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Funded on Kickstarter, Now available for sale at
Funded on Kickstarter, Now available for sale at
461 backers pledged $43,179 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Art Of Records 3-time creator on

      Hi Sheldon, we’re in the process of manufacturing, we’ll be posting an update within the next few days. We’re almost there. Thanks again for your support -Adam

    2. Missing avatar

      Sheldon Swenson on

      I have backed 8 Kickstarter projects,1 has failed me,been happy with the other 6,waiting to find out where we’re at on this one....Thanks!

    3. Amanda Mayo Collaborator on

      @Michael Wilcoxen As of right now, we're still on our current schedule. The final steps of manufacturing are estimated to finish up within the next two weeks, with delivery expected in late January. We will keep everyone posted with updates if anything changes.

      Thanks so much for your patience. We hope you're having a great holiday season. Happy New Year!

    4. Amanda Mayo Collaborator on

      @Emma Cameron Apologies for missing your message earlier. We've been hard at work getting everything sorted out as quickly as possible. We completely understand your frustrations and are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused.

      If every aspect of this process was within our control, we would have been able to adhere to our original estimated timeline. Unfortunately, unexpected circumstances arise when there are lots of moving parts and collaborators involved.

      This has been a learning process for us and we appreciate everyone who's stuck by us despite the holdups. As we mentioned in an earlier comment, every Kickstarter campaign is different and we hope that the issues we've had don't dissuade you from supporting other projects.

      We're doing our best to make it up to you and we hope that you enjoy your CLRCASE order once it arrives.

      All the best in the holiday season, have a Happy New Year! :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Wilcoxen on

      Any more recent updates? Are we talking a couple of weeks? A couple of months?

    6. Missing avatar

      Emma Cameron

      Second time in as many years that the item I backed on Kickstarter to give to my Dad as a Christmas present is not going to arrive in time. I think I should take the hint. :-(

    7. Amanda Mayo Collaborator on

      @Daniel DiFranco Thank you for your concerns about the manufacturer. We discussed our project with dozens of manufacturers before we began crowdfunding, many of whom declined because our standard quality requirements were not attainable or would have meant a sharp raise in the price. We searched until we found our current manufacturer, who has gone above and beyond for us throughout this process, providing extra time and care in order to overcome the hurdles specific to manufacturing CLRCASE exactly how we designed.

      They've apologized profusely for the unforeseen delays, which happened due to their freighting company's workflow. We've been told that this has increased due to the expected tariffs on the horizon - something that few could have predicted. We looked into expedited shipping, but unfortunately, rush shipping several thousand pounds of stainless steel would cost more than a third of what we've raised for the project as a whole and is simply undoable financially.

      The manufacturer has promised us to do their best to make this right for all of our sakes, and is especially saddened to have let the backers down by delaying the schedule. We've appreciated their care and concern for CLRCASE throughout this process, and trust that they will continue to do their best to get everything finished as quickly as possible.

      Thanks again for writing and for your support! We hope this explains the situation a bit more thoroughly, but do feel free to ask if you have further questions about what's going on. We're always happy to help.

    8. Daniel DiFranco on

      Thank you for your honesty.

      But, has the manufacturer who promised you the first week December ever heard of expedited shipping to meet the timeline they promised you, or do they just not care about your (our) project? What was supposed to be a birthday gift turned into a xmas gift and now...??? I sure hope the manufacturer is making it up to you somehow.

      On the bright side, I don't have to redecorate just yet with the cases I ordered for myself.

      Eagerly awaiting the next update that says everything is cool and shipping,

    9. Amanda Mayo Collaborator on

      @ccateni We appreciate your comment. Honesty and transparency have been two of our priorities throughout this process. Our backers have made this all happen and we want to make sure we keep you all in the loop about everything. Thanks for your support!

    10. Amanda Mayo Collaborator on

      @Matt L Thank you so much for your kind words. Your support means the world to us and the fact that you took the time to write this comment gives us a lot of encouragement while we deal with this unfortunate delay.

      If you'd like to add to your order with no additional shipping charges, send us an email at and we can see if it's possible! Thanks again for sticking with us.

    11. Amanda Mayo Collaborator on

      @Bethlemos Please contact us via email and we can see if this is possible. It's - thank you!

    12. ccateni

      At least your honest.

    13. Amanda Mayo Collaborator on

      @Seq Thanks for noticing that, we've changed our banner to reflect the new timeline.

      We're just as frustrated as you are about the delays, and as mentioned in a previous comment, setbacks are unfortunately common when crowdfunding for smaller companies, artists, and inventors, who don't have the resources or business relationships of larger companies.

      Your support of smaller campaigns means the world to creators who are doing their best to bring new ideas to life!

      We are doing everything in our power to ensure that there are no further delays. Everything is ready on our end, so once the manufacturer finishes production, the shipping process should all go on schedule.

      Many thanks for your patience and for sticking with us. We truly appreciate your support!

    14. Amanda Mayo Collaborator on

      @Dillon Laurino We're so grateful for your patience and support! Thank you for sticking with us.

    15. Amanda Mayo Collaborator on

      @Jamieson Anderson We sincerely apologize for the delays. We certainly would have loved to deliver on schedule in September, but have been met with several unforeseen setbacks involving the manufacturing process.

      As much as we would have loved to hit our shipping goal, we think that delivering the best possible version of CLRCASE takes precedence over adhering to our estimated timeline.

      As for your comment about supporting campaigns going forward, every Kickstarter is different. While delays are common for smaller companies such as ourselves when developing new products, larger companies who crowdfund often run on schedule, as they already have ongoing relationships with manufacturers for other products and are able to make things happen in a more predictable way.

      We hope that this issue with our manufacturer doesn't turn you away from crowdfunding altogether, as it's certainly not ideal or representative of all Kickstarter campaigns.

      We appreciate the support, and as we mentioned, we can offer you a refund if you choose not to wait.

    16. Matt L on

      Hi guys,

      Appreciate the transparency. I hope the backers will all recognise that in order to deliver the quality of product we all expect and hope for, it’s necesaary to remain with the manufacturer chosen and not skimp on quality in order to meet a deadline.

      As we were originally looking at September 2018, no one should have been expecting to have this as a Christmas present and it was merely an arbitory goal set in minds as we are excited about the product.

      It would be cool if Clrcase is able to allow expansion of orders for no extra or reduced shipping, but aside from that I am happy to wait a little longer for the product

    17. Bethlemos on

      As a compensation: Can I add another CLRCASE to my order in the pledge manager without paying more for shipping?

    18. Seq on

      Of course the transparency is better than the alternative... but this seems to be the case every time I back something. Delays, delays, changes in promises, and more delays. One of the projects (a music album) got delayed 2 years and then I never even noticed when I never received the second thing they were supposed to send everyone, which had changed dramatically from the first promise, that I no longer cared about receiving it.

      This is why I stopped wanting to back these things.
      I had planned on one of my orders as a Xmas gift, but...I will have to scrap that.
      I'm in it till I get them, but wonder how many more delays...
      Should probably change the text at the top of this page that says its shipping this month. ;)

    19. Dillon Laurino on

      I really appreciate the transparency. I’m willing to wait as long as it takes. Can’t wait to see the final product!

    20. Missing avatar

      Jamieson Anderson on

      This is becoming comical. What happened to September? Thank you for solidifying my opinion on ever participating in a campaign again.