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One of Bialystock & Bloom's most successful plays ever was THE SANTALAND DIARIES.  I want to bring it back for ass kicking fun.
One of Bialystock & Bloom's most successful plays ever was THE SANTALAND DIARIES. I want to bring it back for ass kicking fun.
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I'm not going to belabor the point. I want get in a rehearsal hall with that old talented devil Tom Klubertanz and once again put together our ass-kicking production of THE SANTALAND DIARIES. A lot of people who loved Bialystock & Bloom Theatre Company, loved this production. If it goes well some day I might even be able to do another play (dangling tease to bemuse you all).

That great Milwaukee actor named Tom Klubertanz once put on a pair of candy cane colored tights and did a play called THE SANTALAND DIARIES for people who literally almost wet themselves with laughter seeing the thing. He did it for my old theatre company, Bialystock & Bloom. It's time to bring it back.

Tom and I are ready to go, but there's only one thing we need to do first: PAY SOME ROYALTIES. If we can do that with your hand in the mix, this project goes ahead.

But we're not asking for you to throw good money at something without some reward. This is what they call old fashioned commerce. We ask you to provide money, and we will provide a service and a good.

How more American can you get than that, right folks?

Here is all I am asking you to do: BUY A $20 TICKET TO THIS SHOW BY MAY 1ST.

For each $20 you commit to right now through my Kickstarter project (you won't be charged until we reach our goal of $2,000, aka 100 people willing to laugh their asses off in December in Wisconsin) you will receive the following:

1. 1 Ticket to THE SANTALAND DIARIES (December 2-19 for 9 performances at The Sunset Playhouse's Studio Theatre--we'll arrange your specific date later)
2. 1 Baseball Cap (a jolly design is in the works)

But that's not all. If this whole thing goes really well, there might be other projects in the offing. It will be the same business model for the future: YOU BUY, WE PROVIDE.

But we'll cross that bridge at another time. First, let's make this dandy one happen, shall we?

Since Bialystock & Bloom closed in 2006, many people have been saying, "Hey, when are you going to do another project, Mr. Jonathan West?" This is my time to say, "Put your money where your mouth is, and I will be happy to oblige."

Thanks for helping to make this happen if you can. It's gonna be better than the last time, and the last time was pretty damned amazing.

You can probably hear more about this on my blog at because I imagine I will yammer on about it there since I'm so excited to get it off the ground.

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    With every $20 you pledge, you get the following: 1 Ticket to see THE SANTALAND DIARIES, 1 Baseball Cap, 1 chance to possibly kickstart more interesting projects.

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