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Take on exciting missions with friends to battle smart monsters. Craft, draw, and trade unique gear. For PC, Mac, and Linux.
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Combat Playtests have begun!

Posted by Artizens, Inc. (Creator)

We started playtesting our early combat-focused build of Artizens last week with family and friends and we've gotten to a stable place in development where we're ready to open it to small groups of backers.

Check your email to see if you're one of the playtesters to get in first. We picked people randomly and we'll continue to invite more people every day, so don't worry if you didn't get in yet. If you're a gmail user, check for our email in your 'promotions' folder, since it may have been sent there.

The game is Windows only for now, but rest assured, we'll have Mac and Linux versions in the future. Also, being a pre-alpha playtest, it's a little rough around the edges, so you may see some bugs or even need to restart your game, but we hope you have fun fighting some monsters online with other backers. If you've got any feedback on the playtest, leave a comment below.

Thank you all for being so supportive! Many more great things to come!

 - Artizens Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Hazel Seanor on

      The game is great, but when you first join, the walking animations are all jittery and weird. Also, once my chat bar stopped working and I had to restart the game. I run Windows 7. It only happened once, but it's weird.

    2. Artizens, Inc. Creator on

      @Vincent - We're thinking of implementing something in-game, so that players can leave feedback more quickly and frequently, but that probably won't be for awhile. If anyone has any feedback that they don't want to put in the comments here, feel free to email us at

      @ Renmiri - You probably know this, but the mouse aims your attacks, so you can stab down by left clicking underneath yourself, but this also means if you click on the opposite side of your character, they'll turn to face that direction. If this doesn't sound like it's your issue, send us an email with some more specifics and we'll try to find a fix. We also plan on implementing some lag compensation, so that blocks get recognized by the server faster. Right now, if you start blocking as Trit attacks, it won't be fast enough, but it should be.

    3. Renmiri on

      PS: When i press shit outside of the yellow flashing shif and not on combat my toon trusts his sword down forcefully. Would love that as a combat move when i manage to get on top of the monster

    4. Renmiri on

      why does it make be turn my back to the trittenrat even though I'm frantically pressing the key to turn to face him ?Also, controls don't respond fast enough in relation to monster. I see the TT is going to pound me with it's tail and control lags and i can't get out of the way.
      Otherwise great fun, good music and beautiful scenery

    5. Vincent on

      Will you implement something else than these comments for bug reports and comments? I can imagine the further you get into alpha->beta->release, the more feedback you want to collect/process...

    6. Spencer Ryan Barnes on

      Two things:
      1) What do you think of giving Trit a 'pin down' move? Like he tackles the player to the floor and bites a few time before the player can get free.
      2) We should totally have a fad of /nick naming our characters (manikins) after different types of wood. I've been using Mahogany(Maho-AGONY)

    7. Artizens, Inc. Creator on

      @Akane - Oh man, you're a wily one! These are amazing!

      So before this starts a bunch of rumors, what Akane is doing is changing the local art assets. What this will do is make your trit and player look different than everyone else's, but it'll only be visible to you, everyone else will see the same reggie and normal trit.

    8. Akane on

      New sub-species found in the playtest! :o…

    9. Missing avatar

      Alex Puchniarz on

      I see, thanks Artizens. This sounds pretty interesting. Can't wait till this game see's further progress.

    10. Artizens, Inc. Creator on

      @Alex - Speed of the gameplay in the sense of how quickly monsters and players attack, jump, and run? Trittentrat is a relatively slow monster overall and the sword and shield weapon is also more about hunkering down than it is about moving quickly, so if it seems slow now I think that's just because of the current weapon and monster. Rest assured that different crafts, mods, and monsters will speed things up a ton, so there will be a very dynamic range of speeds in combat.

    11. Missing avatar

      Alex Puchniarz on

      Hey, Artizens. I wasn't selected to go into the playtest's, but I did see the video's posted by someone who did get in. I like what I see, but I have one expectation that I didn't see here: the speed of the combat wasn't as fast as in the concept video. Is this going to be the final speed of gameplay that you settle on? Good work on whole package so far, this is pretty miner on the grand scale.

    12. Artizens, Inc. Creator on

      @Rene - Can you give us the specs of your computer?

    13. Spencer Ryan Barnes on

      Giving good feedback:
      •If you see the crew in game, unless its a fatal or critical error, save your feedback for here.
      •Open up notepad, and keep a list of:
      -bugs and errors
      -things that weren't intuitive, or you thought you wouldn't be able to do but couldn't
      -suggestions, particularly how you think a problem should be solved, and those related to the current version of the demo.

    14. Missing avatar

      Rene Recktenwald on

      I can't install it. I get a windows error. "artizens.exe has stopped working error" (or something like that, I am freely translating from German)

    15. Spencer Ryan Barnes on

      Artizens Icon:
      Hi artie and Sabre!

      Demo Feedback 9-2-13

      •hitting ESC crashed it. I had expected a menu where I could double check the control config.

      •aiming system not friendly to mouseless laptop... hmm, not sure what to advise for this. There should be some alternate style choice for attack high-mid-low and/or not pay attention to whether mouse is in front/behind Artizen.

      •WerFault.exe(something like that) was taking +300,000 K memory. Didn't appear seconds time, but other Artizens programs added up to that much.

      •Game is running kind of hot on my laptop. Same level as if I was playing Mechwarrior Online. I can play most platformers without my fan kicking in and heat building.

      •I suggest the game checks if shield is held after an attack animation ends. Kind of like in smash bros if you do a smash attack and hold shield, after it's done your shield will raise.

      •Test projectiles soon :D

    16. Akane on…

      Some video footage of what the playtest is like for those who haven't gotten in yet.

    17. Artizens, Inc. Creator on

      @Vincent - You can't upload your own graphics yet, but there is a way for you to have a custom look. If you send me the images you want to use instead of looking like Reggie, I can put together the file for you and give you some instructions. To other people, you'll still look like Reggie, but you'll look unique to yourself.

    18. Vincent on

      Received my invite yesterday. It was in the spamfolder, so everyone make sure you double check. Played it a bit, but lost my monster at one point. After I respawned, the monster was gone. The music was still playing the 'monster sound', but no monster. Switched to a different server and everything was fine there.

      In an earlier update it said that we could already upload our own graphics. Has that been removed for now?

    19. DonQuitto on

      Hopefully today me and my friends get to be one of the lucky people :P

    20. Missing avatar

      ln on

      Also enjoying the play test. I agree with the other commenters so far that the character moves great, and the monster has some interesting moves.

      Also like the other commenters, I too saw some glitches with the monster. At one point in the nest area, after jumping onto one of the platforms, it simply stopped attacking and went back to its idle animations. I was still able to hit it, though.
      On another occasion, it got stuck on the edge of an area. It was still able to attack, but it never turned around or moved from the spot.

      I also noticed that when I got onto the monster's back, none of its attacks hit me. When it jumped or did the spin attack, it looked like I flew toward the ground rather than away from it, right back onto its back.

      Hope that's helpful, and looking forward to seeing more!

    21. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Nadeau on

      Liking it so far, I doubt it would be super useful but I would like to see the game have a way to crouch.

      Also like other have said few glitches with the monster, like how it freezes if you hit it a certain way and at one point it got stuck trying to leave the area. And you are practically untouchable on the things back, his upward strike is really useless. I like the butt smash, but it should go all the way to the bottom not just the next platform

      I feel as if something were to jump off that mountain that looks like it has a nest on top it should take some fall damage or at least an animation with a harder fall. Test dummy or otherwise.

    22. Missing avatar

      Erik A Driscoll on

      Hey guys! I spent some time playing the combat play test last night and I wanted to start off by saying the game feels great controls are intuitive and movement and attacking feels really fluid.

      So here are some things I noticed. First off the music randomly cuts in and out I've had it happen upon entering a new area, beginning combat with a monster and also having a monster transition into another phase.

      The next thing I noticed may or may not be intended but if you are in the middle of a combo (3 click auto attacks) there is absolutely no way you will be able to block an attack if the move is telegraphed while you are in the combo. If this was not the inteded way to have it, maybe have monsters telegraph their moves earlier so you have time to block or have a way to cancel your attack.

      The third thing might also be as intended but if you are standing on a monsters back towards it's tail when he does the jump flip move (I believe he only starts doing this when he starts to get low) you will not take any damage and you will stay on top of the monster, maybe you could have that attack throw you a small distance if you are on his back when it happens?

      Other than that there were just a few bugs that happened that reloading the game seemed to fix. I had the character once spawn with no hp, Character spawned with weapons unsheathed but moved like they were sheathed but I couldn't attack or put the weapon away (I also got one hit buy a mob when this glitch happened) and I once had it so when i jumped and held right when my character landed he just slid instead of running (fixed by reloading just like the rest).

      All in all the game feels really good! keep up the good work guys and I look forward to future testing!

    23. Artizens, Inc. Creator on

      50 more invites just went out!

    24. HappyWulf

      Waaah, I never got an invite. And I posted you guys all over /r/MonsterHunter too. ;3 Let us know when the next set of invites go out! Pleeeease!

    25. Charlie Mozzie on

      No email yet and today is my last day of summer holiday before I go back to teaching. Would have loved to have some quality time with this game before I go back to working 11 hours a day...

    26. Artizens, Inc. Creator on

      @Stomphoof - The controls are WASD and Space for movement, Mouse for attacking and blocking, shift for moving into background and foreground areas. I grew up on console platformers and am very used to a controller, but I think the game feels very good on a keyboard and takes advantage of the mouse's ability to aim. We haven't created controller specific controls yet, and honestly, I think it'll be a bit tough to play the game with a controller until we do that.

    27. Spencer Ryan Barnes on

      Give good feedback testers! I want it lookin' good when I jump in!

    28. CBSA82 on

      How are the keyboard controls? Or will a controller be needed?

    29. Artizens, Inc. Creator on

      @Michael - It's not quite the alpha yet, just a combat-focused playtest, but we won't be doing NDAs for anything. We just ask that if you want to do something like an article that you get in touch with us first.

      @Audra - Not sure on Mac playtests yet, I'll ask Kai what he thinks. Our main objective right now is getting combat + crafting to a playtest stage and then I think it'll be a good time to make builds of the game for other platforms.

      @Those who haven't gotten the email yet - We're emailing 50 people every day now, so you won't have to wait too too long :)

    30. DonQuitto on

      Oh well no email yet, another day then! comments are an interesting read though.

    31. Vincent on

      No email for me, but I can wait a little bit longer (actually, I can't but what choice do I have) :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Little Tiger

      200ms ping here, wasn't any noticeable lag. Controls felt good, combat was quick, but still had weight and timing. Took me a while to figure out the rat's moveset, but then it went well. I found that if I jumped on top of him, he couldn't dislodge me easily and especially couldn't hurt me (I think I got hit by his arial roll/slam twice).

      Taking him head on, or maneuvering around him from all angles and blocking, he felt like a good fight. Occasionally the AI stopped working, I left the area and came back and it worked once more.

      So far, this game is feeling fantastic!

    33. Vlad Svoka on

      Thanks! It was great. Worked perfectly, even on 100ms ping. Except couple glitches with monster.
      Only thing, I was confused for a while how to use ramps. Than I goth that label which flickers for a tiny fraction when passing it is "shift". No troubles otherwise. Say 'hi' to Kai, programmer I hunted monsters with.

    34. Audra Savage on

      Do you have a time frame for mac playtests.

      Thanks have a good day.

    35. Raz on

      I feel so unloved by my goddess Fortuna, for she can be a cruel mistress..Also, i was gonna ask why only people who DIDNT get an email responded, and then i realized that those WITH emails are all playing it :(

    36. Charlie Mozzie on

      So so sour that I didn't get in the first round... I go back to work in a few days and I was hoping to have Artizens to put the last of my free time into before it's back to teaching with me.

    37. Missing avatar

      Michael Bruin on

      If I get into the alpha is there a NDA?

    38. Ravenmask on

      Meh didn't get a mail :(