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An eBook with a video series to accompany it. Will go step by step creating some amazing real world applications.

What will you learn?

That's up to you, really. We plan on teaching you almost everything you'll need to know to create your application. We'll go over the most common coding methods and frameworks. We will be creating 3 awesome applications to help you learn and understand the .Net language and Metro development. But we aren't going to teach you like most people. Most training sources assume you have prior knowledge. We don't assume, we teach. We will go step by step and explain each step in detail and use analogies that you'll understand. Best of all at the end of the training source you'll get access to the source code of all 3 applications.

What applications will we be creating?

We'll be working on 3 applications. The first of the 3 will be an AWESOME KickStarter application. In this application you'll learn how to interact with the web and store files in isolated storage. You'll also learn some great user interface design tricks and how to create gems and fly-outs.

The 2nd project will be an AWESOME CRM Application. You'll learn how to interact with the web, databases, local files, ui design and printing. This is a real world application and will be free in the Windows Store.

The 3rd project will show our fun side. I'm sure you've all played Lep's World  or Mario. Well we're bringing our own version to Windows 8. You'll learn how to interact with the web, local files, ui design, game logic, database interactions, multi-touch and gestures. 

What else will we learn?

We'll also be teaching you how to interact with tiles and how to create different notifications. We'll also teach you how to use built in color schemes to give your application an awesome look without the headache.

What happens to the 3 applications?

All 3 applications will be put in the Windows Store. And they'll remain free.The CRM application will have a paid version that will come out in January. The one we work on in the training series will always be free and will be updated along with the paid version. All contributors will land their name on the credits of all 3 applications.

What do we need the money for?

Hosting and bandwidth. There will be 3 video series with at least 25 episodes per series along with source code. If we achieve funding we do have stretch goals and rewards that will be announced. Some of the money will also go towards Red Bull and Hot Pockets too. :-)

We're also taking part in Kicking it Forward

What do we get?

Depending on your reward level you'll get a copy of the eBook, video series and a flash drive with the source code to all projects.

What qualifies you to teach me?

Well, I'm not loaded with credentials by no means. I graduated from Indiana Tech in 2004 with a B.S. in Software Engineering and a B.S. in Information Systems. Directly after graduation I joined forces with a development company in Saint Louis, MO. During my 7 year stay at Asynchrony Solutions I was deeply involved with projects dealing in network security and cryptography. Projects included clients such as the US Army, DTRA and USTRANSCOM. Since then I've been freelancing in the Southeast Missouri area, mostly to medical facilities writing patient intake software and billing applications. I have a strong passion for the .Net Framework and have been working with it since it was released in 2002. I write small practical applications for friends and family and small fun applications for my 3 kids on my free time.

I teach 2 days a week at one of our local community colleges. I focus on .Net development and the 4.0 Framework. Starting Feb of 2013 I'll be attending Carnegie Institute of Technology to further my education in software development by working on my PhD. I hope to become an employee with the FBI with the Cyber division.

I've learned to speak "geek" in a way that most anyone can understand. With my unique way of teaching I really believe ANYONE can learn how to write Windows 8 Metro applications. If you're ready to learn how to create awesome applications, pledge today.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We face a pretty large risk when teaching. Though we believe we are AWESOME teachers, we have to be careful. It's hard work and challenging to create a training regimen that works for everyone. We have 10 years of experience in the .Net Framework development environment and we hope to use those 10 years to overcome the risk of not being able to teach everyone. We also face the challenge of delivering such large training series to everyone on time. This is were the money comes in hand. We're tackling this challenge with Amazon cloud storage.


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