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<NOTE: After days of video issues, I have decided to launch this Kickstarter without a video, and I will upload one once I have worked out the technical issues>

Infected Quarterly (IQ) is a new Arts and Literature magazine being published by ArtOrder LLC in collaboration with Infected By Art.

IQ will be featuring in depth perspectives and meaningful conversations with talented artists and writers from around the world while focusing on genre-related Art and Literature. IQ will be talking to creatives about real issues that impact their personal lives and their careers...and chances are, yours as well.

In both Art and Literature, we talk about the "narrative" of a piece, and in that vein, IQ plans to dive deep into the narrative of the careers and lives of creatives who contribute to the magazine. While IQ will be focusing on great conversations, we will also also be featuring world wide exclusives and brand new Art and Literature by introducing illustrated short stories and mini-comics to each issue. IQ will be offering you a fresh takes on genre fiction, introducing you to some new voices and artists. As well as re-introducing you to some industry leaders who are trying out something new or different.

So whatever it is you are looking for: be it inspiration, motivation, curiosity, strength or fulfillment - or you just want to learn more about today’s hottest artist and writers, then start by reading the next pages of IQ magazine.   

The typical IQ magazine will feature:

  • full color art
  • 120+ pages
  •  7"x10" premium magazine format 
  •  4 artist conversations - Rather than "vanity" or tutorial articles, we will have conversations with the artists about adversity in their careers, personal life or projects, how they overcame those troubles and grew as people and as artists. Our intent is to illustrate ways we can all grow and strengthen as we walk through our creative lives. Sometimes the conversations will be humorous and uplifting, and other times they will explore some of our darkest fears and weakest moments in our lives.
  •  4 stories - The stories in IQ will be a mix of illustrated short stories, serialized fiction, mini-comics and graphic stories featuring writers and artists with fresh voices. We will offer a wide range of genres, styles and viewpoints. We want to challenge our readers with new and established voices

 Iris Compiet is a traditional artist and illustrator from the Netherlands. She has worked for various international clients in the field of publishing & concept art, has contributed to gallery shows, and her art has been published in world renowned annuals and magazines. Storytelling is an essential part of her artwork, she strives to lure in the spectator, to make them feel a connection to the work, and open a gateway to their imagination to ignite it even further.  

  •  Michael C Hayes gets detailed about the challenges and opportunities of leaving behind freelance and launching a personal brand. 

Michael C Hayes is a classically trained oil painter and independent artist creating work in the imaginative realism and figurative genres.

  •  Virginie Ropars pulls off the band-aid in discussing what it was that caused her to shift from a wildly successful career, and look for fulfillment and passion on another path. 

Virginie Ropars’ figures are in between sculpture, fashion design and illustration - building up visions sometimes full of wonders, while other times strange and gloomy, where femininity often takes the main place. For 15 years Virginie's work has been shown throughout Europe in art galleries and art shows, and also in the United States and Russia. Her work has been featured in many magazines and publications. 

  •  Robh Ruppel, who has seemingly mastered the art of switching career tracks, talks about the thrill and adversity of shifting gears and changing industries.  

Robh has designed for video games, feature films, and animation, publishing and theme parks including Naughty Dog, Dreamworks, Blue Sky, Disney Studios Animation, Sony Pictures Animation, Disney TV Animation and Paramount . He has taught at Art Center College of Design, Gnomon and Concept Design Academy. He has received Gold and Silver awards from the Spectrum Fantasy Art Annual and has been published in several other annuals and collections. When not painting he paints.

  •  LJ Hachmeister, author of the "Triorion" and "Shadowless" series, enlightens us with the "Heart of the Dragon" short story that will be illustrated by Cristiana Leone 
  •  Josh Voght, author of the "Cleaners" series,  twists our perception of evil in the "Necromomicon" short story, and will be illustrated by Julia Griffin 
  •  Christopher Ruocchio, author of "The Sun Eater" series, explores choices on a far flung planet in the "Good Intentions" short story. To be illustrated by Douglas P. Lobo 
  •  Deone Kirk, a fresh new author, brings us a story about relationships, adversity and love in "Another". This story will be illustrated by Ashly Lovett. 

Single Magazine Reward - You get a copy of IG Issue #1. 

Retail Reward*:

  • Issue 1
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Minimum order = 10 units

*Physical store verification will be required; you must provide the store name, store address, phone number, EIN number, and website or Facebook page. If you choose this option and we determine you are not a retailer, you will be charged the difference in price for the retail edition after the campaign. No refunds will be issued. Result of the verification process by ArtOrder LLC will be final. FFA $200

$21,000 : Unlock the 1 year subscription reward.

You get:

  • Issues 1-4
  • Access to exclusive digital content
  • 25% Discounted magazine price 

$5200 - for magazine content (artists and writers licensing fees)

$3500 - production, logistics, duties, taxes (500 units)

$1740 - KS, CrowdOx, and credit card fees

$10,400 - Total

  • Kickstarter - February
  • Funds Released - 1st half of March
  • Surveys - 2nd Half of March
  • Magazine finalized and proofed March
  • Magazine Printed April
  • Magazine Shipped to fulfillment centers May
  • Shipped to you...End of May

To make shipping as effortless and affordable as possible, we will be sending all the magazines in bulk to shipping hubs around the world before forwarding them to you. This logistic plan means pledges originating from the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, and the EU will ship locally from those locations. All shipping will include tracking, when available.

This plan helps reduce most of the frequent headaches and costs associated with backing projects from these international locations (such as VAT, customs, duties, etc.)  

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping will only be charged AFTER the campaign ends using our Kickstarter pledge manager.  Fulfillment surveys MUST be received by the deadline to receive reduced shipping rates. Surveys that are not received by the deadline will have their rewards shipped to our US office, and you will have to pay additional shipping costs to receive your rewards.

This plan ensures that only the most practical and affordable shipping method is chosen for all backers based on real world numbers and not best guesses. This goal protects you from inflated shipping estimates and guarantees that every single puzzle gets shipped.

All magazines will be shipped in padded envelopes for protection. This increases our packaging and shipping costs, but we feel it is far more critical that you receive your rewards intact and in good condition than it is to scrimp on a few pennies in cost.

How shipping is figured:

Unless you are Amazon, shipping is expensive. It is often the most expensive component of product development. The shipping charge is a combination of: the actual costs to ship the item from the warehouse to the final destination (the magazine is estimated to weighs 16 ounces with all of the shipping materials included) + the cost of the shipping materials + the pick and pack fees. We do not treat shipping as a profit margin generator.

Estimated Shipping Fees:

  • Australia $9
  • Austria $11
  • Belgium $11
  • Brazil $31
  • Canada $20
  • China $9
  • Denmark $13
  • Finland $15
  • France $9
  • Germany $10
  • Hong Kong $9
  • Ireland $12
  • Italy $12
  • Israel $22
  • Japan $17
  • Malaysia $17
  • Mexico $20
  • Netherlands $13
  • New Zealand $14
  • Norway $15
  • Russia $35
  • Singapore $17
  • South Korea $17
  • Spain $12
  • Sweden $13
  • Switzerland $17
  • Taiwan $17
  • Thailand $17
  • United Kingdom $11 (can be affected by Brexit without notice)
  • United States $6

Risks and challenges

Common Risks:
While ArtOrder, LLC tries to take every consideration into account for a smooth and efficient campaign - life will be life and issues can occur that are outside of our control. Weather, shipping issues, trade disputes, Brexit, port closures...are all world events that can affect the timing of manufacturing and fulfillment. Our goal is always to do whatever it takes to ensure you get your rewards in a timely manner and we will do our utmost to achieve that goal.

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