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A 4 week summer program that integrates diverse forms of art making, ecology, nutrition with the backyard wilderness of the Rockaways.

Arts in Parts was started by Cecilia de Corral, Heather Kramer, Chris Martin, Diwa Tamrong and many others in November 2012. After Hurricane Sandy, we felt an urgency to get the young minds of Rockaway back on their feet. By offering free art classes every Sunday, our hope is to give them a more positive, optimistic outlook and empower them to be catalysts for their own change and rebuilding their community.

After so much amazing support from the public, the Rockaway community, Beam Center and Occupy Sandy, we decided the next step was to provide an affordable, yet creative and innovative summer program for the kids of Rockaway.

Arts in Parts: Summer in the Rockaways will be a summer program that will stimulate young minds through creative problem solving, nourishment, artistic exploration and ecological engagement. By integrating diverse forms of art making with exploration of their backyard wilderness and oceanside, our summer program hopes to provide the kids of Rockaway with skills to be shapers of a healthy community and world

*Arts In Parts is fiscally sponsored by Beam Center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. You will be able to deduct donations to Arts in Parts: Summer in the Rockaways that exceed the value of the gift which you are receiving. Opt out of your pledge gift and you can claim the full amount of your donation. 

  • The summer program will be held in July and August 2013
  •  The program will be Monday-Friday for 8 hours each day
  • It will take place at Smallwater on Beach 96th st, just one block from the ocean.  There we will have full access to an indoor space, a kitchen and be creating an educational garden from repurposed materials. 
  • The camp will be broken into the following four week sessions:

July 8-12, 2013
This week will act as a fresh introduction to our community. By exploring our basic needs within the frame of the resources provided in just a few blocks, the kids will become aware of a different way of looking at their surroundings and all that's available within. They'll be creating a set of tools, working with different community members who will be imparting valuble skills, and collaborating on large scale projects that will help them interact with the space around them.

large scale projects:
-designing and building a cob oven that will be used all summer for

July 22-26, 2013
By moving through unfamiliar landscapes nearby and being inspired by explorers from the past, the kids will be introduced to new and personal forms of discovery. They'll be studying forms of access on the land, through the water, and in the air and beyond. Trips to different and varied parts of the Rockaway peninsula will keep us active and engaged with our immediate and accessible surroundings.

large scale project: 
-creating an interactive tunnel system that will explore texture and the use of our senses

August 5-9, 2013
With a focus on observation, this week will ask the kids to look at their surroundings and the ecosystems present throughout. We'll look at systems that are already in effect and ones that have potential to grow. They'll learn about their role in these structures and the influence they can have over the large and small ways their community is connected.

 large scale project:
 -the implementation of new ways for interacting with their community

August 19-23, 2013
This week we'll be challenging our knowledge of nourishment, by broadening our scope of the food landscape that is within reach. The kids will be forming real connections with their food by learning about sources for accquiring nutrition and becoming a big part of the preperations and processes that go into eating. The week will culminate with a parade and celebration all revolving around the sharing of a meal.

large scale project:
-putting on a parade and preparing and sharing a full meal from ingredients in the garden and local farms

!! We are also accepting material donations. As artists and educators ourselves, we know that there is often an abundance of materials when working in creative fields in New York City, and we want to put those to use! This is another way we hope to make this program sustainable and affordable. 

Here is a list of material donations we are accepting:
-any art materials
-picnic tables (2)
-bicycle wheels
-cutting knives (20)
-mixing bowls (20)
-wooden spoons
-water bottles
-cast iron skillet
-cast iron dutch oven
-tools-garden tools
-food processor
-mason jars of all sizes
-mortar and pestle
-food from local farms, CSA's and co-ops for weekly donations

*if you have something that is not on this list but you think it would be useful for us please send us an email!

Please contact us at if you would like to donate~~

~Visit our website for updates and more information:

~Beam Center ( is a community of learning and discovery for young people aged 6-18. Guided by artists in technology, imagination and craft, young people develop much more than skills; they build their character, courage to think for themselves, and capacity for collaboration and invention.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Running and organizing a summer program for children carries with it many challenges. Funding is currently our biggest obstacle. If we meet our goal, we can go into our summer prepared with a thoughtful curriculum, a beautiful space and garden, a strong network of people willing to collaborate, and the money and means to support all of the aforementioned. That being said summer is a complicated time for families to schedule and plan. We hope that the running of our program will alleviate some of this stress for families in the Rockaway community, but signing up a group of interested and engaged kids is our next hurdle. However we're confident that with the relationships we've already fostered, and all that we have to offer, we'll have a group of excited kids signed up in no time.


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