announcement concerning the USB Type-C connectivity. We will have USB Type-C connectivity whether or not we reach $225,000.

      Critical feedback is what fuels any business towards success. We look forward to getting continued feedback and support from you guys.


      Team ArVizon

    6. Christian Page on

      I do not agree that because it was voted on it should automatically get added....but I do think this is an insanely bad stretch goal and an insult.
      For hiting an 1,000% goal we get somthing that has nearly no cost difference to make.
      And going based on what's said in this post and other it seems it's not even using usb c features just converting it. Wich means it is going to cost pennies to add what's costing us $200k. When I bough my phone it came with 4 USBc converters for free.
      This has been a trend in newer kickstarters for a while worse and worse stretch goals this takes the cake.
      The sd card was an ok one.

      Maybe a stretch goal to add more features to the AI? Maybe a better battery. Maybe more app features.
      Or maybe added speaker that a message can be played if the ai sees the door open. Like announcing its recording as an anti theft measure like the light.
      Upgrading camera quality adding night mode with an informed light so the inside of the car is more visible.
      Theres about a thousand things that could be done.

    7. Jug on

      I also agree that this should not be a stretch goal.

    8. Missing avatar

      steven on

      G. Lamar Wilkie,

      You are totally right, I already expressed the interest of everyone need for the USB C and Power connection through the Magnetic mount. but they seem not really want to make the change when still prototype. I dont see any problem they are facing at to make the change. maybe they want 360 V2 for that option to earn more money. Also it should not be a stretch goal as all backers voted and that is the need. We backed for good product not care about our feedback. Well, i'm out this backer. Not worth to deal with them as they are trying to circle all backer around.

    9. Sean Feldman on

      Absolutely agree with G. Lamar Wilkie.
      This should not be a stretch goal if you'd ask me. Not with 10 days left and 85% clearly expressing their preference for a modern connectivity.

    10. G. Lamar Wilkie on

      I guess I'm confused - if 85% of backers want USB-C connectivity, why make that a stretch goal? It's not like we're likely to buy another one... why not make the stretch goal one of the more challenging requests? How about power connection through the magnetic mount? That's something a lot of us would REALLY like to see - and the extra funding would give you the engineering resources to make it happen. My 2¢