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Inc is the story of a man and his robot lost on a desert planet. Told through image and word, for fans of scifi and concept art
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The Inc Books Are On The Boat, And Have Left Port

Posted by Neil Blevins (Creator)

Hey everyone! So I finally have a concrete update, and it's good news! After getting through the backlog of Chinese New Year, and a final fix to the covers of the premium edition, our boat left China on April 01, 2018 and will be arriving at Los Angeles port on April 15, 2018. From Los Angeles, shipment will move by truck to the Amazon warehouse in Kansas, the truck trip and customs will take approx 1.5 weeks. Then it'll take 3 days to process at Amazon, then I provide amazon the list of people to send the book to and they start shipping the books to everyone. So we have forward movement!

Thanks everyone for waiting, now that I know about all of the factors that go into printing and shipping, my next book should have a much more accurate estimated delivery date. Next update will be when the boat arrives in the American port, so speak to you again in 2 weeks!

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    1. Neil Blevins 2-time creator on

      Haha! This was posted on April 2nd, so no chance of April fools. :) The boat has actually left is is sailing post Taiwan as we speak.

    2. Russonc

      Please don't be an April Fool's Day joke, please don't be an April Fool's Day joke, please don't be an April Fool's Day joke....
      Thanks for the update! (2 weeks from China to LA is quick!)