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Take on exciting missions with friends to battle smart monsters. Craft, draw, and trade unique gear. For PC, Mac, and Linux.
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Artizens, Inc.

1,558 backers pledged $52,616 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Artizens, Inc. on March 18

      @Tom - You got it. Let me know if you don't get anything by tomorrow.

    2. Creator Tom Rattenbury on March 18

      Could you please resend my registration email?


    3. Creator Artizens, Inc. on March 15

      @Tønnes - I've resent your registration email, send me a message if you still haven't received it.

    4. Creator Tønnes Abrahamsen on March 15

      I dont think i got the registration email. as it's neither in my inbox or my spam folder.

    5. Creator Artizens, Inc. on March 14

      @Bradley - I've sent you a message with your password reset and yes, you get 4 steam keys if you have a Team Leader package or above.

    6. Creator Bradley Hill on March 14

      Hey there! I have a few questions.

      -How can i get a password reset on my account
      - and since i pledged for 4 copies of the game will i just get 4 redeemable steam keys?!

    7. Creator Nadav Abramovitz on March 9

      @ Artizens, Inc the URL has white spaces in it and what appears like Chinese characters.
      When trying to enter it fully, I am just redirected to the front page.

    8. Creator Steve Suttar on March 8

      His my links are the same. Characters have been replaced in the link by black diamonds with question marks

    9. Creator Artizens, Inc. on March 7

      @Nadav - The link in the registration email is broken? Does it just lead to nothing or does it give you an error?

    10. Creator Artizens, Inc. on March 7

      Hey everyone, I've got some time to respond to comments and emails now for those of you who have been waiting. Just wanted to let you all know that you're not being ignored, just super busy this PAX weekend. I'll be back to my more responsive self starting Monday afternoon.

    11. Creator Seumas Froemke on March 6

      I presume an account has to be created for you to get a key as I can find no place on the Artizens website through which to create an account - so if that's the case, I am also requesting one so I can get my key.


    12. Creator Nadav Abramovitz on March 6

      Unfortunately the link contained in the email is broken.

    13. Creator Steve Suttar on March 6

      HI I'll also require an account and the extra keys

    14. Creator Matt Bryan on March 6

      Hey Artizens Team!

      It's awesome that you guys are up and running with Steam now!

      For those of us who backed you at the $40/+ level, we're supposed to have access to multiple keys. Do you have an anticipated rollout date for the extra keys for friends? Want to get my playgroup in on this ASAP!

    15. Creator Artizens, Inc. on March 5

      Then I need to get you registered!

      I've sent the info to your email.

    16. Creator Nadav Abramovitz on March 5

      Thanks, but how exactly am I supposed to know/remember my password?
      (I chose not to participate in the early alphas)

    17. Creator Artizens, Inc. on March 5

      We'll be posting an update soon with a lot more info, but here's how to claim your Steam Keys:

    18. Creator Nadav Abramovitz on March 5

      Sooo... Steam keys for backers?

    19. Creator Artizens, Inc. on February 6

      Aw, it didn't save the indents in my comment. Well, suffice to say some of the tasks are sub-tasks or notes on tasks rather than tasks unto themselves.

    20. Creator Artizens, Inc. on February 6

      @Paul - Very unfortunate. I really wish I had more news to give, but here's where we're at:

      - We heard back from Indie MEGABOOTH and again they decided not to have us. It's a real shame, but all we can do is try to improve the game and keep reapplying.

      - Kai has agreed to do the work necessary for getting the game integrated with Steam. It's a bit more work than we anticipated, but will be an improvement to what we currently have. Here is his task list below:

      - Switch servers to using SQL and decommission MongoDB.
      - Add fields to the User model to support Steam accounts.
      - Update the master server to support Steam log ins.
      - The /login accepts a Steam session ticket parameter.
      - Update the game client to log in with Steam accounts.
      - Might not need to change if session management stays on our servers.
      - Use the Steam server list
      - Call the Steam API when servers are created
      - Retrieve the list of running servers and plug in to our displayed server list
      - Maybe replace entirely using Steam server browser?
      - Integrate Brandon's drawing tool and other production updates into the game.
      - Maybe replace the launcher and updater with Steam?
      - Maybe add the ability to link Artizens accounts and Steam accounts?

      Since he's doing the work in his off hours, it'll be another month or two before this is all done. It's slow going, but it makes the most sense to have him do it because he knows the game code best.

      In the mean time, Adam and I are going to pursue the possibility of a partnership with a publisher more aggressively. Our goal is to fully realize the promise of Artizens and if a publisher can help us do that, we're definitely interested. I'll let everyone know if we get any big news regarding any of our efforts, but you can always send me a message or post a comment here if you want an update sooner than that.

      Also, if anyone has any feedback or advice on how to proceed, we're all ears. Perhaps there's a publisher you think would be a great fit for us, or maybe a business model that you think would work well with player creations. There's a lot of paths we could take from here and I'd love to hear what you all think.

    21. Creator Paul on February 6

      Another month, no more answers... Unfortunate.

    22. Creator Artizens, Inc. on January 5

      @Alex - Next steps are to integrate the game with the Steam API, create our Steam store page, prepare for a lot more players and then begin selling Early Access to fund ongoing development. That will take some time since we need to gather some funds first to pay a new programmer and getting the game ready for hundreds (maybe thousands) of more players will be a bit of a challenge.

      Also, this week or next we should hear back from Indie MEGABOOTH for PAX East 2015. Getting into that would be great for Early Access sales, so we've got our fingers crossed.

      All in all, things are still going to be a bit slow moving for a little while, but if we can raise more money through Steam, we should be able to get back up and running like we were before and hopefully even faster.

    23. Creator Alex Puchniarz on January 3

      So now that we are about a month out of being Greenlit, what can we all expect now?

    24. Creator Artizens, Inc. on December 6

      @Paul - You're right that we are bound by the earlier terms of Oct. 2012. I referenced the current terms because they are generally thought to be more strict on creators than the previous ones:

      "Kickstarter Is Backing The Backers, Changes Terms Of Use"

      We want to hold ourselves to the higher standards even if we don't have to. We are definitely not unwilling to fulfill all the rewards and we believe we're still able as well, but need more time. The money raised through Kickstarter was enough to finish our Alpha as long as the three co-founders finished their tasks without compensation, which we all agreed to. Unfortunately, our co-founder programmer left before finishing his tasks, and we now have to raise money to replace him.

      Our main effort to do that is getting onto Steam and selling early access in order to help fund a new programmer to finish the remaining Alpha features.

      In just 11 days, we've made substantial progress on Greenlight and we're already over 60% of the way to the top 100.

      We've also applied to PAX East's Indie MEGABOOTH and if we're able to get in, that will help a lot with raising more money for development and the fulfillment of the Kickstarter rewards.

      Raising the money we need has been a challenge, but we're not out of options yet and we intend to fulfill all rewards. We'll post updates as we hear back from Indie MEGABOOTH and make progress on Greenlight.

    25. Creator Paul on December 5

      The terms you reference went into effect on October 19, 2014. This project is actually bound by these terms:

      The germane section is here:

      "Kickstarter does not offer refunds. A Project Creator is not required to grant a Backer’s request for a refund unless the Project Creator is unable or unwilling to fulfill the reward."

      Which in essence says you need to provide refunds if you are unwilling or unable to fulfill the reward. At this point I believe you are unable to fulfill the reward. And certainly not in a timely manner.

      What's your plan to prove me wrong?

    26. Creator Artizens, Inc. on December 5

      @Paul - I definitely understand your frustration with the delays, but we are still doing our best to bring the Alpha of the game to completion and fulfill all rewards. It's close to reaching that point and we still have hope that we'll be able to get there.

      The work remaining is primarily on our missions and reward systems and we're actively trying to find ways to finish those after our lead programmer moved on.

      The initial delivery date of July 2013 was our best estimate at the time and we were able to begin delivering the early versions of the game that summer as part of everyone's rewards. We haven't yet been able to finish the Alpha we originally planned, but we haven't given up.

      If we do get to the point where we know we're unable to continue, we'll definitely follow all of Kickstarter's new Terms of Use.

      The money raised through Kickstarter was used to pay our freelance artist, animator, and client programmer and was enough to finish all of their tasks for the Alpha. However, the work that remains was planned to be completed at no cost by our lead programmer. That's our current hurdle and we're doing everything we can to overcome it by finding additional funding for a new programmer.

      However, we cannot offer refunds at this time because the money has already been spent to develop the game so far. Furthermore, if we are able to raise new money to fulfill all rewards as we're planning, we may not raise enough to also issue refunds.

      The best we can do for you and all backers is continue to try to fulfill all of your rewards to the best of our ability by continuing to pursue funding to replace our lead programmer. We know the reward fulfillment has taken longer than expected and that we're currently facing a struggle, but we believe it's still possible that we can overcome this and deliver all rewards as promised.

    27. Creator Paul on December 5

      This game was due in July 2013. What we have is incomplete and I have serious doubts it will ever be completed. Who can I talk to about a refund?

    28. Creator Jordan York on August 28, 2014

      Is anyone else having problems with their uploaded skins? I just returned to the playtest for the first time in months. I uploaded all of my skin pieces but only certain ones appeared properly.

      The problems I encountered:

      -Could only equip one upper or lower arm skin for each arm.
      -Upper and lower legs did not load properly. Some nearly invisible aside from scattered remnants of the preset wooden leg. One was clearly an upper leg from someone else's character.
      -Similarly one foot didn't load properly and the other was also a foot from someone else's character (a cloud of some sort).

      Aside from these issues, the playtest has improved a lot since my last experience. The bow has been drastically improved and the addition of the dash and shield bash techniques are welcomed features.

    29. Creator Akane on August 12, 2014

      Hi team. haven't been actively playing the game as much as I used to, but logged in today and have to say it's looking a lot better!

      The whole format for uploading armours and weapons is a lot cleaner, and it's cool to see the Friends and Featured tabs even if they aren't done yet, can't wait for that. And I don't know what changes you made to the actual game but for some reason controlling my character and using dashes and jumps feels much smoother than it used to, but that might just be because I haven't played in a while. The smaller monsters aren't a pain in the butt any more which is AMAZING.

      Also I noticed you have a map now which is a really cool touch, that sea-snake thing gave me a good laugh. Also those ruins hiding amidst the clouds... EMLOK HYPE! :D

      Overall it looks like it's coming along pretty well which is good to see, and the features you mentioned below sound great. Keep up the awesome work!

    30. Creator Artizens, Inc. on August 8, 2014

      @Alex- I'm prepping an important update that I'll be able to release in a few days, so it's on its way soon.

      As for features that are coming up, we have a new community looks tab for the workshop, so you can mix and match drawings from the community for your Artizen. We also have a first version of an in-game image editor so you don't need to leave the game to make a custom look.

    31. Creator Alex Puchniarz on August 7, 2014

      Okay guys, been almost 4 weeks. What's up? What's down? What's all around?

    32. Creator Artizens, Inc. on July 20, 2014

      @Alex - We heard back from Indie Megabooth recently and, unfortunately, they didn't have space for us, so we won't be attending PAX Prime. I'll be sending out an update about it soon.

      Currently we're still working on the final feature set of interconnected systems: missions, harvesting, materials, crafting, and the arsenal (inventory for equipping artifacts). We're making progress on it, but it will still take some time. We have a couple more monsters for the alpha to come as well and one or two more crafts as well.

      Our goal now is to make the best alpha we can, get onto Greenlight, and sell early access to keep our development going. I'll include some more detail in the coming update.

    33. Creator Alex Puchniarz on July 18, 2014

      I had a quick question, Team. Being that the game conventions you're going to are next month, what are you guys going to be focusing on? Combat? More monsters to fight? Harvesting and crafting? Missions? What's the goal to have by the due date?

    34. Creator Artizens, Inc. on June 27, 2014

      @Alex- Thanks, we'll see what's up and get it back and running soon.

    35. Creator Alex Puchniarz on June 27, 2014

      Hmm, looks like your website is down, Team.

    36. Creator Alex Puchniarz on June 16, 2014

      Check it out, guys. I got some artwork done for my Artizen!

      It's by the same guy that made the assets for me in game, so it matches quite well.

    37. Creator HappyWulf on June 7, 2014

      Hey guys! I made a new video. I'm looking forward to some more features, and I'll release another new spotlight video when you have more done!

    38. Creator Alex Puchniarz on May 9, 2014

      Thanks, Team.

      His name is Shas. He's a military commander from the future and he uses his futuristic weapons to easily slay the monsters inhabiting the world of Rhiza. I'm thinking he was transported to an alternate universe by an enemy of some kind.

    39. Creator Artizens, Inc. on May 8, 2014

      @Alex- That is an awesome Artizen! What is its name and what does it do?

    40. Creator Alex Puchniarz on May 3, 2014

      Okay, that's about what I expected team. I hope things go well, I want this game to succeed so badly.

      On another note, check out my new artizen!

      I love how it came out.

    41. Creator Artizens, Inc. on May 3, 2014

      @Alex- Slowly but surely. We've got a first draft of the trailer done, but it needs a bit more love. We've also hired Brandon Sorg and he's already completed a couple new HUD features for us. We're pushing those out to production today! He's also working on a map feature and once that's out, I'll put out another KS update to tell everyone about the new stuff.

      Next up is the big change to crafts, artifacts, and materials. It's a large feature with a lot of moving parts, but we're starting to make headway into it. We'd love to speed up production, but unfortunately we won't be able to until we're able to get some more funding and expand the team further. But that's what Greenlight and PAX Prime will be all about, so here's hoping.

    42. Creator Alex Puchniarz on May 2, 2014

      How's it shaking, guys? What's the status of everything? That greenlight trailer and new addition to your team pan out well?

    43. Creator Laura B on April 9, 2014

      We have just installed the game on a new computer. We have no idea what the login and password is . . .HELP!!

    44. Creator Charlie Garcia on April 7, 2014

      Hi team !
      At last I have access to a stable computer and I wanted to give Artizens a try !
      How do I log-in ? Where do I find the password ? Did you sent it ?

    45. Creator Artizens, Inc. on March 31, 2014

      @Daniel - I'll check out your account info and send you a message with the fix.

    46. Creator Daniel Reynolds on March 30, 2014

      Hey dudes! i'm having troubles signing in. in my email it says ive registered my account and i am ready to log in and play but when i try my information it says that email / password combination wasnt found. thanks for your help!

    47. Creator Artizens, Inc. on March 29, 2014

      @Alex- Haven't hired them in yet, but we're making good progress in the process. I think they'll officially join the team this coming week.

      We've got an update too, I'll be sending it out right after this comment!

    48. Creator Alex Puchniarz on March 28, 2014

      Hey guys, how is the new team member?

    49. Creator Alex Puchniarz on March 13, 2014

      Alright! Sounds really cool, glad to see that you guys are expanding for the time being.

    50. Creator Artizens, Inc. on March 13, 2014

      @Alex- Quite well, we've got some very promising candidates. I think we should have someone new on the team in a couple weeks!

      We're also busy working on a video for our Greenlight campaign and making some custom game stuff just for that. We're still working on our game features as well, but our Greenlight campaign will be a big deal for us in a month or two.

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