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Moglins are ultimate sidekicks for real-life adventurers like you. Help us bring them from the fantasy world into the real one!
Moglins are ultimate sidekicks for real-life adventurers like you. Help us bring them from the fantasy world into the real one!
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Army of Moglins, 1st Custom Backer Pet, and 8-bit Surprise pet!

Posted by Artix Entertainment, LLC (Creator)

Greetings and salutations!

We just got an update from the "Magical Tower of Moglomancy" where they are constructing 27,000 plush Moglins. I wanted to share the latest production pictures and news with you right away!

The Moglins are in the final stages of being filled with fluff and being "detailed". Which, in the plush toy manufacturing world is code for "getting dressed".

In this photo, you can see Scurvy being dressed for his upcoming boat ride. The factory says it will be about 3 weeks until they board the ship and set sail. We are very much looking forward to receiving them here in Tampa, Florida,. then sending them on their most exciting adventure... to see you!

Our 1st Custom Backer Pet

DanielStoSve's Teddy is the first custom pet from this Kickstarter to be added to AdventureQuest Worlds. Surprised it is not a Moglin? We did say we would build anything you wanted (within reason)! The only thing that matters is it is special to the person creating it. Custom item backers should be sure to check out their worksheets. A lot more are soon to follow. 

8-Bit NES game in the works
8-Bit NES game in the works

On April 1st "April Fool's Day" we said that the next AdventureQuest was going to be an 8-bit game for the 1985 NES video game system. Turns out... it was not a joke.   You will be happy to know that retro versions of Zorbak, Twilly, & Twig will be in the game. 


We made you a bonus, 8-Bit Moglin Pet in AQWorlds

As hinted in my previous update, we created an 8-bit version of Backkick, your exclusive green, Kickstarter moglin. It is actually available for you in AdventureQuest Worlds right now... we added it to your collection. Just log in and equip the 8-bit Backkick pet! XD

Please enjoy your new pixilated pet :D  It is so weird seeing an 8-bit graphic moving like that! (The way his ears wiggle and arms are moving are not actually possible in real 8-bit graphics.) Hope you enjoyed seeing the latest production photos. I find it very reassuring to actually see completed batches. Although, I really want to see the full army of all 27,000 Moglins in one shot. Soon, they will be making their journey here. It is only a matter of time now. Thank you for being a part of the Moglins project! 

Battle on!

Artix & all of your friends at

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